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How Much Can You Earn With GCLoot? A Review

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GC Loot Review

If you like to play games and complete short tasks on your phone, this GCLoot review will show you how you can do that and earn rewards as well.

In my review today I will be helping you decide how  GCLoot matches up to other
similar online platforms in the GPT industry.

I will be discovering what real users of the site are saying about it, and weighing up the likely pros and cons should you decide to join.

First however, let’s get started by finding out how GCLoot works

How GCLoot Works

GCLoot is an app that lets you earn points for completing short activities.

Whenever you do a task, your points—which are called GCLoot— will be automatically added to your account.

When you reach the minimum balance required, you can exchange those points for a reward of your choice.

GCLoot is operated by Reward Holdings Ltd. This is the same company that runs GrabPoints, ZoomBucks and Freecryptorewards , and they’ve been in business since 2012, gaining over 5 million users across their platforms since that time.

They connect market researchers and brands to users. So, the activities on the app are geared towards helping brands to expand their reach.

Later in this GCLoot review, you’ll learn more about the tasks that you can do on the app to earn rewards.

They also help research teams to understand more about how consumers perceive the products and services of the companies that they represent.

This is mainly done by surveying members of the app who use those products, or by asking them to test new apps and services.

Reward Holdings Ltd has a good reputation among people who use Get Paid To apps to earn online. You can expect to receive your payments for the activities that you do on the app.

You can download the app from Google Play. On the homepage, you’ll find a short registration form that asks for your email address and a password of your choice.

You can also save time by registering with your Google or Facebook account instead of an email address and password

How You Can Earn from GCLoot

GCLoot members can earn in a variety of ways, including by playing games, completing offers and answering surveys.

If you use a referral link to sign up, you’ll start earning right away because you’ll get $0.50 from being referred to the site.

Their offers are from companies which are established in the sector, such as Cint, OfferToro, Yuno, and AdGem

So, you’ll be able to earn by taking quizzes, completing surveys from third parties, trying out apps, and signing up for trials or free offers for certain products and services.

  • Offers

All of the providers don’t carry the same type of offers and even when they do, some may pay more for a particular type of offer than another provider.

If you try out a new app, you could earn at least $0.10 and as much as $1. When you test apps, you are paid by developers who hope to generate interest in their products.

Some developers also want to learn how consumers interact with their apps, so they’ll need you to use the app for specific time. They may also ask you to keep using it until you reach a particular level.

When you participate in a free offer, you can try a product for a time without any cost attached. However, you need to remember to cancel before the trial is over.

Otherwise, you’ll be charged after the free period—whether that’s seven days, 2 weeks or longer.

To participate in paid trials, you’ll usually need a credit card. For a paid trial, you’ll often receive a service at a discount.

The difference between the amount that you spend on the offer and the payment that you receive as your points will be your profit.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for a time to get your points. It’s an investment on your part. The app doesn’t have control over when your offer will be verified.

Verification has to be done by the company that makes offers to you, so it usually takes a few days for your reward to be added to your account.

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  • Surveys

GCLoot’s surveys come from sites such as Pollfish and PeanutLabs. That’s because the app is really a survey router. They don’t directly conduct surveys for companies that need market research.

Surveys on the site cover a wide range of topics. For example, you could be asked about your gas usage over a month. This is why members in a particular demographic have more survey opportunities than others.

If you don’t have to pay for gas during the month, you wouldn’t be able to participate in that type of survey.

Members of the site have said that the surveys are interesting. Since you’re getting surveys from a variety of sources including through third-party offers, you can complete a few of these each month.

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If you only have three or four minutes but you would like to earn a few points, you can watch videos.

  • Watching Videos

The videos on the app are from HideoutTV. You won’t earn a lot from watching videos but you’ll get seven points for every three videos that you watch.

  • Referrals

GCLoot has a referral program. So, you will receive a referral link that’s unique to you and you can share this on various social media platforms.

Whenever someone signs up for the site by using your referral link you’ll earn a bonus. However, they’ll have to earn at least a thousand points on the platform before your bonus of $0.50 will be added to your account.

