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How Much Can You Earn With Clickworker?-$9 Per Hour?

Clickworker Review

Thanks for checking out my Clickworker review

Clickworker is an online platform designed to pay its members for doing micro tasks that are available on the site.

In my review today I will be finding out all you need to know about Clickworker to help you decide if its worth checking out for yourself.

To help me do this I will be uncovering what real users of the site are saying about it. I will also be weighing up the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

The Clickworker website states that you could earn $9 per hour. I will be looking into this, and whether it is realistic. First however, let’s find out how Clickworker works.

How Clickworker Works

The micro tasks at Clickworker cover a wide range of skills, so if you do create an account, you can choose the tasks that align with your interests.

Clickworker offers a slightly different take on remote work. Like several other sites, you can work from home. However, they do not offer long projects. Clickworker instead focus on quick tasks that can be completed in minutes.

If you are asked to translate a document, it will be short. Any editing, or data entry jobs posted are short. This means you’ll have to do several jobs within an hour to help build your balance.

Due to the pricing and structure of the tasks, you will earn more if you work really quickly. However, the length of the tasks makes this an ideal option for people who need to earn extra cash, but don’t have a lot of time.

Registering as a Clickworker is easy, and requires basic demonstrations of your skills. Once registered, any Clickworker can select jobs from the pool of tasks.

Your qualification assessments help to determine which tasks are available to you. Your language skills also play a part in determining which jobs you can do.

As you complete more jobs on the site, your previous work experience and performance there will make more tasks available on a daily basis.

How Much Can You Earn With Clickworker?

Clickworker makes tasks available to you based on your profile and interests. If you want access to a broad range of tasks, your profile and interests should indicate that you are able to work in several areas.

You can see how much you’ll be paid for a job before you begin. This price is always fixed for each task. Once the job is completed and approved, payment is added to your account.

You could potentially make around $9 an hour on Clickworker (at least that is what Clickworker say you can earn), so in a day that would amount to $72, which isn’t bad at all.

To earn this daily amount however you are probably going to need to work for eight hours. But achieving this rate is also dependent upon finding a sufficient amount of micro tasks to do.

To increase the amount of work you get it is important to visit the site regularly and complete tasks when available. Also, people who include more skills and experience in their profile will have more tasks shown to them, and therefore have the potential to earn more.

If you complete tasks infrequently then that will be reflected in your income, and is likely to be low.

The bottom line is that micro tasking sites cannot be relied upon as a regular source of income that is going to get all your bills paid. That’s  because you can’t be guaranteed a consistent availability of work.

Nonetheless users do report that the site now has more work available to its users than in the past.

Clickworker Reviews From Real Users

At the time of my latest update to this review Clickworker has a score of 2.6/5 from 93 reviews at TrustPilot,  3/5 from 188 reviews at Glassdoor. It also has a score of 3/5 from 25 Reviews at Indeed, and a score of 4.4/5 from 20 reviews at Capterra.

There are a lot of satisfied users of The Clickworker platform and enjoy earning by carrying out tasks provided by the site.

Some members complain however that the jobs are low paid, that there aren’t always tasks available, and that some tasks take too long to pay. Some also say they can’t qualify for the jobs.

What Are The Pros Of Clickworker?

  • Clickworker helps you to earn money even if you only have 10 minutes to spare every now and then. You can log in, complete a task, earn a little cash, and move on to an errand.
  • When you have several hours available, you can put in more work, and earn a nice sum that helps with your expenses.
  • No formal qualifications are required for several tasks, and you can start working immediately, once you pass the qualifying assessments.

What Are The Cons Of Clickworker?

  • Clickworker only accepts members who are 18 and older. If you are a younger teen who wants to work, you’ll have to wait a little before you can join the site.
  • They accept applicants from several countries. Unfortunately, sometimes they close to some countries if they don’t need workers from those areas, so it is better to apply early and get your application approved.

Is Clickworker Worth It?

Clickworker is an ideal option for people who are looking for work from home jobs and want to start immediately. No tedious bidding is required.

Prices for the jobs are stated directly, so you know exactly how much you’ll be paid. While special skills are required for some jobs, there are several that only require basic technical knowledge and tools.

For example, you can do image and video tagging or sentiment analysis. Both of these are tasks which require human input but no formal qualifications , If you have access to a browser that is compatible with the site, and can read through the instructions, you can complete micro jobs there.

