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How Much Can You Earn With Constant Content?-A Review

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Constant Content Review

Thanks for joining me today for my review of Constant Content.

If you are a keen writer that wants to earn money with freelance writing, either as a part time gig or even as a full time online writer, then our review of Constant Content should be of interest to you.

My review will be finding out how you can potentially earn cash by developing SEO content, newsletters and even press releases on topics that you find interesting.

This platform is ideal for freelance writers who want to sell articles online. It is also a good option for writers who want to work on jobs that have already been requested by clients.

Constant content pays its writers promptly in the first week of every month, via PayPal. However we will be exploring how much you are likely to earn as a writer on this site. First though let’s take a look at how things work.

How Constant Content Works

There are several ways in which writers can earn on Constant Content. The site often has jobs available, and you can make money consistently from those.

You also have the option of writing and selling your own articles.

To sell your articles on Constant Content, you have to create an account, complete a quick grammar test, and submit a 250-word article for review. They will quickly let you know if your application is approved.

If you decide to sell prewritten articles on this platform, there is no guarantee that they will be accepted.

However, this platform has the potential to provide you with consistent income. You can write and submit articles at a time that suits you, while establishing your reputation. Payments are usually made on time.

Writers are sometimes able to work with a client who orders a large number of orders and does so consistently. This can be quite profitable, and you can quickly form a routine that maximizes your efficiency.

These are usually managed clients, and you will typically work with the same Constant Content manager for those projects.

Dealing with editors on the site will require some patience, as some may have quirks which make it difficult to develop anything that pleases them.

If you are working on a project and are assigned a customer-friendly CC manager, they can serve as a valuable liaison, delivering support that helps you to thrive.

How Much Can You Earn With Constant Content?

You could potentially a fair amount by writing and placing your articles on Constant Content. How much you earn depends on your niche, the price of your articles, and other factors.

You can also earn more by working on jobs such as newsletters, press releases and white papers that are requested by clients. This means you don’t rely solely on income from your own articles.

Your niche plays an important role in attracting clients. There are many topics that you might enjoy writing about and you must decide which of those will be profitable for you. Your clients may be individual bloggers or large brands that need content for ecommerce.

You can develop a catalogue of articles related to a particular theme, and are free to write on several topics if you wish. Many writers appreciate the fact that they can write on a range of interesting topics.

It is not uncommon for writers to earn $50 for a 500-word article. The platform reports that some writers make $90,000 a year. These are of course the top writers, however with some skill, patience and persistence there is no reason why you can’t earn a good income using this site.

If you work very hard and are a flexible writer who can produce quality content in several niches, your earning potential increases.

What Are The Pros Of Constant Content?

  • Constant Content has been around for a long time and the site has proven to be a profitable marketplace.
  • Each writer can set their own price per word.
  • Writers from all over the world can work on this platform and make money.
  • The platform is fairly easy to use.
  • It allows you to provide articles for sale without the stress of managing your own website.
  • You can work on large projects as part of a team or earn when a client specifically requests you for a project.

What Are The Cons Of Constant Content?

  • Constant Content takes a commission of 35%. This is high, and they don’t do much to promote your content.
  • A few editors can be unnecessarily difficult.
  • It can take a while for your first article to be sold.

Some Final Thoughts On Constant Content

Flexibility is one of the chief benefits of writing for Constant Content. You can potentially some decent money there, once you cater to your strengths.

Some writers like to decide on a profitable topic, write an article, and sell that for a price they set.

Others enjoy working on projects over time for a particular client, and the site provides a lot of those jobs. Payments are made on time and you can set your work hours to suit your own unique schedule.

Have you tried Constant Content? If so and you want to share your thoughts about what you thought of them please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good platform for skilled writers to earn well. You may however consider the commission Constant Content take a bit high.
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Thanks for checking out my review of Constant Content. I hope you found my article helpful and will assist you in making a decision as to whether The Constant Content platform will benefit you.

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