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How Much Can You Earn With eJury?-A Review

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eJury Review

Thanks for joining me today for my review of eJury.

eJury is an online platform designed to pay its members to be jurors in mock cases.

This is something that is done from home by those who are interested in this line of work. Being a mock juror will appeal to people who like to review cases in order to share their perspective on the issues involved.

My review will show you how you can participate in a panel that pays you for doing just that.

Attorneys use this site to get a feel for the outcome of a case before they even enter a courtroom. This allows them to adjust their presentation where possible, in order to obtain a different outcome.

Sounds interesting right?……let’s first find out how things work, and then how much you are likely to earn doing this kind of work.

How eJury Works

The qualifications of an eJuror are the same as those of a regular juror in America. You must be at least 18, and never been convicted of a felony or under legal accusation of misdemeanor theft.

There are other restrictions on who can participate, and these are related to situations that would lead to bias in a case. For example, you cannot be involved in any type of work that might cause bias.

This means that people in the insurance sector cannot participate, since several cases would involve people who are asking for financial compensation from insurance companies.

If you are an attorney, have worked in the judicial system, or are related to a lawyer involved in a case, you are not allowed to participate. In a real courtroom, attorneys would have asked questions that would allow them to screen a jury in a similar way.

Lawyers present their cases to the eJury and get a verdict. It’s serious work for them and they expect that each eJuror involved will look at the case just as if they were in a real courtroom.

Each eJuror in a county is notified by email when a case requires their input. When they log in to the platform, they are taken to a secure location where they can view the facts, answer a few questions similar to the ones that would be posed in a courtroom, and submit a verdict.

The case is concluded once at least 50 verdicts have been submitted.

On this platform, attorneys present each case to a minimum of 50 people. This is more than four times the number in a real court, and it gives them access to a broad range of perspectives on the issue.

Where a case may require a financial settlement, the attorney gets valuable information on what members of the public think is fair. This allows them to confidently negotiate a settlement that helps their client.

How Much Can You Earn With eJury?

You can earn cash on eJury by assessing the details of the cases that are presented to you, and giving an unbiased verdict. If you appear to be fair, it will reflect well on you.

While jurors are eligible for cases in their area, people in rural areas receive less cases than those in cosmopolitan areas. If you get a case each week, it would help with some of your expenses.

Cases start at $5, and those at this level are fairly straightforward. As they become more complex, the pay increases, and you may earn $10 per case. The average eJuror spends 35 minutes on each case, so the rate of payment is between $10 and $20 per hour.

The payment for each case is indicated at the top, so you can choose to only assess cases that pay well.

You can expect to make between $20 and $40 a month if you live in a relatively peaceful area and do a mix of complex and easy cases. Payments are made via PayPal.

What Are The Pros Of eJury?

  • The benefits of eJury are many for those people who are interested in the law. It allows you to see what being a juror is like, without the inconvenience of missing work or going to a courtroom.
  • When each case is concluded, a case summary is posted. That allows each jury to understand how members of the public feel about an issue.
  • Payments are made via PayPal, and there haven’t been reports of missed payments.

What Are The Cons Of eJury?

  • While using eJury, only jurors in the county of selection can see the details of each case. This may seem like a con because it restrcts participation, but that is how the real jury selection system works. Participation and access to details of cases are determined by geographical location.

Some Final Thoughts On eJury

With eJury, you can fulfill the same role that would be expected of you in an actual court.

Adults who participate in juries offline are usually given a stipend, and this platform provides a similar stipend for each case.

It’s a good way to earn money since you learn more about the legal process, and you earn enough to help with your bills.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good platform to join if you want to earn money as a mock juror. You will however not earn a full time income from this kind of work.

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Thanks for checking out my review of eJury. I hope you gained some valuable insight into the eJury platform by reading my review today.

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