How Much Can You Earn With Bing Rewards? A Review

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Bing Rewards Review

Welcome, and thanks for joining us today for our review of Bing Rewards.

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Our review will cover all the important things you need to know about this platform, including of course how much you are likely to earn… sit tight and let’s get started…..

What is Bing Rewards?

Bing Rewards is a Microsoft – owned program that pays its members for using the Bing search engine. (Bing Rewards is now actually called Microsoft Rewards, and you can now earn rewards for searching using the Microsoft Edge internet browser too)

Members receive loyalty credits each time they use the Bing search engine. You can redeem these credits for gift cards, sweepstakes and shopping vouchers. Most of these rewards are for Microsoft products.

The essence of this program is to increase Bing’s market share in the U S. Since its establishment in 2010, Bing Rewards has incentivized the use of the Bing search engine and more people are now using it as their primary search engine.

Signing Up with Bing Rewards

You need to sign up for a Microsoft account for you to be a Bing Rewards member. The Microsoft sign up process requires your name, email address and password. You will use your Microsoft credentials to log in to your Bing Rewards account.

Unfortunately, Bing Rewards is only available to U S and U.K residents. International users are not eligible for registration. If you are a US or U.K resident and already a member of Bing Rewards, you will not be able to earn or redeem credits when abroad unless you use a proxy server.

How does it work at Bing Rewards?

Bing Rewards uses a points’ based system where members earn credits after performing various tasks. The main revenue stream is through searching, using the Bing search engine. You need to download and install the Bing toolbar on your browser for you to perform your searches conveniently.

Alternatively, you can search directly using the Bing search engine.

How much can you earn at Bing Rewards?

After logging in to your account, you will earn credits each time you perform a search using Bing. Bing Rewards uses a credit counter to track your activities and rewards you accordingly.

Every two searches on either your PC or mobile device will earn you a single point. The maximum number of credits you can earn on your PC and mobile are 15 points and 10 points respectively.

Other ways of earning credits on Bing Rewards include:

• Shopping at the Microsoft Store where you earn 1 point for every $1
• Visiting content on the Bing homepage where you can earn up to 10 points
• Short surveys that Bing may provide from time to time
•By completing Bing offers

Bing Rewards pays members through gift card and sweepstakes. A $5 gift card may cost you up to 5,000 points. Achieving this threshold might take a while considering the fact that the maximum points you can get in a day is 30 points.

Membership Levels

The Bing Rewards platform has a three – tier membership that determines the number of points you can earn in a day. These levels include

• Standard member
• Silver member
• Gold member

  • Standard / Regular Member

This is the first level of membership and is a preserve for new members. Standard members can earn a maximum of 15 points per day. You need to accumulate 200 points to move to the silver member level.

  • Silver Member

The silver membership is the second tier on this platform. Silver members can earn a maximum of 30 points per day. Once you reach this level, Bing rewards will give you a 50 – credit bonus.

  • Gold Member

This is the ultimate level on Bing Rewards. Gold members can earn a maximum of 40 points per day. To become a Gold member, you need to accumulate 750 – lifetime credits and perform 150 qualifying searches using Bing each month. Gold members receive 10 % discount on all redeemable Bing rewards.

What Is Good About Bing Rewards?

• It is free and easy to join
• Easy way to earn rewards while searching the web
• Bing Rewards App i s both mobile and user friendly
• Three – tier membership each with different earning opportunities for its members.
• Great rewards from Microsoft

What Isn’t So Good About Bing Rewards?

• Only available to US and U.K Residents
• Bing App is not compatible with other search engines
• It is Time – consuming. It takes a while to accumulate enough redeemable points
• Members cannot redeem points for cash.

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Final Thoughts On Bing Rewards

The incentive structure on Bing Rewards is quite restrictive and you aren’t going to earn a lot from this, as is the case with all reward sites like these.

Nevertheless, if you are a loyal consumer of Microsoft and you would like to enjoy great discounts and rewards on their merchandise, then this is the platform for you.

Thanks for reading my review. Have you used Bing Rewards? If you have and you want to share your experience let me know in the comments what you thought of it, and if you recommend it to others.

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