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How Much Can You Earn With Beer Surveys? A Review

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Beer surveys Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Beer Surveys.

My review today will be finding out whether you can use surveys to earn cash online on the Beer Surveys platform.

This site asks for your opinion via a wide range of surveys, and also gives you the opportunity to earn by completing offers.

Several app testing tasks are also available which helps to keep your experience interesting.

But how much can you earn as a member Beer Surveys? And what are The Pros and Cons of membership? We will be taking a look at this, but first let’s check out how things work.

How Beer Surveys Review Works

Beer Surveys was started by the same people who run the popular Beer Money Forum.

They have experience with identifying quick ways to make money online that don’t require a lot of your time.

They’ve tried to solve many of the problems that people who work online have on other sites, and offer fast support for users of the site.

You’ll earn Beer Money Tokens on the site. These can be exchanged for cash on the Beer Money Forum.

You must visit the site and register for Beer Surveys in order to start earning.

You can earn money in several ways, and while surveys are a popular option, you can watch videos complete offers and also download apps to earn quick cash online.

The site is fairly new and so, new tasks are constantly bring added to it, but you won’t have as many as you would on more established Get Paid To ( GPT ) sites.

Some of the tasks allow you to complete jobs for Beer Money Forum, so you can also earn in that way.

The jobs are all designed to be completed easily by using your mobile device.

How much can you earn with Beer Surveys?

Your balance increases the moment that you register at Beer Surveys, since everyone gets a free welcome bonus.

Beer Surveys gives you gift cards when you redeem your points, but if you want to get your earnings in cash, they offer that too.

If you want cash, there are several fast and convenient ways to get your money. You can use PayPal, Bitcoins, Skrill, and other methods. Along with surveys, and their offer wall, you’ll earn 10% from referrals.

There are several members who earn money by rewriting reviews. These are in Beer Money Forum, and the rewrites are being done to improve the content on the site.

You will be paid between 700 points and 1,000 points for each review. This means that if you rewrite five reviews in a week, you could earn up to 5,000 points, or $5.

The minimum for payout is $5, so you could cash out weekly

Beer Surveys Reviews

Beer Surveys users are excited about its potential. Payment is reliable, and they think that it could get as big as the leading GPT sites.

What Are The Pros Of Beer Surveys Membership?

  • Beer Surveys is easy to use, and you can sign up in less than a minute.
  • The site offers cash for payment, and you can also select gift cards for popular stores. Several methods are available to get your cash, so you don’t have to open a PayPal account.
  • This site gives all members a bonus when they first sign up.
  • They offer good customer support, and you can get quick answers to all of your queries.
  • You can use the same account and password on this site and Beer Money Forum, so you’ll transfer a good reputation.
  • The site accepts members from many countries, including the United States, but there are a few it doesn’t accept, like China, Iraq, and Nigeria.
  • Beer Money Forum is one of the largest forums on the Internet related to making money online. Membership there will give you access to a lot of money-earning ideas.
  • You’ll get paid through the Beer Money Forum, and since this is a reliable site, you know you’ll always get your money.

What Are The Cons Of Beer Surveys Membership?

  • Beer Surveys will not allow new registrations from people who used to work on Beer Money Forum, but have been banned from that site.
  • If you already have an active account on Beer Money Forum, you’ll still need to create a new account on this site.

Some Final Thoughts On Beer Surveys

Beer Surveys makes it easy to earn online by completing quick surveys and other tasks. You can redeem your points for cash on any day.

They accept members from several countries, and by consistently working on the site, you can earn a little extra to help pay off some small bills.

Have you tried Beer Surveys? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5-Beer Surveys is a legit GPT platform that has good customer support. The site however is relatively new at present (As of January 2020) so Opportunities to Earn May be limited.
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Thanks for checking out my review of Beer Surveys. I hope you found the article informative and will help you decide if The Beer Surveys platform is a good option for you.

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