How Much Can You Earn With HitPredictor?

Thanks for joining us today for our review of HitPredictor. Our review will be taking an in-depth look at everything you need to know about this platform, including how much you are likely to earn, if you decide to sign up.

The beauty of working online is that the internet provides dozens of different revenue streams for you to build a steady passive income. Besides answering surveys, watching ads, testing websites and downloading apps, you can now earn money by just listening to music.

That’s where HitPredictor comes in.  Artists and record label owners are willing to pay you just to listen to their music and help them identify the next big hit, and they do this through online platforms such as HitPredictor.

What Is HitPredictor?

HitPredictor is a website that allows you to earn rewards just for listening to music and sharing your opinions about them. The main objective of this website is to give the public a chance to influence their favorite music before they are released.

This helps to establish the next big hit, hence the name “Hit Predictor”. All your opinions end up in the hands of major players in the music industry, including music managers, producers and radio stations.

This is a good way of making sure that artists and record labels produce high-quality music while ensuring that radio stations only play music with high ratings.

Getting Started With HitPredictor.

HitPredictor is 100% free to join. You just need to fill out your screen name, email address, password and your basic details such as your birthday, gender and country of residence. You will also be required to select your favorite genre of music.

You can only choose a maximum of three musical styles ranging from mainstream top 40 to Christian music.

How HitPredictor Works

The site is quite easy to navigate. From the members’ dashboard, you can start rating music and earning points right away.

What is good is that HitPredictor adds new songs frequently, meaning that you will always find work to do, depending on your preferred musical style.

You may also rate artists and earn extra points for your feedback.

How Much Can You Earn With HitPredictor?

At HitPredictor each song takes approximately 2 minutes, and you will earn 3 points for every Rating you make. This translates to about 90 points in an hour. Also, if you manage to rate 15 songs within 7 days you will receive a bonus of 15 points for your feedback.

HitPredictor may not offer much in terms of earnings, but you may significantly increase your income by recruiting new members and answering polls.

The amount is not much, but it can go a long way to boost your earnings.

HitPredictor Referral Program

For every new member you recruit, HitPredictor will pay you 25 points. However, your referral must first rate at least 5 different songs within 30 days after joining for you to receive your bonus points.

This means that you must encourage your referrals to remain as active as possible to earn more points.

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Answering Polls

Another way of increasing your earnings is by answering different poll questions. HitPredictor provides 10 to 20 poll questions related to the music industry at a time. Each answer that you provide will earn you 5 points, so long as the answer is valid.

Cashing Out With HitPredictor

HitPredictor has a very ambiguous payout system. In essence, you can never tell how much your points are worth at any given time.

Another disappointment is that this platform does not pay cash. You can only redeem your points in exchange for Amazon evouchers and raffle tickets.

Different prizes have different payout thresholds. In most cases, you will need about 1,250 points to claim a $5 Amazon gift card. As far as raffle tickets are concerned, you will need 500 points to enter the monthly lucky draw.

The monthly raffles have lucrative rewards ranging from $50 to $100 iTunes gift cards. However, you cannot rely on luck to build a steady online income.

What We Like About HitPredictor

-100% free to join

-Available worldwide

-Listening to music is fun

-Multiple income streams

-Referral program

What We Don’t Like About HitPredictor

-Ambiguous pay

-Does not pay cash

-Payments take one week

-Low-income potential

-Available opportunities depend on your location or music genre

Some Final Thoughts On HotPredictor

If you are a music lover, then joining HitPredictor is well worth your time. This platform promises to reward you just to listen to your favorite songs and give your feedback. Essentially, HitPredictor gives you the power to influence the kind of music we listen to.

Even though the pay might be a little bit low, earning rewards on this platform is fun and exciting.

Star Rating 2/5-Based on the Earning potential we have given this platform two stars. The platform won’t make you rich but it does offer a fun way to earn a little extra.

2 Star Rating

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