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How Much Can You Earn With A Review

Freecryptorewards Review

I recently signed up to the free to join website

When my welcoming email arrived it said members of the site were redeeming rewards of $300 per month, so I decided to take a closer look and write this review

My review today will explain how the site works, how you can earn from it, and whether it’s realistic to earn $300 per month from a free rewards site.

To help me I will be reporting what I experienced by using the site and discovering what the each of the tasks pay.

First however let’s take a closer look at how to get started at

Signing Up To

Freecryptorewards is operated by Reward Holdings Ltd. This is the same company that runs GrabPoints, ZoomBucks, and GCLoot. They’ve been around since 2012, and have over 5 million users across their platforms.

This site is a membership site that’s open to people both within and outside of the United States. In other words, you can sign up from anywhere in order to start earning.

It’s easy to join Freecryptorewards. You’ll just need to visit their homepage, where you see a short signup form. All you’ll need is your email address and password to register. You can even register by using your Google or Facebook details.

If you sign up by using your email address, remember to check your inbox for a verification email. You need to click the link in that email, in order to verify your account. If your account isn’t verified, you will not be able to receive your rewards.

Ensure that you read the terms and conditions on the site before you sign up. They also have a privacy policy which describes the ways in which data that they collect from you is used.

For example, they collect data on the apps that you download and the way that you use these apps. You’ll be required to agree to the terms and privacy policy during registration.

Once you’ve created your password you will then need to provide the information asked for below. This may be a bit too intrusive for some, however just complete the form and then continue so you can start earning.


Signing Up To

Form you need to complete before you start earning

Freecryptorewards doesn’t automatically give you a bonus for signing up.  However, you get 500 points (worth £0.50) by completing a short about me survey.

About me survey at Freecryptorewards

Get an instant 500 points by completing the about me survey

The about me survey is very quick and helps Freecryptorewards to get to know you better, and what surveys will be suitable for you. As you can see from the screenshot below, there are a few categories where you provide answers about yourself.

About me survey with Freecryptorewards

Questions about you on the about me survey

How Freecryptorewards Works

Freecryptorewards is a site that’s mainly focused on market research. They give you points for doing activities that allow them to collect data on the habits of consumers.

As such, in their privacy policy, you’ll be asked to give permission for them to monitor the way that you use the site and any of the software that they offer to you for free.

The data that they collect from you is used to help companies improve their products.

Many software developers use the platform to reach a wider audience and to learn what potential customers think of the apps that they develop.

In return, members receive rewards for the time that they spend and for giving the site access to their data.

Freecryptorewards gives you points for activities such as watching TV and completing surveys. All of these activities can be done in your spare time.

You’ll get points for each of them and when you have enough of these points, you can convert them to a cryptocurrency of your choice.

How You Can Earn From Freecryptorewards


If you like to share your opinions, you can complete one of the surveys that they have available.

You can access a number of survey routers via the site.

Survey Routers Available Via Freecryptorewards

Survey Routers Available Via Freecryptorewards


You can also access surveys from your dashboard directly. My dashboard was full of surveys, giving me plenty of available earning opportunities.

Surveys at freecryptorewards

My surveys at Freecryptorewards

These surveys will ask you to share feedback on different topics and the information that you provide will be considered quantitativey. This helps to preserve your anonymity.

Watching Videos

You can also earn on the site by watching videos. Each video is an advertisement that gives you information on a particular product.

You don’t have to take any action based on the content in the video.

You’ll earn points just for watching it.

Watching videos via the site won’t pay you much but it is of course an easy task.

Watching videos at Freecryptorewards

Videos at Freecryptorewards


You can choose from offers such as free and paid product trials. Non-paid trials let you try out new products for free.

However, there are also paid trials on the site and these require the use of a credit card, to pay a discounted fee for the service that they offer.

In that case, you need to be sure that you remember to cancel the trial before the discount period ends.

Offer Walls At Freecryptorewards

Offer walls at Freecryptorewards

Some offers require members to visit new websites in order to get points. Always read the details of the offers carefully to learn how long you need to stay on the site.

Some will require that you enter your email on the site before you can receive points.

Some offers give you the chance to play games for free. Most of these require you to play the game for certain amount of time or get to a specific level in the game before you receive your rewards.

A number of action games are available, including State of Survival. These games will work on either your Android or iOS device.

You’ll usually have to keep the games installed on your device for a certain amount
of time in order to get points but after that time has passed, you can remove them and install new games to earn additional points.

There are offers that are focused on new applications. You’ll be required to download these apps and test them. To get your rewards for these offers, you’ll have to provide feedback which helps developers to improve the app.

