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How Much Can You Earn With Gamekit?

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Gamekit Review

Thanks for checking out my Gamekit review.

Gamekit is an online platform designed to allow its members to play MMO games and earn game currency for free.

In my review I will be finding out what you need to know about the Gamekit platform, including of course how much you can earn,¬† to help you decide if it’s worth checking out for yourself.

To help me do this I will be uncovering what real users of the site are saying about it, and I will be weighing up the pros and cons to help you make a more informed decision about whether you should join.

First however let’s get started by finding out how Gamekit works.

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How Gamekit Works

Gamekit connects brands with gamers across the world and through their platform, they have helped to promote each new instalment of League of Angels for Youzu Interactive.

They have also helped to increase customer loyalty for brands like Play, giving gamers points for top up which can then be exchanged for game accessories.

Gamekit gives you points whenever you complete a quest within the platform. You can choose from a wide range of quests on the site but you aren’t limited to those. Gamekit also gives points for completing quests on their partner sites.

They also give you points for other activities, such as referring friends, For example, you could earn by doing surveys on their site. These help companies to improve their services or products.

It’s easy to sign up for an account on Gamekit. If you already have a Google, Facebook or Steam account, you can log in with your credentials from one of those sites. if you don’t have one of those accounts, you can sign up in minutes with your email address and a password.

It’s completely free to join the site and you could start earning as soon as your account is verified.

How You Could Earn From Gamekit

You’ll collect points every time you complete a quest on Gamekit.

While you can do as many surveys as you qualify for, it’s a good idea to not limit yourself to surveys alone, as there are more profitable ways to earn on the site.

You could earn by referring other people to the site. You won’t however receive this reward unless or until your referral receives their first referral. You can get your referral code by clicking on the green Referral link at the top right of the page, once you are logged in. Just highlight the link and click on the blue Copy button

Unfortunately, Gamekit does not consider accounts separate if they are linked to the same device. If you want to refer a member of your household, they must use a different computer or another device, for your referral to be considered genuine.

Your referral will be counted and your points will be credited after they receive their first order.

How Much Can You Earn With Gamekit?

By playing games at Gamekit you can earn quite well as long as you are prepared to invest a fair amount of your time. You can earn between 20,000 to 30,000 points by engaging with a game. However you will have to carry out various tasks to achieve this.

You can also earn up to 1,800 points for completing surveys. However you need to bear in mind that you wont always qualify for every survey you take, so these can also be very time consuming.

Every time you refer somebody to the site you could potentially earn 15,000 points. I say potentially because you will only get your reward when your referral cashes out. That means of course that your referral has to be an active member of the site for you to benefit financially from them.

As there is no definite number of points for a certain reward amount it is difficult to say what the points you get are actually worth. This is complicated further by the fact that the rewards are given as Euros and dollars. As a rough estimate however $10 equates to around between 16,000 to 17,000 points, and EUR 10 equates to about 18,000 points

How You Can Redeem Your Gamekit Rewards

Gamekit members can exchange their points for game currency and other rewards once they have reached the minimum balance of around EUR 2. Just click the Redeem PTS tab and you’ll be taken to a new page, where you can view all of the rewards in their Shop.

You can click on the reward that interests you, as long as your balance contains enough points for you to claim that reward.

They really have a huge selection of rewards in their Shop section. You can use the on-site tools to filter the rewards according to the number of points required to claim them or even the newest rewards.

You can choose from a wide range of specific rewards for gamers and even use gift cards to shop for whatever you want. For example, you can select Steam keys, Prepaid Mastercards, Gamekit chests, and Eneba gift cards.

You can use your points to get free vouchers for the games that you like, with each game requiring a different quantity of points. You can use your points to play games such as GTA, Plague Inc, Cyberpunk and LOA for free.

If you want to receive your earnings in cryptocurrency, you can get a EUR 10 crypto voucher for 18,599 points. You could also exchange the same quantity of points for 800 Robux.

To play some of these games, you will need to have at least 17,000 points. With less than 5,000 points, you can access rewards such as Steam keys. It’s sometimes more profitable for a member to wait until they have accumulated more points before they redeem them because they will get more value for their points.

For example, a random Steam key can be obtained for 1199 points, but if you wait, you can get 10 random Steam keys for 5,399 points.

Gamekit Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing there are lots of satisfied members who enjoy the benefits of membership to Gamekit. Many report enjoying playing the games and receiving the rewards quickly after they have earned them on the site. Some compliment the customer service who they say resolved issues they were having.

The complaints I found were about being disqualified from surveys after spending up to 20 mins trying to qualify. Others were about how slow it can be to build up enough points, especially after they removed the game levels and raised the prices. A few others complained about technical issues.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have used Gamekit and want to share their experience. If you do then please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Gamekit?

  • Free to join platform offering fun ways to earn redeemable points
  • A huge variety of rewards
  • Good customer support
  • Quick payments
  • Not available in all countries

What Are The Cons Of Gamekit?

  • Could take a while to build up enough points
  • Does not offer PayPal payments
  • Long qualification for some surveys

Some Final Thoughts On Gamekit

Gamekit is a legit platform that pays its members for playing games and other simple tasks. You won’t earn enough to pay all your bills on this or any other similar reward platform, however you could earn an extra bit of pocket money.

There are a number of reward options however unfortunately they don’t offer cash at this time. However if you love gaming, and spend your spare time playing games anyway, you might want to give Gamekit a try.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A platform that offers free rewards for playing games. It isn’t available everywhere and doesn’t pay cash, but worth a try nonetheless.

2.5 star rating

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