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How Much Can You Earn With BAM Transcription? A Review

BAM Transcription Review

Thanks for checking out my BAM Transcription review

BAM Transcription is an online platform that is designed to provide transcription freelancers with transcription work via their website.

There are ways these days for people with good listening and typing skills to earn money with transcription, and in my review today I will be finding out if you are able to achieve this yourself on the BAM Transcription  platform.

It is worth noting before we begin that although it may be possible for beginners to earn on this platform, BAM is known for providing quality opportunities for experienced transcribers rather than inexperienced ones.

How BAM Transcription Works

BAM Transcription connects people who have the skills required to accurately produce documents from recorded audio, to people who need their skills.

You’re paid for every minute of work that you do, and are expected to be punctual with your delivery of documents.

The quality of the tapes that you get will not always be the same. As a transcriber, your work will involve sorting through several voices in order to hear, and correctly type, what is being said. This can sometimes be difficult.

At other times, you’ll find that speakers are from different parts of America, or speak at a rapid pace, so you’ll have to listen a little more closely.

Always double check to ensure that you recorded their words accurately. Some may use jargon that you’re not familiar with. You’ll have to spend time checking the spelling of those words.

If you are interested in transcribing content and BAM Transcription seems like a good option for you to consider, you’ll have to contact them and let them know. You can email them, and they will respond to your query.

A college degree is not required if you wish to work with them. Experience is appreciated however, and will give you a wider range of tasks to choose from.

Accurate transcriptions and translations are required, and it is important to display your skill with all of your assignments.

The transcription assignments that you’ll be given won’t all be the same. They will differ in terms of the event, and your own skills are usually considered before you are given work from a particular niche.

You’ll work with different clients on the site. This offers an advantage to people who are new to transcription, because it means that opportunities are available for people with different levels of experience, once you can pass their basic skills test.

Whenever you are working with a new client, you’ll have to become familiar with what they expect. What one client needs may sometimes be the exact opposite of what another one wants, and you’ll also have different deadlines to meet.

How much can you Earn With BAM Transcription?

BAM Transcription pays differently for transcribed audio at different levels, but individuals who have experience can earn. $0.75 per minute. The company’s clients include leaders in media such as PBS and FOX.


Feedback from Users

BAM Transcription users who like media enjoy working with that type of content. They like the flexibility of using this platform to earn.

What Are The Pros Of BAM Transcription?

  • BAM Transcription has legal files and entertainment industry content that will stir your interest. The company has clients that are well known in the entertainment and media sector.
  • You could potentially end up transcribing an interview with a famous actor. You could also transcribe an audio file of a meeting at a studio. If you’re interested in entertainment, working on all the files available through this company will definitely help you to learn more about the business.
  • This site has assignments that pay well. If you are just starting out with working from home, this is a good way to start, without the frustration of low pay, or unprofessional companies that disappear with your hard earned money..

What Are The Cons Of BAM Transcription?

  • BAM Transcription occasionally goes through slow times, where not a lot of work is offered on the site. If you are interested in transcription, this can be used as one of several sources of jobs, but not as your sole transcription marketplace.


Some Final Thoughts On BAM Transcription

BAM Transcription is a good place for finding transcription assignments that are related to the law, and entertainment sector.

Translators can also earn money by using their skills on this platform. BAM Transcription has been around for a long time, and none of their team members have complained about payment, so you can count on getting your money.

Work is sometimes not available on the site however, but when it is, you can earn enough to take care of some of your bills.

Star Rating 3/5-A good Transcription Platform. Experience however may help you get more work.
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Thanks for checking out my review of BAM Transcription. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The BAM platform could be a good choice for you.

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