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How Much Can You Earn With HealthyWage?

Healthy Wage Review Is It For Real?

Thanks for joining me for my in-depth review of HealthyWage.

HealthyWage is a platform that not only helps you keep your weight in check, it also pays you to lose those extra unwanted pounds too!

This innovative app aims to provide you with extra motivation, in the form of financial rewards, to enable you to get to your ideal weight.

I will be finding out how HealthyWage works, what kind of challenges are available to members, and how HealthyWage will pay you when you succeed with your weight goals.

Motivation And Losing Weight

Personally I have never lacked the motivation to keep my weight in check. Because of the health risks associated with being overweight, that is motivation enough for me.

However, that isn’t the case for everyone. The fact is that many people are less fortunate and find it more difficult to lose weight. That could be because of a lack of motivation, or it could be due to other related medical conditions.

For a lot of people the thought of spending hours sweating in the gym, sometimes with mixed results, can be very hard to maintain.

Not only that, any exercise regime means you also need to stick to a strict diet too, which of course calls for additional high motivation. Letting go of fast foods such as burgers and fried chicken for lean meat and vegetables, means for many the need to find a highly motivated approach to weight loss.

So if you are one of those people that still simply cannot find the motivation to lose weight, despite the many health benefits associated with shedding the pounds, it will come as a nice surprise to you to know that you can get paid just for losing weight.

Whether you want to shed over 30 pounds in 9 months or lose 5 pounds in 6 months, HealthyWage is more than ready to pay you real cash just for reaching your weight target.

What Is Healthywage?

HealthyWage is an online platform that focuses on helping interested individuals to lose weight in a fun and effective way. The site allows you to wager on your weight loss targets for a chance to win great cash prizes.

The reason for them offering cash prizes at the end of the program is to motivate people to pursue their weight loss objectives and focus on a healthier lifestyle.

Even though HealthyWage might be mistaken for a gambling platform, because you are afterall taking bets, you do nevertheless at least have full control of the bet.

That’s because you are assured of winning if you manage to achieve your targets within the specified period. With this in mind, if you do decide to use this site to achieve your weight loss goals, you should consider HealthyWage as an investment in your health, rather than a gamble!

How Does HealthyWage Work?

HealthyWage works in 5 simple steps. These include:

1. Sign up

To understand how HealthyWage works, you first need to sign up. Creating an account is super easy and it does not take much of your time.

You are only required to provide basic details such as your current weight, height, and weight size.

2. Calculate your prize

Your possible winnings depend on a wide range of factors such as your current weight, your weight loss goals, length of the challenge and the amount you intend to wager. HealthyWage runs a special calculator that you can use to determine your possible winnings, putting all these factors into consideration.

Before setting your weight loss targets, you are required to verify your current weight. You may record yourself on the weighing scale and upload the video on their website, or have a HealthyWage verifier (agent) confirm your weight.

3. Place your bet

Once you have decided on your weight loss targets, you may now make your bet.

The amount of money that you wager determines your final winnings. You may also adjust your goal weight to take a shorter period for a chance to win higher amounts of money. However, it would be wise to set realistic goals to increase your chances of winning.

4. Lose weight

Losing weight on this platform is a form of contest between yourself and other like-minded members.

Make sure you stay on track by sticking to your weight loss program until you achieve desired results.

5. Claim your winnings

Once the deadline lapses, you will be required to perform a final weigh to establish if you have achieved your goal. After the results are verified, you will receive your earnings within 24 hours.

Other ways of earning money with HealthyWage Besides placing individual bets, HealthyWage runs a variety of contests that offer cash prizes of up to $10,000.

Healthy Wage Team Challenge

Healthy Wage Team Challenge

You may join these contests as an individual, or participate as a group.

Some of these contests include:

  • $10,000 Team Challenge

This challenge consists of teams of 5 who compete against each other. The team with the greatest percentage weight loss within 6 months wins $10,000. However, participants have to pay $25 each per month for 3 months to compete.

  • Jackpot Challenges

This challenge is open to both participants and teams who compete against each other for the share of the jackpot.

You have to lose 6% of your individual weight within 3 months to win a share of the prize.

  • Step Challenge

This is similar to the Jackpot challenge, but individuals have to meet specific targets to with a share of the prize. You also have to pay $20 per month for 3 months to win.

Cashing Out

HealthyWage does not have any minimum cash out limit. Once you win your bet, you may request for payment via PayPal or checks.

What Are The Pros?