In the past, the only option for working on the platform was via a desktop computer. They have now developed an app, which has opened up a range of possibilities for workers. You can earn in the park, on the beach, or while waiting for the bus.

There is no doubt however that the pay at Clickworker is very low. You are also not guaranteed to get much work either. Certain factors determine the amount of work you will get, for example the skills you have included in your profile, and the amount of engagement you have with the site. So, although it may be possible to earn $9 an hour on this site, there is no guarantee that you will.

However, if you are looking for a flexible work from home option, and have time to spare each day, you might want to give Clickworker a try.

Star Rating 2.5/5- An established micro tasking site that offers a flexible way to work. It is however only a small earning opportunity unless you commit a lot of hours to the site. There are however no guarantees of work being available all the time.

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35 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With Clickworker?-$9 Per Hour?”

  1. I am currently working on this website, and yes I got a proof from someone getting dollar easily. I’m wondering if I do work 1000 hours what will gonna be in the future. Btw I am still new in here like 2 months ago and didn’t really intents working, and still looking forward.

    1. Hi Richy,
      Thanks for reading my Clickworker review. It’s difficult to say how much you could earn by working 1000 hours as it depends on what tasks you carry out, as some pay more than others.

  2. What triggers my interest in any business is how feasible it is and what kind of model it operates with. It’s nice that clockworker offers a convenient environment for people to work. I also like the fact that you’ll have to engage yourself in tasks that you can complete in matter of minutes and not long term works,this makes it rather easy and convenient to work at free periods without being affected. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey there,
      I’m glad the review was informative. A lot of the tasks are very quick which adds to the convenience of using the site. It’s a quick way to make some extra cash, but you need to be realistic about the income potential.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us this wonderful article about click worker because I have got to know what click worker is all about for example what it does, how it works and I think am also becoming a click worker soon because I spend much time home without doing anything so I think this will help me meet my preferences thanks very much for sharing

      1. Hey admin I have been trying many times to register but it didn’t work out whenever I try am told error them it’s says your details has been already taken.kindly help me because am willing to work with you guys

  4. I enjoyed your review of Clickworker.  I liked the honesty in the pricing structure, and the pros and the cons of joining.  

    However, I could not find a link to the Clickworker site anywhere in the review.  

    One thing I did like was the recommended platform at the end.  I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it’s the most comprehensive site out there for earning. 

    1. Hi Steve,
      You can join Clickworker HERE
      I’m glad to hear you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, it is the best way to make money online in our opinion. Best wishes with your online endeavours.

  5. Wow, this means that I can make money and also get to do other things as well. I can use this as a mini income stream. I have not heard about the click worker before but I think it should have been popular by now. How much does it need to join, I don’t see you talk about the price to join.

  6. Having means of income where you are not required to do much stress and till make some really cool money for yourself. Click worker seem like a really nice means of making money and from its pros where you don’t have to devote much time to it to make money makes it really nice and from there you can have multiple streams of income. What i pricing for this business.?

    1. Hi Benson,
      Yes the pro of Clickworker is definitely the convenience, and it doesn’t have to be too stressful. There are no fees to join this platform. Thanks for your comment.

  7. Thanks for sharing this helpful information, it’s really hard and challenging to find a lucrative and profitable business that will offer you a chance to work at your leisure like this. Clockworker I a good option, working remotely makes it easy for you to do other things and still earn your money and I like the aspect of simplicity that is attached to the business. I’ll look into it and get back to you about how far I’ve gone with it. 

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Yes, working online doing micro tasks isn’t too demanding and can be done in your spare time. It will be great if you could let us know how you get on. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Clickworker is a very good platform. I see that you have given a good information on click worker. I can actually easily make money from this platform by just doing short tasks. I think that this is very good because I can make some extra bucks in no time. I will be looking to make about $30 per day because I have another work. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Hi Henderson,
      Yes this is something you can do in your spare time. Don’t forget however, there are no guarantees as to how much you will actually earn on the Clickworker platform.

  9. I am a little confused right now because I am on the website right now and I cannot seem to point out exactly what I want to do here. Should I register as a clickworker? Or is there another procedure. Also, I would love to know how consistent the works might be. Maybe it is a few cents in after a long hours of wait. Please I really just want to know. Thank you

    1. Hi Ramos,
      Yes you need to sign up as a clickworker. There are no guarantee of how much work you will get, so don’t reply on the income from this site, or from similar micro tasking sites.

