How Much Can You Earn With Gift Hunter Club? A Review

Gift Hunter Club Review

Thanks for checking out our review of Gift Hunter Club.

If you enjoy watching videos and carrying out small tasks, then our review will show you how to do that and earn money online using the Gift Hunter Club platform.

This popular site gives members rewards for being active with surveys and other tasks, and it does not charge you for participating.

However, how much can you actually earn on this site? Is it worth your time? This is exactly what we will be finding out today.

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How Gift Hunter Club Works

The Gift Hunter Club is free, and you can sign up with your email. Once you verify your account by clicking on the link in the first email that the site delivers to you, you can begin.

Gift Hunter Club

How It Works At Gift Hunter Club

Logging in to your account will give you access to several types of tasks. Each of these is straightforward, and the amount you can earn is displayed beside it.

You can earn points in a number of ways and can even earn 30 points in an hour by using the platform to listen to your favorite radio station.

The description of each task also includes an estimate of how long it will take. This information will help you to select the task that is right for you, based on factors such as the amount of time you have available.

How much can you Earn With Gift Hunter Club?

People who enjoy surveys will find a lot of options on this site. Surveys are available from different market research teams, and most of them can be done in under 30 minutes.

Since several pay 200 points each, you could easily earn 1,000 points a day by completing five surveys.

A $2 PayPal transfer is equivalent to 250 points. If you earn 1,000 points a day on this site, that would actually be $8 more added to your income. This site is a good opportunity for people who want to work from home on a fairly flexible schedule.

Don’t forget however, as is the case with all online Survey platforms, you won’t qualify for all the surveys you attempt.

The Gift Hunter Club also has a lot of offers on their site. Some of these are free, and you can earn at least 50 points by signing up for their mailing list, or the site. You can even earn 200 points with a free offer.

You can earn two points every time that you watch a video. This can be done even if you have less than five spare minutes, since videos are three minutes long.

Although this sort of task does not pay as much as other options on the site, you can watch a video and earn money when you don’t have the time needed to complete a survey or offer.

Paid offers are different and usually require a credit card. These pay up to 1,000 points, and often require that you sign up for a free trial.

While this site has conventional GPT opportunities like offers, you’ll also find a number of tasks that are usually associated with micro work sites.

For example, you may be paid to test a website, or sort items according to various categories. If you earn 1000 points in a week from these, you’ll get a bonus of 100 points.

A referral program allows you to earn a 10% bonus on whatever is earned by your referrals on this site. You can even earn five points for sharing about the platform on social media.

This site pays cash, so you can spend it on small bills. They deliver your rewards to you via PayPal, so you’ll have your money available without a hassle.

The payment threshold on this site is low. It’s $2, and that makes it easy to have cash sent your account at least twice a week if you need it.

Feedback from Users

The Gift Hunter Club has many loyal members. They enjoy the volume of tasks and the type of jobs available.

What Are The Pros?

  • The Gift Hunter Club makes earning easy via listening to radio, watching videos and more.
  • Payments arrive effortlessly through PayPal.

What Are The Cons?

  • The Gift Hunter Club only makes cash payments via one method. However, you can also collect your earnings in the form of a gift card, and several options are available.

Some Final Thoughts

The Gift Hunter Club is an easy way to earn when you don’t have much time to spare. Their low minimum payout allows you to quickly collect your earnings.

Convenient PayPal payments deliver cash right to you, without the need to wait for checks in the mail.

Star Rating 3/5-A good platform for earning small rewards for carrying out small tasks. The site also benefits from a low cash out amount.

3 Star Rating

Are You Tired Of Earning Small Rewards?

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  1. Thanx, to give us a fantastic article. I really enjoy your article.i really appreciate it. Gift Hunter Club is a good platform for me that earns money by smart work. I can earning easy from The Gift Hunter Club via listening to radio, watching videos and more. they pay income on point. I can earn two points every time that I watch a video.I can earn easily 6-8$ every day.
    This has seemed to be good.I can receive my money by PayPal.
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    1. Hi Alamgir,

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