• Fun and effective way of losing weight

• Great motivation from the HealthyWage team

• You have full control over your bet

• Pays in cash via PayPal or Checks

• Variety of high paying contests

• Payments are very fast

What Are The Cons?

• There is a chance of losing your bet

• You have to pay monthly fees for individual and team contests

• Not a real opportunity for making passive income

Is HealthyWage Worth It?

HealthyWage is definitely not a scam, it is a legit App. Joining HealthyWage could be a good choice for those lacking the motivation to start tackling their weight issues.

This platform not only provides you with the motivation to pursue your weight loss goals, but also pays you once you achieve your target.

If there is the potential to lose some money if you don’t reach your target weight, this could be the very thing that provides that little bit of extra motivation that is needed.

Star Rating 3/5-A Good App, More So For Its Potential To Motivate You to Lose Weight Rather Than For It To Make You Regular Income. That’s Not To Say You Can’t Create A Little Income Because You Could, But That Shouldn’t Be The Main Reason For Getting This App-It Should Be So You Can Shift Those Extra Unwanted Pounds!

3 Star Rating

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9 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With HealthyWage?”

  1. My husband and I are starting a weight loss program to get healthier, and HealthyWage sounds like it would be kind of fun for motivation.  So if I wanted to wager, say $100, that I would lose 20 pounds in 6 months, and I do it, who am I in a contest with?  Do my winnings come from the bets of others who have wagered on their own weight loss? 

  2. Good afternoon Ray,

    To tell you the truth I am amazed at the many new ways there are nowadays for losing weight. I had never heard of HealthyWage but after reading your post I must say this could certainly appeal to many people. It has this little extra of winning a bet and earning a prize that might make it easier to reach your goal.

    As Christmas is nearly here I must confess that I am not really thinking about losing some weight. That has to wait till the new year as at the moment there are too many temptations around.

    Thank you for this post, I will keep it in mind.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hi Taetske,
      I’m glad you found this Review of Healthywage informative.
      Best of luck with your New Year fitness goals.
      Thanks for your comment.

  3. I think this is an amazing idea. Many people, myself included, struggle to get set in a routine to lose weight. This is the perfect motivation. 

    There is one thing that I would have liked though. It would have been nice if they gave advice for diets, and exercise routines. It’s great that they motivate you, but they don’t really teach you how to do it. And that is one thing that most people struggle with. They simply don’t know how. If they added that, I think a lot of people would flooding to their site. 

    Thank you for the review, it really broadened my horizons a lot. I had no idea stuff like this existed. I’ll definitely take a look at it.

    1. Hi Mel,
      Yes I agree Healthywage could be a great motivator for some.
      Providing some advice on the App sounds like a great idea.
      Thanks for your comment and views.

  4. Hi Ray,

    This sounds like an interesting app and way to motivate people to lose weight. It sounds like an interesting way to make a little side money as well, I must admit I am somewhat a wagering man and a bit of a fitness fanatic. I’ll be looking to give this a go, can you do this in the UK as well?

  5. Hey there,

    just like You, I’ve also never lacked motivation to excercise and keep myself in shape, as there are so many amazing health benefits that come with being active! The most important out of all of them for me personally would be the feeling of positivity and energy that You get after a work out, it’s simply incredible! But unfourtunetaly, these great benefits are not enough for some people to convince them to start excercising and eating healthy. As far as HealthyWage goes, well I have to say the concept behind it is pretty interesting and unique. It’s definitely not something that I would be interested in using, however for the people who are motivated by money, interested in completting challenges & who have a competitive soul, I see HealthyWage perhaps as a great way to finaly implement healthy life-style into their daily life. 

    All in all, thansk for such detailed and informative review, I really enjoyed it. Keep up the good work 😉

  6. Ray-admin, Hello! I really enjoyed your review of HealthyWage. 

    Healthywage seems like a good app. What better way to encourage a person to get rid of fat? Make him pay, and then let him win back his loss by getting a bonus, either individually or as a team

    Who can say it won’t work ? Well done the one who came up with such a system. 

    Well done to you for the article, it should be shared.


  7. This sounds amazing getting paid for looking weight?

    Money is definitely a motivating factor as it will serve as a driving force even when you want to back out ,out of frustration or distractions. It is a nice concept and it will encourage a lot of people to go into the contest even if it’s just for the monetary gains.

    The clause outweighs the benefits only that the subscriptions are a bit on the high side but considering the reward healthwise  and financial. I think it’s great.

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