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How Much Can You Earn With Enlightly? A Review

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Enlightly Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Enlightly.

If you are a U.K citizen and like sharing your opinion then this review will be of interest to you.

That’s because Enlightly is an App that rewards people located in the U.K for giving their honest opinions.

If you like to make your thoughts heard on the things that are important to you, this Enlightly Review will explain how you can earn cash by doing that.

Speaking up about the issues that concern you is important, because it helps to improve things in your community and the world. Enlightly is a platform that allows you to have an impact, right from your mobile phone.

I will be finding out how much you can potentially earn on the Enlightly platform, and taking a look at what the pros and cons might be should you decide to join. First however let’s see how things work.

How Enlightly Works

Enlightly is developed by Attest Technologies, and as their name suggests, they are focused on product testing, allowing companies to improve the quality of whatever they offer to consumers.

Through their work brands can build loyalty among buyers who can attest that their products are good.

The company uses surveys as well, and you are never forced to answer anything. Instead, you can simply skip questions that you find invasive or that are not relevant.

A lot of emphasis is placed on confidentiality and anonymity. You always have control over your data, and any optional information you choose to give is stored securely.

If you no longer want to participate, you can delete your account immediately.

There are no fees associated with using Enlightly. You can download the app for free right now and start earning cash by sharing your opinions.

The app is connected to JustGiving, so if you don’t want rewards for yourself, you can double up on making the world a pleasant place by giving to make lives better.

How Much Can You Earn With Enlightly?

Enlightly is still a fairly new player in the sector, and as such, they are awarding a bonus to all the people who sign up now. If you open an account and answer your first 10 questions, you will have £10 added to your account immediately.

You are asked to answer eight trial questions when you sign up, and you are paid for these, although the rate is less than the regular sum.

The platform keeps increasing your rate whenever you pass a milestone. each milestone is measure din terms of the number of questions you have answered to that point. For example, for your first 50 answers, you are paid £2.50 . When you reach 100, you receive £7.50.

Payments are made in real cash. You don’t receive tokens and you don’t even have to spend within the limit set by a gift card. Instead, you can have your earnings transferred to your bank account. The platform also facilitates payments to participants via PayPal.

What Are The Pros?

  • The payment threshold on this site is £5 , which is fairly low, allowing you to collect payments frequently if you use the app regularly. Notifications are sent directly to your phone whenever new questions are available, so you never miss an opportunity.
  • The platform is designed for ease of use, and you can answer the questions fairly quickly. The graphics are clean and all questions are easily understood. Once you reach a milestone, your rate of payment increases a bit, so you start to earn more.

What Are The Cons?

  • There have been a few complaints about communication with this app. Participants report getting payments as recently as in May 2019, but some have said they have not been receiving responses from the platform since then. It may be a good idea to contact Enlightly directly yourself after you open an account, and test their communication system.
  • Right now,Enlightly is not open to participants from outside the UK. Hopefully, as the platform expands they will consider allowing participants from other parts of the world. That would make it easy for other people to earn just by answering a few questions.

Some Final Thoughts

Enlightly is an interesting way to influence business and lives, and you can do so whether you are traveling, or waiting in line at the grocery.

Every opinion you share affects the way that organizations relate to consumers, and helps to make conditions better for everyone. You earn every time you decide to speak up, and your rewards can be enjoyed in a way that means something to you.

They make payment using convenient formats, such as through PayPal and direct bank transfer. You can share opinions, earn cash, and then use the cash to pay your bills online.

Using the app is that easy. If you want to make a difference and be rewarded in several ways for doing so then signing up to Apps like Enlightly is the way to do it.

Due to recent complaints however from users of the App we advise caution. Please see our verdict below.

Star Rating 2/5-A legitimate App, however there are a number of issues surrounding this App presently, with a number of members unsure as to whether the App is still working. Until the reviews improve we won’t be recommending it.

2 Star Rating

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