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How Much Can You Earn With KnowledgePanel? A Review

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KnowledgePanel Review

Thanks for checking out my KnowledgePanel review.

My review today will help you to decide whether this option for earning online is ideal for you.

The KnowledgePanel platform focuses on research, and invites members to share their thoughts, and get rewarded.

KnowledgePanel is owned by Ipsos, a respected market research company that also owns Ipsos I-Say

Reliability is one of the main advantages of doing surveys with this company, and they are known for paying their panelists.

How KnowledgePanel Works

KnowledgePanel tracks the national trends in areas such as politics, entertainment, and healthcare.

To do that, they collect data from people who are then paid in various ways for using the platform.

The topics of their surveys include new products, politics, and other events in the news.

Anyone aged 13 and over can join the panel, once they receive an invitation. Invitations are issued to addresses, and anyone living at that address who meets the age requirement can join.

The panel uses a points system, and you may start at around 1000 points for every survey you complete. The points are converted to dollars at a rate of 1000 points for every dollar.

In addition to cash, you can receive your rewards as games, or as gift cards. They even give you merchandise for completing their surveys, and some surveys don’t have to be completed in one sitting, so you can start them and take a break.

How Much Can You Earn With KnowledgePanel?

KnowledgePanel pays you $1 for every survey session you do. If you don’t have a computer at home, they will send you one.

They also pay for your Internet access as long as you work on the panel. Each of the surveys takes a maximum of 15 minutes, so you would be earning around $4 an hour.

Most people receive at least three surveys each month. Some may get up to six per month. If you receive the maximum, you can expect to earn $6 extra per month. That’ $72 a year, that can go towards your credit card bills or other expenses.

You get a bonus every time someone joins the panel. This is only given once, and is equal to $10 for each person who takes the introductory survey.

This means if you have five people in your household who choose to register,in your household, you will get $50 as your total welcome bonus.

What Are The Pros Of KnowledgePanel?

  • KnowledgePanel is open to panelists from all over the globe. Since the researchers also tracks trends that affect teenagers, all the teens in your household can participate and earn rewards.
  • Members can get paid by check, so you have real cash to use for your bills or for treating yourself.
  • They offer regular sweepstakes, so you have the chance to win a significant sum of cash if you complete surveys consistently.

What Are The Cons Of KnowledgePanel?

  • KnowledgePanel sends out invitations by mail to those who it wants to join its panel. There’s not a lot you can do to get invited, and you can’t join unless you’re invited.. If you aren’t in the United States, you will not get invited.
  • You can’t cash out as soon as you complete a survey. You have to wait until your balance reaches $25. If you only complete four surveys a month, that could take around six months, but you would get your money eventually.

Some Final Thoughts On KnowledgePanel

KnowledgePanel was founded by two Stanford professors, and they offer their services in more than 100 nations.

This does not mean that you can participate from international locations, if you received an invitation for this panel,. However, if you are in the United States, check them out. It is a reliable way to earn a little extra money, since you will be paid. once you reach the minimum.

Those who are selected can join for free. If you receive an invitation, the email that you receive will contain a code, and that must be entered during registration. Unlike other panels, you will always qualify for the surveys that you are sent to you.

The site offers surveys on a wide selection of topics, so you won’t get bored, and the surveys don’t take too long, so you can earn a little extra cash in your spare time. This is a source of income that you can trust, and you can claim your rewards in the way that suits you best.

Star Rating 3/5-A reliable source of a small income if you do get an invitation. Participants are limited however to the U.S.

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Thanks for checking out my review of KnowledgePanel. I hope you found the article informative and has given you some valuable insight into how the KnowledgePanel platform works, and whether it could benefit you.

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