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Today we will be finding out everything you need to know about the platform so you are better informed about whether this is a platform worth consideration.

UPDATE March 2020… has now closed

There are numerous websites and applications which offer internet users the opportunity to make decent cash online by accomplishing simple tasks.

You’ll therefore be glad to hear that is a reliable site that pays its members for carrying out short tasks. It could therefore be worth your consideration, so let’s take a look at the platform in more detail….

What is is a get-paid-to website that rewards its members for completing various tasks. These include answering surveys, watching videos and making referrals. Users get rewarded in points known as gems’ which they can redeem for gift points or cash.

So how does it work? stands out among the numerous get-paid-to websites due to plenty of opportunities for earning cash, and other redeemable rewards. Here are some of the main ways through which you can earn from this platform:

  • Watching Videos

One of the main avenues through which you can earn redeemable points on this site is by watching videos provided by third-party networks.

You have the option of choosing which video you’d like to watch from several categories, including, celebrity, viral, gaming, movies and much more.

Videos are typically 1 to 5 minutes long, including an advertisement. You are required to watch the video as well as the advertisement in order to earn gems.

You need to stay on the video tab throughout, since the video will pause automatically once you click a different tab. You will be rewarded 233 points (the equivalent of $0.0018) for watching a 5-minute video.

  • Completing Surveys

Another great way of earning redeemable points on is by taking surveys for third party companies.

In order to begin answering surveys, you must create a profile and fill in demographic details, including your age, gender, race, and marital status.

This helps the platform determine the best surveys for you.

Surveys normally take between 10 and 15 minutes to complete after which you earn rewards of about $0.25 to $2.

  • Making Referrals

You can increase your earnings on by promoting the site to your friends or any other person.

The referral program on this platform allows you to receive 10 percent of your referrals earnings.

You will be given your own referral link which you share on your various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How Much Can You Earn and How To Get Paid?

The amount of money you can earn on depends on the number of tasks completed. Surveys usually pay the most on the site (typically $2 per survey).

However, you may end up getting get screened out of certain surveys even after answering qualification questions.

It is therefore important that you capitalize on the other earning opportunities offered on this platform, if you wish to increase your earnings. offers its users several cash out options, including Steam vouchers, PayPal cash, and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin cash, Etherium, Litecoin, and Coinbase.

The minimum cash out amount for PayPal is $1 whereas, for some cryptocurrencies, it can be as low as $0.50. Redeeming your gems through PayPal also requires a processing fee of 25000 points.

How do I Join

Before you begin to earn rewards on, you will need to complete the signup process.

Luckily, the registration procedure is relatively simple and hassle-free. You only need to have a Google account to sign up.

No password is required to register on the panel. Once you sign in with Google, you can log in to your account and begin taking surveys and earning gems.

What Are The Pros?

– Easy and quick sign up process

– Website interface design is attractive and user-friendly

– Numerous earning opportunities

– Different cash out options available

What Are The Cons?

– The minimum cash out limit is quite high.

– PayPal processing fee is relatively expensive.

Final Thoughts may not be the best paying get-paid-to site out there, but the main thing is that it pays it’s  users. Moreover, the platform offers several earning opportunities to its members.

If you’re looking for a reliable way of making extra cash on the side, then this might be the perfect platform for you.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A reliable GPT Platform with a number of earning opportunities. The Income potential however, like all similar reward sites, is low.

10 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With A Review”

  1. I’ve been searching the web for hours on end to find legit, scam-free ways of making money from home and I’ve tried quite a few survey-type earning platforms but there’s always a catch. I am going to try Eloot and see how it works for me. The payment is a bit low for the video watching which is obviously the easier way for making a quick buck but like you said at least they pay out and the surveys make it worth it. Thanks for the review, it is very difficult to find sites that pay out and that don’t keep your hard earned cash.

    1. Hi Chani,
      Yes Eloot is worth checking out. There appears to be plenty of earning opportunities, and if you’re under no illusion as to what the limited income potential is then you won’t be disappointed. Thanks for your comment.

  2. This is really cool. I think it’s great that you are reviewing these online programs and providing honest opinions on whether if someone should invest there money into them. Too many time newbies search the internet for ways to make money online and they always fall for these get rich quick schemes that can’t deliver on the promises they are making. Now they loss their investment and still don’t know nothing about making money online. I know this is how it happened, because I was a person that fell for them. That is why I appreciate your review and definitely sharing this on my Facebook page. Where can I find more info about your number 1 recommendation? Great review, very helpful. 

    1. Hi Garrett,
      Yes Platforms Like at least prove that earning legit money online is possible. If you want an opportunity that could lead to a more substantial income however then my number 1 recommendation is something you really ought to look into. Just click on the link at the end of the article to find out more. Thanks for the share and for your commment.

  3. Jannatul Ferdaus

    Hi, I read your article very carefully. After reading your article, I found out that you discussed about How Much Can You Earn With I really enjoyed reading your article. I must say you did a great job. I have become much more curious to learn more about it. I don’t really know anything about but the details you provided here makes my decision a lot easier. I will checking into this more very soon. Thank you for sharing this post.

    1. Hi Jannatul,
      I’m glad to hear that you found my review of informative. Thanks for reading and for your comment.

  4. Good Morning,

    The Internet is full of surprises but not always good ones. 

    I am amazed at the strange names you come across. For sure I have not heard of so I am interested to hear about your findings.

    Watching 50 minutes of videos you still have only earned $0.018, that is not even 2 cents for nearly 1 hour of your time.

    Completing surveys sounds a bit better but to earn up to $2 for 15 minutes of work will not make you rich either.

    Even if I agree with you that is a legit platform the earning potential is too small for my taste.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske,
      I understand what you are saying, Platforms Like don’t pay you very much at all and therefore it is up to each individual to decide if it’s worth the effort. I personally don’t think the videos are worth the vast amount of time you need to spend watching them to earn anything reasonable. The surveys are a better option, but again you may find you get screened out so you have to factor in that time as well. Thanks for your comment.

  5. I must say I haven’t come across, but you say they are one of the better sites out there. The earnings certainly look a bit higher than what most of the others are paying. 

    The trouble with most of these types of sites is that you are trading your time for money and in most cases, not even the minimum wage. I don’t even attempt surveys anymore as a lot of times you are taken out after you have gone more than halfway which is very frustrating. I like the fact that this site offers the option of watching video’s too though, which is far less frustrating than filling in Surveys.

    1. Hi Michel,
      Some people like to watch the videos and keep them running because there is literally no work involved as such. The income for watching videos however is extremely low. I think there are better options (Swagbucks). Thanks for your comment.

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