Sometimes you’ll be shown promotions for other apps within these apps.

Cash back offers are available. In these, you’ll usually have to spend money first and then you will get back a portion of what you spent. These offers are really best in situations where what’s being offered is something that you would regularly use.

So, you’ll spend money on something that you would normally purchase and you’ll get some cash back.

Referral Program

Freecryptorewards has a referral program in place. By making use of this you could increase your earning substantially, especially if you have a large and engaged social media following.

By referring someone else to the site you will get 10% of what they earn, provided they earn at least 10 points on the site. Your referral will also get 500 points just by using your referral link.

How Much Can You Earn With Freecryptorewards?

As with any reward site, the amount of earning opportunities available to you based on your demographic will largely determine your earning potential.

The Freecryptorewards website shows a leaderboard where the top earners on the site are shown. Some members are indeed earning up to $300 a month.

You can visit their profiles in order to learn which offers they’ve done to maximize their earnings.

The type of activity you engage in will influence your earnings too. If you only watch videos on the site for example then you won’t earn very much.

However by regularly participating in offers, and perhaps referring others to the site regularly, then you may soon find yourself near the top of the leaderboard.

You can maximize your earnings by using the Live Feed tool. This shows you the latest and most popular offers, how much other members of the platform are earning from the offers,  and what others are doing to make money on the site.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings At Freecryptoreward

You can withdraw your earnings from Freecryptorewards by exchanging your points for gift cards, PayPal cash or cryptocurrencies.

This makes them different from many of their competitors, which only offer cryptos.

On my dashboard there are two options when it comes to cryptocurrency, Ethereum or Bitcoin. The cash out as you can see from below is very low at $1.


Withdraw with Bitcoin at Freecryptorewards

Cryptocurrency options at Freecryptorewards


If you prefer cash then you can cash out via PayPal. Again the cash out sum is very low at $1.

Cash Out Via PayPal At Freecryptorewards

Cash Out Via PayPal At Freecryptorewards

If you prefer to get rewarded by gift card there are lots of popular options available including Amazon and a number of other big retailers. The minimum amount required to cash out is $5.

What Are The Pros Of Freecryptorewards?

  • Freecryptorewards is completely free.
  • You can also use it to earn cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a mobile device, you can start earning immediately.
  • It works on both IOS and Android devices.
  • The tasks that you’ll do on the site are easy to complete. If you don’t wish to share a lot of your information by doing surveys, you can choose another type of task such as watching TV.
  • Freecryptorewards pays you with real money not merchandise. You can spend your crypto online in a variety of ways. You can also exchange your crypto for fiat currencies such as CAD or USD and use that for expenses on sites that don’t currently accept crypto. Freecryptorewards can pay you directly in a fiat currency such as US dollars. You’ll need PayPal for that. So, you don’t need a Coinbase account to collect your rewards.

What Are The Cons Of Freecryptorewards?

  • If you want to earn points by playing games, you’ll need to have adequate space on your phone to install these games.
  • You’ll be required to keep these games on your device for a specific amount of time, so you’ll have to monitor storage carefully.
  • A few of the offers don’t really let you make a profit. For example, with the paid trial offers, you will get a discount but you won’t make a profit.

Some Final Thoughts On Freecryptorewards

In this Freecryptorewards review, you learned how you could earn money on the app. There are several options but some require an investment of your own money.

If your goal for using crypto apps is to earn crypto for free, it’s best to stick to alternatives such as playing games and installing apps.

You won’t need to make an investment and you’ll gradually build up enough
points to be able to convert them to cash, gift cards, or a cryptocurrency of your choice.

By using the platform myself I can see there are plenty of earning opportunities available. However, I’m from the U.K so there may be more earning options for me than there could be for other regions.

Nonetheless what I like the most about Freecryptorewards is the low cash out amounts for all the options available whether it’s cash, gift card or cryptocurrency.

This allows members to cash out very quickly and frequently.

Given the amount of surveys, offers and other earning activities available I recommend this site to anyone wanting to earn a side income.

Star Rating 3/5-A legit reward site with numerous redemption options and a low cash out.

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Thanks for reading my Freecryptorewards review. I hope you found it to be informative and will help you make a more informed decision about whether the site could be a good option for you.

I have written hundreds of reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest reviews HERE

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  1. Hi, Great review.
    So after installing an app, must you complete the offer immediately or can you do it later and can I use more than one account to get points for a single offer

    1. Hi there,
      The gaming apps will require you to reach a certain level in the game within a given time period. You can’t do the same offer twice as only one account is allowed. Thanks for reading my review.

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