How Much Can You Earn With GCLoot?

There are offers on the app that pay $10 or more. So, if you do high paying offers at least once a week and combine these with other activities, you could earn at least $40 per month on GCLoot.

A 10 to 15-minute survey will pay you around 800 points. This is equal to $0.80. So, if you do four surveys a month or an hour’s worth of surveys in each month, you could earn $3.20 from surveys.

Watching videos will add a bit extra to your account, but you may get bored with this before you can earn any significant amount.

These are of course average earnings. If you put considerable effort in, and commit a few hours per day to GPT sites then the potential to earn more increases.

You can see what the top earners on GCLoot are earning by taking a look at the leaderboard. As you can see from the screenshot below, the top earners are earning up to $350 per month on the site.

Leaderboard at GCLoot

How much you earn from referrals depends of course on how good you are at engaging with your social media or blog followers, and if they are active on the site.

From my experience of promoting reward sites, you have to really believe in the site you are promoting, and let people know how much you have been able to earn. Unless you do this then it can be difficult getting active members with your referral link.

Having said that I do believe this site is a decent reward site and is worth checking out. It is owned by a reputable company and therefore can be trusted.

Once you have signed up you can earn  $0.50 by completing a short ‘about me’ survey (see below)

About Me Survey At GCLoot

About me survey


How to Cash Out With GCLoot

You can request a transfer when you’ve reached the minimum of $5 for payment.

On this app, 1,000 points are equal to $1. So you’ll need a minimum of 5,000 points to qualify for your first withdrawal.

You can exchange your points for cash, in-app prizes, or gift cards. In fact, you can get prepaid Visa cards that you can spend on anything online.

Many of the in-app options are geared towards gamers.

If you would like cash, you’ll need to have a PayPal account. Payments are processed quickly on this app and no matter what type of reward you request, you’ll usually receive it within three working days.

What Real Users Are Saying About GCLoot

Real users like the fact that this app is open to members from around the world.

They also like doing surveys related to technology, consumer products and other interesting topics.

Many users report that they get their rewards in just two working days. They say that payments are always made and some report being able to earn as much as $12 weekly.

Have you tried GCLoot? If you have and you want to share what you experienced, please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of GCLoot?

  • GCLoot is run by a reputable organisation. You won’t need to worry that it’s a scam. They protect your data and you can learn more about that by reading their privacy policy before you register.
  • They have members around the world. This is not an earning opportunity that’s limited to just the United States or Canada.
  • You can receive your rewards in a variety of ways. You’ll also get those rewards within a few days after making your request.

What Are The Cons Of GCLoot?

  • GCLoot is not the leader when it comes to offer walls. There are apps that have a larger number of offers, giving you a choice of offers from nine or 10 companies whenever you log in. Despite that, this app has an
    adequate selection and whenever you go on, you should be able to complete offers from at least four providers.
  • GCLoot does not pay a lot for their surveys. In addition, as with any other survey site, the number of surveys that you’re offered will depend on your demographic. If you’re not in a popular location you won’t receive lots of survey opportunities.
  • If you do third-party offers, your payment won’t appear in your account as quickly as it would if you did an in-app activity. You’ll always have to remember to keep track of the offers that you’ve done to make certain that you received payment.


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Some Final Thoughts On GCLoot

In this GCLoot review, you’ve learned that you can earn by playing games or even by trying out new services at a discount.

You also learned that the app is reliable and you will always get your earnings.

These are important considerations for anyone who wants to earn online. You’ll have several tasks that you can choose from whenever you have a few minutes to spare and all of these will add a few extra points to your account.

It’s not difficult to start earning once you’ve created an account, and while you won’t get rich, you can earn on this app from anywhere in the world.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A decent GPT site with a good reputation. The site is available worldwide and has quite a low cash out. There may not be as many offers available here as other sites.

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Thanks for checking out my review of GCLoot. I hope you found it informative and you have gained some insight into what the site offers and if it will benefit you.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and other articles about making money online. You will find all my latest posts HERE

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