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LifeCoin App Review

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There are numerous Apps these days that reward you for maintaining your fitness. So many in fact that it is now a difficult making up your mind which is the best to use.

Because of this want to review as many of these Apps as possible so you can compare what each one offers so you can make a more informed decision.

The latest one we have come across is the LifeCoin App. In our in-depth review of this App we will be discovering how it works, how much you can earn from it, how it pays, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to sign up….So sit tight and let’s get started….

What Is The LifeCoin App?

LifeCoin is a fitness app that rewards its members based on how many steps they make outdoors while walking, hiking, or running.

The fitness app tracks your outdoor movement and converts your validated steps into a virtual currency’ called LifeCoin units. You can then exchange the coins for valuable rewards.

The app is ideal for you if you walk for long distances each day, or if you wish to get into a fitness program that entails extensive walking or running. It is important to note however that LifeCoin will not validate any steps taken indoors.

How does it work?

Firstly, you have to download and upload the LifeCoin app. The next step is to confirm your mobile phone number once the app opens. Basically, once you enter your number, you’ll get a text with a code, which you have to key in to confirm your number.

After the successful confirmation of your phone number, your app will be ready for use.

The app can be downloaded for free, but you can make additional pay if you wish to earn more LifeCoins. For instance, if you are to earn 10 LifeCoins per day, you’ll have to pay for the app’s premium membership, which goes for $39.99 U.S.D. You could also earn more through the app’s referral program.

How much can you earn from LifeCoin?

As mentioned earlier, the platform pays in the form of LifeCoin units. Each LifeCoin unit is worth 1000 validated outdoor steps. The number of LifeCoins you can earn depends on the movements you make in a day. Therefore, the more you walk, run, or hike, the higher the number of LifeCoins that you are likely to earn.

Apart from earning from your movement, you can also earn from referring your family and friends to the site. You’ll earn at least 5 LifeCoins for each friend or family member that you refer. However, they have to actually sign up, for you to earn the extra LifeCoins. Therefore, the more people you refer, the more rewards you’ll receive.

How does LifeCoin Pay?

LifeCoin does not pay you in conventional currency. Instead, they offer you redeemable points or credits in the units of the virtual LifeCoin’ currency.

These coins can be exchanged for various valuable prizes eventually. The rewards that you can get in exchange of your coins include gift cards, sporting items, discount codes, beauty items, and technological items such as headphones, watches, mobile phones and a lot more.

New items are always being added to the list of redeemable valuables. Therefore, you should keep on checking to see the latest array of redeemable prizes. The rewards may sometimes be limited in supply however, and they are often redeemed on a first-come-first-serve basis. As such, you should be quick to redeem your coins’ once they reach a redeemable level to get the best of items available.

What are the Pros of the LifeCoin App?

– It is free to join LifeCoin

– The App is easy to use

– You get paid for the outdoor steps that you make

– The app motivates you to have an active life and mindset

– The points you acquire can be redeemed for valuable items

– The platform automatically tracks the number of LifeCoins you earn

– The app keeps you focused on fitness, which is important to your health and well-being

– The app has a feature that allows you to track your referrals’ movement, and you can keep each other motivated by encouraging one another

– The app allows the transfer of coins to and from other users if you wish to make a quick prize redemption.

What are the Cons of the LifeCoin App?

-You can’t earn from indoor steps or movement on exercise equipment such as treadmills.

-The continued use of GPS while the app runs significantly reduces your phone’s battery life. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure your gadget is well charged before you start your walking or running.

Final Thoughts

By using Apps like LifeCoin your daily runs or walks into a money-making session, by simply signing up on this platform. Not only that, the site will motivate you into achieving your health goals, by increasing your level of fitness. The more movement you’ll make, the more you’ll earn in credits, and the fitter you’ll get.

Star Rating 2.5/5- The primary purpose of this app is to motivate you towards fitness. As with all similar Apps to LifeCoin, the Income potential is only low. You can earn more however by joining the premium membership and referring people.

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