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How Much Can You Earn With Clickasnap? A Review

Clickasnap Review

Thanks for joining me today for my Clickasnap review.

If you like photography the Clickasnap platform may be able to provide you with both an opportunity to learn more about your craft, and earn some extra cash too.

The Clickasnap site is designed for photographers, and offers a number of ways you could potentially make money from your photos.

However, how much can you really earn as a member? What do other members think of Clickasnap? Is it really legit?

This is what we will be finding out in my Clickasnap review today. So let’s get started by checking the legitimacy of the site.

Is ClickASnap Legit?

ClickASnap is a legitimate site. Lots of people have been earning from this platform by sharing their content. In fact, there are over a million photographers who trust the site and use it to display their work.

So far, there haven’t been any complaints from people who say that their content has been misused or that they lost the rights or access to their work.

ClickASnap protects your work from print screen theft. So, they use image protection technology to block any visitors from using your work without rewarding you.

This technology doesn’t utilize a watermark that would distract from the images that you’re displaying.

This is another way in which the platform shows that it is legitimate and it takes its responsibility in protecting the work of creatives seriously.

The platform has been used by creatives for four years. It’s professionally designed and easy to navigate.

Your photos will be displayed at a high resolution, which lets visitors fully enjoy the beauty of your work.

Over the four years that the site has been up, it’s attracted over 44 million views.

This means that people who visit the site for the photos are pleased with the quality of the images. They recommend it to others.

There are several ways to earn on the app and the platform is very clear about the rates that are paid.

Information about the payment method and rates is not hard to find and it’s clearly displayed to visitors. The platform does not arbitrarily adjust these terms.

You’ll receive your rewards when you reach the minimum threshold for payment. You’ll also retain ownership of your work for as long as your photos are displayed on the platform.

The site doesn’t collect a lot of personal details from you. You’ll be asked for your name and a password of your choice when you’re signing up. Alternatively, you can save time while signing up by using your Google or Facebook credentials.

You won’t be charged for creating your Basic account. That’s one of the signs that this is a legitimate site.

You’re also not required to share your credit card details or any other financial information with them in order to open a Basic account.

If you want to upgrade from a Basic to a paid account you can do so easily. You can also choose to go back to having a Basic account after being a paid member.

The platform doesn’t restrict you or force you to continue having a particular type of account.

ClickASnap has partnerships with reliable providers. This makes it easier for members to do business on the platform. Their printer is One Vision Imaging, company.

This company handles all of your printing needs if you have a Seller or Pro account. There haven’t been any complaints about shipments not reaching purchasers.

Members have been able to rely on their printing partner to deliver quality products by using their photos.

Their purchasers also receive their products in a timely manner without damage. All of this indicates that ClickASnap is legitimate.

How You Earn on ClickASnap

You can earn money and get paid by Clickasnap by taking advantage of a few different earning opportunities. One of which pays you for each view that you get.

The pay per view model is often chosen by members when they first sign up. However, some will start selling products in order to completely cover the cost of a paid account.

You can earn indirectly from a Basic account. Your earnings will be indirect because you’ll only earn by highlighting your work and gaining new clients. With a Basic account, you won’t be paid for the views that you receive.

With a Basic account, you won’t need to make an investment of your own capital in order to start gaining new clients from your photos.

However, if you want to earn from your views, you’ll need a paid account.

ClickASnap pay a lot more for each view than any of its photo sharing competitors.

In fact, it also pays more for each interaction than platforms that support other types of media. For example, you’ll earn more when someone views your photos than when someone views a video on YouTube.

Similarly, you’ll be paid more with your photos than when someone listens to your music on Spotify. Since they say they receive over two million views per day, you could reach enough viewers to earn steadily from this platform.

However, that comes with work. You’ll need to build a portfolio of images on the platform.

You’ll also need to ensure that these images can be easily found by designers and other visitors who are interested in the type of pictures that you take.

You can develop your profile and reach a wider audience. Since the community has been around for a while, there are several established photographers who can answer questions about how the platform works.

Members of the platform who know how it works are often willing to show you how to maximize your earnings and even ways in which you can grow in terms of different styles of photography.

All of this knowledge will help you to earn more on ClickASnap.

You’ll earn $0.0070 for each of your original photos that’s viewed on the site. So, if 20 of your photos are viewed in a week, you will receive $0.14. When You reach $15, you’ll be able to get a payment.

You can earn even more from your photos by upgrading your account. For example, you could upgrade to a Seller account or a Pro account.

These both offer you more features than the Basic account. The Seller account is £3.20 a month. The Pro account costs £4.80 a month.

With a Seller or a Pro account, you can also sell a wide range of products that are printed with your photos.

In fact, the platform has a catalog of over 1,000 types of products that you can choose to put your photos on.

For example, you could sell your photos on keyrings or even print them on canvas and make them available for sale.

Some customers may also want prints of your pictures on photo glossy paper. You could also sell downloads of your photos.

If you choose to have your photos printed on physical products, you wouldn’t have to go through the process of contacting a printer and then shipping the product off yourself.

Instead, when you select the item that you would like to have available to shoppers, One Vision Imaging, which is their partner, would handle the printing for you.

One Vision Imaging would also ship the item to your customer. You would receive royalties which would be automatically added to your account.

A service charge of 4% would also be deducted from the price of the product.

The platform has a base price on each type of product that you can sell. However, you can set your price anywhere above that. So, for example, if you would like to sell mug sets that have your photo on them, you would also have to pay 4% of that as a service fee.

So, if you sold five mug sets a month, that would generate revenue of approximately $50 per month.

The amount of money that you can make on the platform is virtually unlimited since you’re not restricted to offering just one type of product.

You can also test different products and see what sells well and adjust your pricing accordingly.

