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How Much Can You Earn With Checkealos? A Review

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Checkealos Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Checkealos.

Checkealos is a website that offers freelance work to individuals interested in working as website testers.

Our Checkealos Review will uncover all the essential information you need to know about this platform before you decide whether you should sign up.

There are numerous platforms similar to Checkealos, so after reading our review you will get a better idea as to how the website matches up to the rest.

Website Testing

In our modern world, businesses that improve the the usability of their websites have a significant advantage.

Website testers provide essential feedback on the way a site functions. It is a vital testing process that can only be provided by a human being.

How Checkealos Works

Checkealos is a user testing site, so you will need a reliable Internet connection, a microphone, computer, and a quiet room where you can make your recordings.

Users can also use their tablet or a smartphone for usability tests instead of a computer. You may have to submit a sample test before you are accepted.

Each tester is required to note their observations on specific areas while they use a digital platform.

These include how easy it is to find a product on the site, the payment process, or adding an item to the shopping cart. All of your screen movements are recorded and every mouse click you make is recorded.

Several users may be asked to test the same site and all of their feedback is collected. A report is generated for the client by another person who works for Checkealos.

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How Much Can You Earn With Checkealos?

Checkealos tells you exactly which areas to assess while you are testing, so you can move comfortably through the test.

Every user is paid 8 Euros per session and each session is only 15 minutes long.

This is one of the reasons why these positions are highly sought after. If you did 4 sessions a day, you would earn 32 Euros for just an hour of usability testing.

You aren’t however guaranteed to have a certain number of tests per day.

Nonetheless, even though you can’t choose as many projects as you want to do, you can maximize the opportunities that are available.  New projects are sent to you via email, so you need to be quick to respond.

Once you accept them and complete the test successfully, you will be paid.

Unfortunately however, the number of jobs that you are sent depends on the number of clients who need testers who fit your profile.

In this way, the platform works like a survey panel, since you cannot get requests for jobs unless you fit the profile requirements.

You need to give details about yourself during the registration process.

When you fill out the application form do it thoroughly to ensure that you have a good chance of qualifying for more usability tests.

When you are told that a project that fits your profile is available, it is important to respond quickly. There is a limit on the spaces available, and you are asked a few additional questions to ensure that you qualify.

Payments are sent via PayPal, so you can access your earnings easily.

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What Are The Pros?

  • Many people enjoy earning in platforms like Checkealos because user testing is a really fast way to earn some money. Plus, the platform pays well for each test that you complete.
  • Usability testing is not hard. Checkealos provides a video that shows you how to walk through the website. You can test interesting sites that offer services in the insurance, auto, and ecommerce sectors.
  • Checkealos website testers don’t have to book hours of testing. Usually, only about 15 minutes of recorded testing are necessary.
  • The platform provides analysis for clients who are interested in seeing how users respond while using many types of devices. You may do usability tests on desktops, tablets, or even mobile phones.
  • The skills required are those that are honed through your own personal experience. The platform requires you to provide your unique perspective on how a site looks, feels and functions. In a way, it validates the worth of your experiences.

What Are The Cons?

  • The site does not currently seem to recruit users from across the world. They seem to focus on the countries where they procure clients. If you are from the UK, Spain, India, or the United States, you can apply.
  • Your profile may limit the amount of work you get.

Some Final Thoughts

Checkealos pays for your feedback and the work is interesting.

Many people get frustrated when they try to use a website and encounter difficulties, so website testers provide a valuable service for website owners who want to improve user experience.

You get to provide this service on this platform as it allows you to share your opinions on important aspects of each site that you test, so ultimately it is made better for other users.

If you live in a country where users are required, you should apply. Work may not be always forthcoming, but when you get a test, a few minutes of work will add some useful extra cash to your account balance.

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Star Rating 3/5-A Good Testing Platform For people interested in earning a small side income as a website tester. Like all similar platforms however work is not guaranteed and is largely determined by your demographics.
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Thanks for checking out my review of The Checkealos platform. I hope you found the article informative and it will help you decide if Checkealos could be a good choice for you.

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