How Much Can You Earn With Ayuwage? A Review

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Thanks for dropping by to read our review of Ayuwage.

Our Ayuwage Review will explain how you can earn cash by clicking on content provided by the site.

This platform is a global work from home option. If you live in Asia, or Europe, and have been looking for international GPT sites, this may be one for you to consider.

We will be finding out how much you can earn using this site, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join. But first let’s find out how things work.

How Ayuwage Works

Ayuwage is designed to promote websites, and you are compensated for browsing websites on different types of content. On some sites, you are required to click on ads that interest you in order to earn.

For this reason, it is an option for people who like Pay To Click (PTC) platforms. It’s not strictly a PTC site, since there are other ways to earn on the platform.

Browsing is the most popular option for users on this site, because the other tasks don’t pay much more, and sometimes require the use of a credit card. Whenever you browse a site, you must access it from the platform in order to receive rewards.

You’ll be told how many sites with that theme are available for the day, so if you like the topic, you can visit a few others.

Instructions are given for each task, but usually, you’ll have to navigate to another page within the site that you visit, after you click on the homepage. Sometimes you can go directly to another page from the platform.

You may be required to copy and paste the URLs of any pages that you visit, in a space provided within the task sheet, and you must do that to be credited for your visit.

You’ll be given a specific number of seconds to visit a page. Some tasks only require you to stay on the webpage for five seconds in order to be credited.

The site has a small section with surveys. These are offered in partnership with Speak Up surveys. Users who have seen the same surveys on other sites say that the payment is much lower on this platform.

If you enjoy doing surveys, this is not the ideal way to do them, since you won’t be paid at a good rate.

How much can you Earn With Ayuwage?

Ayuwage lets you earn directly from your own clicks, and indirectly from your referrals. You’ll get $0.01 per click, with a maximum of 30 clicks per day. That means you can earn up to $0.30 directly every day.

The platform pays you 10% as your referral bonus. If your referrals earn $1 per day, that’s $0.10 extra in your account. The problem is that if your referrals don’t earn anything, you won’t either.

With sites that have tasks like this, it is often better for you if you are paid a flat bonus per referral.

You could earn $2 extra a week on this site, by visiting a few websites throughout the week. The site offers multiple payment methods, including PayPal, Payza, and Amazon gift cards.

Feedback from Users

Ayuwage has users who claim to be owed payments for over three months. The site has been closed for maintenance in the past without adequate notice, leaving users confused and unable to access their accounts.

What Are The Pros?

  • With a minimum payout of $5, Ayuwage makes it easy to earn extra cash from your phone.
  • This platform is for people from all nations.
  • You aren’t charged any fees and you can visit the platform whenever you have a few minutes to spare.
  • Payment is made via PayPal and other convenient options.

What Are The Cons?

  • Ayuwage has had technical issues in the past, and some users claim not to have received payment.
  • The payment for each task is low, and a wide range of tasks is not available.

Some Final Thoughts

Whenever people who like to browse the Web think about options that let them earn from home, they look for platforms that accept members from their own location.

Ayuwage is one of the paid to click options that accepts members from all countries. Whether you live in India, Denmark, or Greece, you can browse websites and get paid.

Your earnings from the site will not be very high, but you can use them to invest in other ways to make money online, or even to pay bills. You can shop at several popular stores with your rewards, including Walmart.

The site has received a few complaints regarding payment however, so you should use it cautiously.

Have you worked with Ayuwage? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 2/5- A Legit platform for earning a small extra amount of cash. The platform however has received complaints regarding payment.

2 Star Rating
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