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How Much Can You Earn With CrowdContent?-A Review

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CrowdContent Review

Thanks for checking out my review of CrowdContent.

My review today is focused on what the earning potential is for writers on the CrowdContent platform.

If you are just starting out on your writing career, or if you are already a seasoned writer, our review  will give you a better idea as to whether the pay is worth it at CrowdContent.

First however, let’s take a look at how the platform works.

How Does CrowdContent Work?

CrowdContent says it is a site that is driven by values, and rewards writers who reflect those values.

They say you can choose to work on different types of tasks on this site, and you are fairly rewarded for each of them. Your hard work reliability and efficiency directly affect your earnings on the platform.

CrowdContent writers can earn cash by writing tweets or Facebook posts related to what their clients requirements. Many also create content with a specific tone and the keywords that clients want.

You can choose these orders from a pool, work on a managed project for an enterprise-level client, or complete direct orders for a client who specifically asks for you.

Applications for this site are open to writers who are 18 and older.

Once your application is approved, you can develop tweets, claim open orders from the managed list or even write content for specific clients as often as you like.

A lot of interesting projects are usually available in the Marketplace. Every writer has a claim limit, and this starts at 1 for beginners and can go all the way up to five if you complete 15 consecutive orders without dropping an order, or other problems.

CrowdContent will reduce your claim limit if you let your deadline expire or drop an order. You therefore need to assess orders carefully and ensure that you can deliver them on time before you claim them.

Beginners first move to a claim limit of three after completing 5 consecutive orders without a strike.

CrowdContent usually has open orders in the Managed Content section. This gives you access to jobs that are requested by enterprise-level clients, so you will work with one of the site’s managers. You can also find work under the Apply for Work section.

How Much Can You Earn With CrowdContent?

You can potentially earn every day by writing for clients on this platform.

There are however several quality levels, and each one has a Street level that offers a basic price for the article. This is the rate that all new writers receive.

Writers can earn more by moving up to the bonus rate by delivering content quickly. At the 3-star level, writers can earn 5.2 cents per word, while 4-star writers can earn between 6.6 and 7.6 cents per word. That means you would be paid $7.60 for a 100-word article.

You can also earn by focusing on short content, like tweets. The price for a professional tweet is $1.20, while a professional Facebook post will add $1.75 to your account.

CrowdContent is interested in rewarding you for quality and speed, so they pay writers more if you have an excellent Turnaround Time, or TAT. If you complete orders quickly, that directly affects your TAT score.

Once your TAT for your last five articles is higher than CrowdContent’s Target TAT, your rate per word will increase. You can earn better on this platform by delivering quality work and doing so quickly.

What Are The Pros Of CrowdContent?

  • CrowdContent helps you to grow as a writer. There are many different types of jobs available so you can challenge yourself to try something new.
  • The jobs pay a fair rate and if you are an efficient person, your hard work will be rewarded.
  • CrowdContent writers can select a job and work on it at any time, so if you are a busy dad or mom for example, you can adjust your schedule to meet the needs of your children.
  • The platform pays you through PayPal and payments are sent twice a week.
  • You only need a minimum balance of $10 and payments are sent automatically.

What Are The Cons Of CrowdContent?

  • CrowdContent will restrict your access to the site if you drop orders or don’t deliver them on time. They have a three-strikes policy.

Some Final Thoughts On CrowdContent

CrowdContent rewards you for delivering quality content for clients. There is usually work available on the site.

If you are reliable, deliver orders quickly and ensure that your work is of a high standard, your pay rates increase. If you work hard and enjoy delivering content that helps your clients to get results, you should definitely check out this platform.

Have you worked with CrowdContent? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment below, it will be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good platform for writers, especially those that prefer the flexibility to write shorter content as required. As with all similar writing sites however, your earning potential is determined both by your writing skills, and your ability to meet deadlines.
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Thanks for checking out my review of CrowdContent. I hope you gained some valuable insight into The CrowdContent platform, and will help you decide if this website could benefit your writing career.

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