How Much Can You Earn With GFK MediaView? A Review

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GFK MediaView Review

Thanks for joining me for my review of GFK MediaView.

In my review today I will be finding out if the GFK MediaView platform is going to be worth your time, based on what we have discovered and on what users of the platform are saying.

Media companies are always interested in learning how to make their content more attractive to their audience, and our review will explain how you can participate in that process.

This company is based in Denmark, but has an extensive reach, serving clients in 57 countries.

How GFK MediaView Works

GFK MediaView serves media companies that need feedback on their television and radio shows. You will be asked to answer questions on these shows via the app. Both Android and iOS users can download the app for free, and start using it.

You have to be 16 or older to join, and you must be a resident of the Isle of Man, the UK, or Ireland.

You also need to watch at least five minutes of several shows, so you can answer questions about them. The surveys are provided on the same day that the shows are viewed, so they are only available from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.

The site uses a tiered system, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. Your activity determines which level you’re at, with Gold members answering surveys every day, and other members participating less frequently. Gold members have access to more prizes in the draws.

The site also uses a points system, and has a separate prize draw based on the number of points you have.

Every time you complete a survey, you’ll get a ticket, and 10 tickets gives you an entry in the points draw.

How much can you Earn With GFK MediaView?

This platform in our opinion is far from the best survey site. The main reason being that you earn nothing per survey.

The platform encourages you to spend time on surveys every day, but gives you no assurance of any type of reward in return.

Many survey sites have sweepstakes for their members, to supplement the earnings per survey. This platform only has prize draws, and while you are expected to put out daily effort, you’re unlikely to win anything.

Their prizes include movie vouchers, e-vouchers for retail stores, cash, and merchandise. You could be on the site for years, completing surveys, and never win any of these.

User Feedback

Users on a whole are not pleased with this site. They feel that the system is not set up to reward them. Several complain of participating for six or even 18 months, without winning anything.

What Are The Pros?

  • GFK MediaView makes it easy to share your thoughts on the shows you watch.
  • You’re never screened out of these surveys, and you qualify just by watching television, living in the region, and being of legal age for the surveys.
  • Surveys are based on a variety of shows.
  • In theory, if you participate frequently for a very long time, you may eventually win a prize. Their prizes are enticing, and include cash, merchandise, and retail e-vouchers.

What Are The Cons?

  • This platform is only available to UK, Isle of Man, and Irish citizens.
  • The earning potential is really low, and if you are looking for sites that ask you to complete surveys in exchange for cash, this is not a good option.
  • Users have complained that they keep on seeing the same person win, which seems a little strange.
  • If you have a significant number of Gold users, and that’s the level at which you would get the most entries, all of those users should have the same chance of winning.
  • The site could improve the way it communicates. Users who send emails about their concerns don’t receive a response.
  • Their surveys are only held at a specific time, so it’s not really a flexible option. You have to always be available at that time to take surveys.
  • You have to be a frequent TV watcher or listen to the radio every day. The questions are based on the shows that took place on that day, so if you were busy, or weren’t glued to your television set, you can’t answer them.
  • You aren’t rewarded for casually listening or watching every now and then.

Some Final Thoughts

If you want to improve the type of radio or television programs you receive in your area, GFK MediaView is a way to do that, since you can give feedback every day.

You have a chance of one day being rewarded with a movie ticket, merchandise, or another prize for your efforts , but that’s not something you can rely on receiving.

If you think you might be lucky, or you like the idea of influencing the programs that are broadcast then you may think this platform is worth your time. However if it’s a reliable source of income you’re after then we don’t think GFK MediaView is worth it.

Star Rating 1.5/5-A Survey Platform that may not reimburse you for your time as the rewards are merely dependent upon chance.

1.5 Star Rating

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