Paid accounts come with marketing features. They also come with unlimited storage. Basic accounts have limited storage and you can only upload 100 photos. If you really want to earn, you’ll need a lot more photos.

When you have a paid account, the platform makes it easier to promote your work on social media than some of its competitors do.

They have an automated marketing system. This lets you connect your social
media accounts to your ClickASnap account, so you can promote your work via the system seven days a week.

You can choose when you wish to remind followers on social media about your portfolio or notify them about new photos.

Over time, some experienced members have learned how to use these tools to earn more than $1,000 per month.

ClickASnap Reviews

Paid users appreciate the unlimited storage that they have available on. This allows them to upload as many photos as they want.

While this is so, members also ensure that each photo is off the best quality since they want attract as many viewers as they can.

A few members who are professionals don’t like having photos from hobbyists on the site.

This site directly competes with others which don’t allow photographers to earn from each view. So, it offers photographers a significant financial advantage and members appreciate that.

Members like the fact that a visitor does not have to get a license to use their photo for them to be rewarded. As long as a visitor views their photo they’ll earn money.

So, some members take photos with a specific topic in mind. This means that they can generate more views when visitors are able to view several photos that cover the topic that they’re interested in.

ClickASnap users get their payments quickly. They report that they usually receive their transfers within 24 hours after making a request.

Some members say that you can’t really earn on the site unless you’re paying.

However, others are happy with just advertising their work and not earning directly.

I’ve had some mixed responses about ClickASnap in the comments section below. However, I would love to get more up to date feedback from readers who want to share their experience.

What Are The Pros Of ClickASnap?

  • ClickASnap is an international site. So, you can earn from anywhere in the world. You’ll earn in US dollars and your payments will be sent directly to you. You won’t receive merchandise or gift cards.
  • ClickASnap members maintain full control over their images. When you share your photos, you will always retain the rights to your work.
  • When you become a member, you can choose the way in which you would
    like your work to earn revenue for you.
  • They have an image uploading system that’s easy to use. If you have photos on your device that you would like to display, you can put them up on the site within minutes.
  • Photographers get access to the same marketing features that they would have available to them with the high-end suites that are popular among digital marketers. They can streamline all of their marketing efforts,
    ensuring that their followers on different social media platforms learn about their photos immediately when they’re uploaded.
  • They can also keep on sharing photos at any time of the day or night, matching their promotions to different time zones.
  • This site pays real cash. Additionally, you won’t have to wait long to get your money since it will be sent to you via PayPal.
  • The Clickasnap platform has an active community to provide assistance.

What Are The Cons Of ClickASnap?

    • ClickASnap does charge fees for their Pro and Seller accounts. These accounts come with features which enhance your ability to make a profit on the platform.
    • You’re only paid for photo views when you have a paid account on the site.

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Is ClickASnap Worth It?

In this ClickASnap review 2022, you learned how you can earn on this platform. The site is legit, and like every other similar platform it has advantages, and some drawbacks too.

You need to have a paid account to earn on the site and getting one will expand your range of earning options by allowing you to sell different types of products.

Clickasnap could be worth it for you as it has significant earning potential, however you’ll need marketing skills in addition to your photography skills in order to really maximize the opportunities that are presented to you.

For example, if you can reach a wide audience and make several product sales a week, you could easily earn $50 a month from the site.

It’s a reliable platform and you will be paid what you’ve earned.

Not only that, Clickasnap is also designed to facilitate photographers who want to grow their skills. With an active forum, it also helps you to build connections, whilst earning money.

The good thing about community sites like this one is that the validation you receive for doing your best work will encourage you to invest in perfecting your craft.

If you are an amateur photographer who has never sold their work before, receiving your first client can give you an important boost in confidence.

If you like photography, and want to share your work among like minded people, while being inspired, you might want to give Clickasnap a try.

Star Rating 3/5-Although quite a young site, Clickasnap is becoming a popular site for budding photographers that want to earn from people both viewing, and from selling their work.

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11 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With Clickasnap? A Review”

    1. Hi Kestine,
      If you want to make money using Clickasnap then my review should give you a good idea how it can be done. If you want to earn money online using another website or App then please check out more of my latest reviews which you will find HERE

  1. ClickAsnap is a scammer platform that takes your money on subscription and cheating not pay your earn.
    Do waste your time on this platform. They will let you subscribe to be a member and collect your money monthly on a fee charge. when you have earned money on your photos per view at over minimum withdrawal. They will reject your withdrawal request for the stupid reason on your photos that not your own photos and/or stolen photos to declined. you can see this in my attached email. I am fool to let them collected my subscription money for long time and indeed is earn per view is not earn much at your imagination. Do not let them cheat on you.

    1. Hi there,
      I’m sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with Clickasnap. I hope you find an alternative platform to sell your photos. I appreciate you reading my review.

    2. I’m sorry this happened to you!! So far they’ve always paid me, it’s taking just one day!! I will become a pro soon and hopefully make more!!

    1. Hi Mackenzie,
      Thanks for sharing your experience with Clickasnap with my readers, I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t a positive one. What was it specifically about the platform you were unhappy about? Further info about the issues you raised would be very helpful…

      1. question.. SO every view you get is only one cent? I thought on the actual website in the settings shows .60 cents PER VIEW? why am i only seeing .03 cents with 150 views. Just doesn’t make any sense to me… Can you explain.

        1. Hi Tanya,
          I have re-visited the FAQ page. When my review was originally written the rate of pay was confusing as it appeared to say one thing on the website and something else on the FAQ page. However, the FAQ page now explains the rate of pay in more detail. It says as follows;

          An authentic view earns you 0.6¢*. This is 0.6 cents ($0.006) (not 6¢ ($0.06) or 60¢ ($0.60).)

          I hope this assists. Thanks for reading my review of Clickasnap.

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