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How Much Can You Earn With Future Talkers?

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Future Talkers Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Future Talkers.

My review today will benefit anyone who might be considering joining the Future Talkers platform as I will be finding out all you need to know about the site before you decide whether to sign up.

What Is Future Talkers?

Future Talkers is a study panel that strives to collect meaningful insights from consumers about current market trends. The panel recruits regular consumers and pays them for sharing their opinions about various market research topics.

The main objective of gathering these insights is to help manufacturers and service providers improve their future products.

How To Register With Future Talkers

Signing up is 100% free…..All that is required is your basic info and contact details. However, you must be at least 16 years old to register.

Unfortunately, Future Talkers is only available in 50 countries, which means that some applicants may be locked out from registering.

How Does Future Talkers Work?

Future Talkers runs a variety of research projects that revolve around online surveys, discussion groups, real-time interviews, one-on-one discussions and online research communities.

You will receive an invitation via email once a research study that matches your profile becomes available.

You will also be alerted on the complexity, duration and expected rewards of the project before you make a decision to participate. Future Talkers will subsequently reward you with cash payments once you complete the research project satisfactorily.

You can then redeem your rewards via PayPal once you reach the minimum payout threshold….By the way if you like being paid via PayPal then you will like these rewards sites that do pay via PayPal

Unfortunately, new members are limited to one invite per month while experienced panelists receive at least one survey invite per day. This means that you must remain as active as possible and update your profile regularly to increase your chances of receiving more invites.

How Much Can You Earn With Future Talkers?

From our findings, we discovered that the income potential of this platform is very low. Also,  information about the amount of money that you can make per survey is unclear.

In some instances, you will know about your reward only after completing the research project. Nevertheless, most surveys pay between $0.36 and $0.60 while other research projects pay as much as $2 per study. However, considering the scarcity of projects, you should not expect anything more than $20 per month.

Referral Program

You can increase your earnings by taking advantage of the Future Talkers Refer-A-Friend program. This refer-a-friend scheme will pay you up to $1.50 for every new member that registers using your referral link.

If you want to earn more by referring others to reward sites then these sites will pay you when you refer new members.

How To Redeem Your Rewards

One of the main benefits of this platform is that it has a very low payout threshold. However, this amount is dependent on your country of residence.

For instance, the cashout limit for US residents is $9.85 while UK residents may only request for payment after accruing 6 GBP……..Other reward sites will let you cash out sooner. These platforms pay out when you have $5 or less

Another important aspect about payments is that Future Talkers has a maximum payout threshold. This means that you cannot request more than a specified amount of money. All payments are made via PayPal with 2% charged as transaction fees

What Are The Pros?

• International research panel

• It is free to register

• Multiple income opportunities

• It has a low payout threshold

• Supports PayPal payments

What Are The Cons?

• Low income potential

• It has an ambiguous payment system

• Scarcity of surveys and research studies

• 2% transaction fees on all payments

• Maximum payout

• Geographical restriction: Its only available in 50 countries

Is Future Talkers Worth It?

Getting paid for taking surveys or participating in research projects isn’t anything new. However, considering the emergence of fake research panels and shady survey websites, finding a reputable platform that will pay you for your opinions is at least encouraging.

Fortunately, Future Talkers offers you a legitimate way of earning money for your feedback. Nevertheless, just like any other research panel, Future Talkers has its shortcomings, which range from scarcity of work to ambiguous payment system.

Also, the site has a low income potential compared to other similar platforms. Putting all these factors into consideration, we suggest that you should only join Future Talkers if you want to hone your research skills, but not as a consistent income generation platform.

Star Rating For Future Talkers 2/5-Legitimate Platform With Low Income Potential

2 Star Rating
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