  10. I think clickworker sounds great! And your review really is very helpful. I had my doubt that my country will not be on the list. Now you said they open to some countries when they have work for that specific area, should I keep checking and hope that when they will have a job for my area they will open my country for application?


    1. Hey there,
      It might be worth contacting Clickworker and enquire whether they have any plans to add your country as a location from where you can work. Thanks for reading our review

  11. Well! It feels nice knowing fully well that you can make a lot of money here through clickworker. I like all heekinds of offers that awards skills with merits and pay and that is okay with me. I will try to get myself some more and apply here. Hopefully I would be able to achieve more through here. Thanks

    1. Hi Rodarrick,
      Whether you think $9 an hour is a lot of money may well depend upon your geographical location. If you live in the U.S, Canada, U.K etc, this is of course poor pay, and the $9 an hour is what Clickworker say you can earn, not what you will earn. Thanks for your comment.

  12. I can tell that is a good opportunity for people who want to work from home, but the problem is 9 dollar an hour is less than the minimum wage in most of developped countries. I have question please. All tasks have the same price?

    1. Hi Youness,
      Yes the pay is very low, and you may make way below the minimum wage. Because you are freelance when you work with Clickworker, and not employed by them, they have no responsibility to ensure you reach minimum wage.
      The tasks pay in accordance with the length of time the task takes and it’s complexity.

  13. Hello, I’m Danny. I liked your review on this work from home system. It sounds interesting if you can find enough work throughout the week to help you earn a living, thanks for the information on how low the pay is especially for my area in Kingston NY. Because the area I live in is out of control with rent prices. I liked what you touched on with the speed of some of the tasks and that the work on this has increased. It was a good article and touched on so many different points. It was very informative and interesting, and I hope all the best for you.

    1. Hi Danny,
      Micro tasking sites like Clickworker shouldn’t be relied upon to earn a living. The work isn’t guaranteed, and the pay is very low. There are ways to increase your earnings once you are a member of the site, but this is just a side income opportunity.

  14. Wow! Interesting Clickworker Review. Base on my experience with site like this, I was thinking Clickworker is another scam website whose main aim is to scam me and even waste my time. It’s a good place to start earning some lil cash online. I wish I found Clickworker on time.

    Thanks for sharing this review.


    1. Hey there,
      Clickworker s isn’t a scam as they do pay you for the work you carry out. It could be a good place to start if you want to earn online however there are in our opinion better ways to make money online. We recommend affiliate marketing.

  15. I guess Clickworker is similar to MTurk which I’ve tried before and didn’t like it much because of how little they pay and how little job opportunities there were. I’m surprised that they say you can make $9 an hour, I assume that is in USD, if that is the case then you can definitely live off of that since that’s the minimum wage where I live. But I kind of doubt there’s enough jobs you can do to work 8 hours a day. Maybe it’s a good supplemental income opportunity if you’re interested in earning a little extra.

    1. Hi Son,
      Yes it’s not a lot of pay and you can never guarantee enough work with sites like Clickworker. It is better to see it as a useful side income to avoid disappointment.

  16. I need to earn some extra cash asap. Hey do you know approximately how much people can earn per task? Do they pay only peanuts per task or is it pretty legit pay for hard work? I’ve seen Clickworker mentioned around a few times but I always assumed it was a waste of time. Thanks for any tips.

    1. Hi There Digger,
      It really depends on which task you are doing, as this will determine what you will be paid. Some tasks take longer and they will of course pay more, as will more complicated tasks that require more research or knowledge. The pay range per task can therefore be anywhere from just a few cents to maybe 8 or 9 dollars.
      The amount you earn will also be affected by whether or not you have completed assessments and if you have the appropriate knowledge to carry out specific tasks.

  17. Hi, I am a bit confused about what clickworker actually is? Is it like surveys?

    I know that it can be quite hard to get into the actual work part of it, you answer questions that will assess to see if you are compatible with the actual task and then they turn you down, which means you have now waisted your time = money for nothing.

    I have never been a fan of these kinds of things.

    Thank you for the review tho, It would be nice to know if this is similar to surveys or completely different, because then I might actually be giving it a try.

    1. Hi Alexandra,
      Yes there are surveys available at Clickworker and unfortunately as is the case with all platforms that offer surveys, you could waste some of your time by not qualifying for a survey that you have started.
      Clickworker however does offer a variety of short tasks other than surveys including proofreading, copy editing, research, data entry and mystery Shopping to name a few.
      Thanks for checking out our review and for your comment.

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