How Much Can You Earn With GMR Transcription?

GMR Transcription

Thanks for joining us today for this thorough review of GMR Transcription, a company that offers online transcription jobs to those seeking a work from home opportunity.

There are lots of online transcription jobs being offered by companies like GMR Transcription, so we are going to take a detailed look at this platform to see how it matches up to others online.

Transcription is fast gaining traction as a popular way of making money online, probably because it is something you can get started with without any prior experience.

The actual process of converting audio into text appears on the face of it quite simple and straightforward, meaning more people are joining the transcription bandwagon every day.

The GMR platform is open to anyone capable of converting audio streams into text with no prior experience required.

HOWEVER, you must bear in mind that just because it appears to be easy and no previous experience is needed, you must have good typing skills and an ear for languages to join this platform.

About GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is a company based in California with subsidiaries in Georgia, NY and Florida.

The company was founded in 2004 with an aim of connecting freelance transcribers to clients who want their audio files converted into written documents, accurately and at affordable rates.

Ever since its inception, GMR has experienced tremendous growth to become one of the leading transcription companies that offer opportunities to freelancers.

The Application Process

Becoming a transcriber on this platform is straightforward, and the fact that GMR accepts newbies and novice transcriptionists makes it open to anyone who wants to apply.

However, the company guarantees its customers 98 percent accuracy, meaning that you must have very high standards to qualify as a GMR transcriber.

As stated, the application process is extremely simple and straightforward. You need to provide your name, address, email and other basic details. You may also include your resume and your transcription certification if you have any, to increase your chances of getting hired.

You will then be required to take a short test to assess your transcription skills.

It’s important to note that you are discouraged from contacting GMR before submitting your test transcript. Doing so will only disqualify your application. Furthermore, any incomplete transcript will also disqualify you from the hiring process.

The good news is that all applicants have at least 72 hours (3 days) to submit the test. This is a reasonable timeframe as it ensures that you have enough space to deliver quality work.

What is also good about the platform is that GMR offers you plenty of resources that you can use for reference. This includes a 12-page style guide that all transcribers on this platform must follow to transcribe audio files.

If your submission is successful you will receive feedback within 2 weeks from the date you submitted your application.

How To Make Money With GMR Transcription

The main way of making money on this platform is through transcribing. However, before you can start earning an income you must transcribe at least 2 audio hours. GMR will only send you paid jobs once you complete this requirement.

The beauty of working with GMR is that you get the opportunity to choose your own work schedule. However, the least you can transcribe in a week is 4 audio hours, with no limit to the maximum number of hours you can work.


GMR is a transcription platform, but you can make money through translating as well.

The company often hires Spanish and French translators who have excellent typing skills. As a translator you will be required to translate and transcribe Spanish or French audio files into written form in English or vice versa.

In terms of pay, translators earn a higher amount considering the amount of work they have to do translating and transcribing different languages.

So, if you are fluent in another language other than English, then becoming a translator on GMR is a job that you should consider.

You may also make money through editing and proofreading transcripts. However, these opportunities are not as common as transcription and translation jobs.

How Much Can I Make With GMR Transcription?

It appears that the average earnings are between $0.70 to $1.25 per audio minute. However it is possible that you may earn more money by working extra hours and taking on difficult assignments. For example some audios have multiple speakers, which of course makes translation more difficult. The rate of pay therefore is likely to be higher.


Seemingly, GMR does not a minimum payout threshold.

All transcribers are paid monthly via popular payment processors such as PayPal or through direct bank transfer

What You Might Like About GMR Transcription

– Accepts newbies

– Plenty of work available

– Higher pay rate compared to other platforms

– Flexible working hours

What You May Not Like

– Stringent on accuracy

– Audio files can be hard to transcribe

Some Final Thoughts About GMR Transcription

GMR is an excellent transcription platform that not only accepts beginners, but also offers high payouts.

Furthermore, this platform has plenty of jobs and you can choose your own working schedule.

However, you must pay keen attention to your accuracy levels to guarantee more jobs, frequent mistakes can mean not getting any more work.

Have you worked with GMR Transcription? If so let us know what you thought and whether you would recommend them to others.

Star Rating 3/5-Legit Platform For finding work from home jobs as a transcriber. The company offers work to experienced and inexperienced transcribers alike. Your accuracy and ability to stick to deadlines will however determine your level of earning.

3 Star Rating


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