How Much Can You Earn With Grabpoints? A Review

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Thanks for checking out our review of Grabpoints.

Our review today will show you why many people enjoy earning on this site. Like many other Get Paid To (GPT) platforms, they offer several ways for you to earn money by using your phone.

However, how much are you likely to earn as a member of this site? Is it really worth your time? This is what we will be finding out, but first let’s take a look at how things work….

How Grabpoints Works

Grabpoints is a GPT site, so you can earn cash by doing surveys, watching really short videos, and completing several other types of tasks.

The site is free to join, so you could register now and start earning in minutes. The amount that you earn is dependent on the time that you spend on the site..

If you spend an hour every day doing tasks that pay well, you’ll reach payout fairly quickly. This site pays better than others in the same category.

In addition to that, there are plenty of tasks on the site, so your earning potential is of course improved because of that.

How much can you Earn With Grabpoints?

Grabpoints has several types of surveys. Many YouSurvey surveys from the site can be completed in five minutes, adding $1 to your balance.

You have to earn more than $1 if you want to withdraw cash. The site pays cash by both PayPal and Skrill, but you are advised to withdraw $3 or more.

If you watch quick videos on the site, you can get 20 points per video. Since 1000 points equal a dollar, it will take a while for you to reach payout if you only watch videos.

There are also a number of micro tasks, and you can even complete offers. Be cautious however with the offers that require your credit card. Ensure that you cancel before the trial is up if an offer is not right for you.

By far, surveys are one of the best ways to earn on this site. With them, you could potentially earn $5 in an hour (depending upon whether you manage to qualify for enough surveys).

There are always dozens of tasks available on the site, and they are fun to do. Most rewards on this site can be obtained with $3, so you could potentially get paid several times in just one week.

The site also has bonuses, so you could get paid just for visiting their social media pages. Each bonus can be claimed with a code, and these codes are often available on social media. Bonus points are free, and are available for withdrawal along with your regular earnings.

You can also earn via referrals on this site. Unlike many others, the site does not pay equally for all referrals. A referral from Canada might pay 250 points, but one from a European nation may only pay 100 points.

You won’t get your referral money immediately. They have to really be active on the site, and reach at least 1,000 points. They also have to successfully cash out that amount before you can get paid for inviting them to become a member.

The site also has a lot of reward options for people who like gaming. You can even get a subscription for Xbox Live there, and this is in addition to options such as cash, and gift cards in several denominations.

Feedback from Users

Grabpoints users say that the site is easy to use, and that they always receive their payments. Their money is transferred quickly to their account, once they stay within the guidelines set by the site.

Users also say that their experience with the site depends on their demographic. People in some countries will always have a wide selection of high-paying offers available, while others find that some offers and surveys cannot always be completed due to their location.

What Are The Pros?

  • Grabpoints pays quickly, and you can often receive your money within two days.
  • Several of their surveys can be completed in less than 10 minutes.
  • They have a lot of earning options, and even have a referral program, which is good for members who know a lot of people who want to earn money from their mobile phone.
  • They have multiple payment options, and even offer an alternative to PayPal.

What Are The Cons?

  • Grabpoints invites members from many different countries, which is a plus for people who want international work from home opportunities.
  • The problem is that all members are not paid at the same rate, even when doing the same task. For example, referrals from certain locations pay more points.

Some Final Thoughts

Grabpoints is a good option for people worldwide who want to earn online. While they sometimes have restrictions on tasks according to location, most people can earn money there and reach payout every week.

Have you tried Grabpoints? If so and you want to share your experience then please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3.5/5- A popular GPT site that offers numerous tasks for earning some extra money online. Your demographic however may determine your earning potential on this (along with many other similar) sites.

3.5 Star Rating

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