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How Much Can You Earn With Baker Street Solutions?

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Thanks for joining me today as I review Baker Street Solutions.

I will be finding out all you need to know about this platform, including how much you re likely to earn, to help you make a more informed decision before deciding whether to sign up.

What Is Baker Street Solutions?

Baker Street Solutions is a market research and analysis company, which offers its service to a vast range of businesses. At this moment, they are serving one hundred Fortune 500 businesses, which proves the legitimacy of this company.

Baker Street Solutions focuses on attaining and bringing valuable data about buyers to their clients.

How can you earn money from it?

Well, by you being one of the customers whose buying behaviour is studied by Baker Street Solutions. In short, you can become a panelist and use your buying experiences to take surveys to get paid.

How to Become a Panelist on Baker Street Solutions

You go on their website and hover over “Contact Us”. A small drop-down menu will come out with one option “Get Paid to Take Surveys”. Click on that and you will be taken to the registration form.

All you have to enter is your name, your email, phone number, home address, gender, and birth date. Finally, you can opt-in to receive surveys about new TV show ideas. That is it.

The only requirements are to be the resident of the United States and over the age of 18.

After you submit your application, you will receive further information about upcoming surveys.

Types of Surveys

This is where Baker Street Solutions are really shining and separating themselves apart from other websites offering you to take surveys in order to get paid. Depending on your area and demographics, you can get an opportunity to take a lot of different types of surveys and offers.

Here’s what you are likely to get:

1. Online Surveys

This one is the most frequent task you will get. When a survey for which you qualify appears, you will get an email with a link to it. Most often during the surveys you will be asked about your likes and dislikes on certain products and services.

Sometimes you will be asked to rate a new and novel idea and write what you think about it and how it could be improved. As you can probably now tell, surveys from Baker Street Solutions are dynamic, interesting, and engaging.

Not only that, but they are on a vast range of different subjects, so there is less chance of you getting bored taking surveys from this company.

2. Focus Groups

You might be invited to a focus group if you are living nearby. Focus groups involve a group of people discussing certain issues or subjects. In this case, most commonly novel product ideas and your opinions on it.

These focus groups are not only a great way to gain new insight, but also make friends! Unfortunately, most usually only the panelists living in larger areas get invited to these focus groups.

3. Product Review

You can receive a real, physical product to review. For this specific type of task, the reward sometimes is the product itself. Sometimes it is a monetary reward, but being able to keep a new product which is still in development or is just released is as good as rewards come.

4. Face to Face Interviews

In brief, face to face interviews are just surveys, but in real life. You will be asked certain questions about certain things and that is it. Getting invited to face to face interviews heavily depends on your location, and similarly to focus groups, living in a larger area will result in most invites.

How Much Can You Earn With Baker Street Solutions?

Here where things are getting ambiguous, at least calculating the average payment per month. It is because there is no real, concrete schedule on invites to focus groups, face to face interviews and even online surveys.

Some people report getting just a couple of online surveys per year, while others are receiving a couple each month. Unfortunately, the amount of invites depends on your demographics and location.

But it is known how much they are paying for certain tasks. For online surveys, you can expect anything from $5-$20, while product reviews, face to face interviews, and focus groups can reap you up to $40 per performance.

That being said it is clear that Baker Street Solutions cannot become your full-time income or even a side hustle. It is more of a once in a time beer money, which still makes it good enough for submitting your application.

Quick Pros and Cons


+ Interesting Surveys

+ Different Types of Tasks (Face-2-Face, Product Reviews, Interviews)

+ Good Payment per Task


– Not a Stable Stream of Tasks

– Payment Can Take Up to 3 Months To Reach You

Star Rating 2.5/5 A legit survey platform that offers its members interesting surveys in return for small rewards. Available work however can be inconsistent and payments are slow.

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