How Much Can You Earn With InstaGC?- A Review

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Instagc Review

Thanks for checking out our review of InstaGC.

If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to earn an extra few bucks every month, then this review will be of interest to you.

That’s because our InstaGC Review will show you how to earn extra cash at your convenience, as the InstaGC platform pays you to complete offers, answer quick surveys, and do other short tasks.

They don’t have an app yet unfortunately, but you can access the platform via your browser and quickly find interesting tasks that reward you with coins.

But how good is the InstaGC platform, and how much are you likely to earn? This is what we will be finding out, but first let’s take a look at what the users of the site have to say about them.

User Feedback Early 2020

As of the time of writing there are 61 reviews on TrustPilot with a score of 3.5/5. The majority of users are happy with their experience using the site.

There isn’t anything recurring that users complain about, but where there are complaints, InstaGC customer service have responded politely and professionally, which in our book is a very good thing.

The Reviews About InstaGC on Surveypolice and Sitejabber aren’t that recent, particularly negative ones (of which there aren’t many).

How InstaGC Works

InstaGC gives you 10 coins for signing up, and you can do so via Facebook, Twitter, or your Google account.

You can also use your email address. Once you register, you’ll have your own dashboard, and you can choose tasks from there.

You can earn by signing up for free trial offers. These can all work well for you, if you look for offers that really interest you. The site can make you aware of offers that you would not have benefited from otherwise.

You can also earn cash whenever you complete a survey, or watch a video, so if you don’t feel like answering questions, just watch a video while you’re cooking, and you will make money.

Calls are among the highest paying tasks on the site, and require you to listen to a sales offer for just three minutes. If you see that task and do it, you’ll earn enough coins to exchange for $1.

Of course, if you aren’t good at turning down offers that you don’t want, you may want to avoid this option. Your earnings can be donated to charity, or you can send then to your PayPal account.

How Much Can You Earn With InstaGC?

InstaGC pays for each task in coins, and all of the tasks add different numbers of coins to your balance.

Their list is updated daily, so there are always new tasks for you to do and earn cash. Always look for the free offers.

If you sign up for trial offers that require your credit card, remember to cancel later so you aren’t charged monthly.

You start earning from the moment you sign up, when you are given 10 coins as a bonus. This is equivalent to about $0.10. You would need 100 coins to earn a dollar. You can easily earn 100 coins by completing a survey.

Each survey pays between 100 and 150 coins, so if you completed 10 a day, you could earn as much as $15 daily (remember however, you won’t qualify for all survey so 10 surveys a day is not guaranteed).

Downloading apps also pays well, and you can get 200 coins per app. That’s equal to $2. If you download three apps a day, you could earn $6.

There are numerous tasks like this to choose from, so even if you spend a few minutes now and then completing tasks, you could potentially earn $8 a day.

This platform has a referral program, which rewards you for inviting people who may also want to make a few extra dollars every day. Referral income can increase your earnings, because you get 10% of whatever your referrals earn, plus $0.10 each time a person signs up.

You can exchange your coins for a number of fun rewards, including gift cards. Best of all, you have the option of getting real cash in your PayPal account.

What Are The Pros?

  • InstaGC makes it easy to earn cash. Whenever you have a little extra time, you can quickly complete a task, and money will be added to your account.
  • The tasks are easy to do and new ones are always available.
  • They pay in real cash, and since PayPal is an option, you don’t have to wait for a check. Gift cards and other rewards are available too.

What Are The Cons?

  • There aren’t many cons associated with this site. They could offer an app, which would make it a little easier to use on the go. However, you can currently access it on your phone by using a browser.

Some Final Thoughts

InstaGC is easy to install, and you can start earning points immediately. The tasks are short, and easy to do. You can select the ones that are most interesting to you, or offer the highest returns for your investment of time.

With careful planning, and by spending at least an hour a day, you could earn a reasonable amount extra per week, and because of the various tasks available, not get too bored. They have a lot of interesting tasks for you to do, and the list is updated daily, so you never run out of options.

Have you tried InstaGC? What were your thoughts? If you want to share your experience please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5-A good survey platform that has numerous earning options.

3 Star Rating


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