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How Much Can You Earn With LifeCoin? A Review

LifeCoin App Review

Recently some of my readers have been asking me about the earning opportunities with The LifeCoin App

So I thought it was about time I took another look at it to see what it can offer it’s members, and have updated my review.

To help me I joined the app to see what the earning potential of the app currently is.

I’m based in the U.K, so your experience on the app may differ to mine. Please let me know in the comments below if your experience can add anything to this review.

Just in case you didn’t know, The LifeCoin App is designed to reward its members for being active outside.

You can accumulate LifeCoins that you can exchange for rewards for doing activities such as walking, running or hiking.

As well as reporting my own experiences using the app, in my review I will be discovering what other users are saying about LifeCoin, and I will be weighing up the likely pros and cons should you decide to join.

First however let’s find out a bit more.

What Is The LifeCoin App?

As mentioned above, the LifeCoin App is a fitness app that rewards its members based on how many steps they take.

The app tracks your outdoor movement and converts your validated steps into a virtual currency’ called LifeCoin units. You can then exchange the coins for rewards.

The app is ideal for you if you walk for long distances each day, or if you wish to get into a fitness program that entails extensive walking or running. It is important to note however that LifeCoin will not validate any steps taken indoors.

How does LifeCoin work?

Firstly, you have to download and upload the LifeCoin app. The app is available to iOS users at The App Store, although it no longer appears to be available at Google Play.

The next step is to confirm your mobile phone number once the app opens. Basically, once you enter your number, you’ll get a text with a code, which you have to key in to confirm your number.

After the successful confirmation of your phone number, your app will be ready for use.

The app can be downloaded for free, but you can pay if you wish to earn more LifeCoins.

Premium membership is designed to enhance your earning potential. It does this by allowing you to earn up to 10 LifeCoins per day (300 per month). The cost of paid membership in the U.K is £2.91 per month, billed at £34.99 yearly.

As a premium member you also get premium access to all of the top rated Azumio Apps.

How much can you earn from LifeCoin?

As mentioned earlier, the platform pays in the form of LifeCoin units.

Each LifeCoin unit is worth 1000 validated outdoor steps.

The number of LifeCoins you can earn depends on the movements you make in a day. Therefore, the more you walk, run, or hike, the higher the number of LifeCoins that you are likely to earn.

Apart from earning from your movement, you can also earn from referring your family and friends to the site. You’ll earn at least 5 LifeCoins for each friend or family member that you refer.

Lifecoin referrals

Earn extra at LifeCoin with referrals

However, they have to actually sign up, for you to earn the extra LifeCoins. Therefore, the more people you refer, the more rewards you’ll receive.

So what do you get for your LifeCoins?

On my LifeCoins dashboard I can see the following;

Numerous $50 Gift Cards (from companies such as Adidas EBay and Netflix) can be exchanged for 2500 LifeCoins. So that works out at 50,000 steps for $1.


Unfortunately all the gift cards that are on my dashboard are at this time out of stock.

There are also physical products as well which includes such things as an iPad , AiPods, and Apple Watch. They can be exchanged for between 12,500 and 25,000 LifeCoins. Some of these are in stock whereas others aren’t.

Unfortunately for me, living in the U.K, I cannot redeem any physical rewards as they are only available in the US.

This means that at the time of using this app, as a U.K resident, there are no rewards available to me.

LifeCoin Rewards

LifeCoin Rewards

LifeCoin Reviews From Real Users

The LifeCoin App is no longer available at Google Play, although the app has a score of 4.5/5 at The App Store.

There are many satisfied members reporting a positive experience using LifeCoin.

Some members however claim that it takes too long to get enough points for the bigger prizes.

Others complain ( like me) that there are limited redemption options, and certain prizes are out of stock. Some of my readers in the comments section below have also expressed frustration at not being able to redeem via PayPal, and that prizes are out of stock.

I would love to hear from more readers that have tried the LifeCoin App and want to share their experience. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

Is The LifeCoin App Legit?

Yes, The LifeCoin App is legit despite the complaints it has from some of its users.

The app has a record of paying it’s members for either getting fit or staying fit. However, recent complaints about the unavailability of prizes is a bit concerning for users who expect to receive a reward for their efforts.

Although LifeCoin is a legit app, it may not however be the best option for you.

To help you come to a decision as to whether LifeCoin may suit your fitness and reward goals, I have listed below what I consider to be the advantages and disadvantages of LifeCoin.

What are the Pros of the LifeCoin App?

– It is free to join LifeCoin

– The App is easy to use

– You get paid for the outdoor steps that you make

– The app motivates you to have an active life and mindset

– The points you acquire can be redeemed for gift items

– The platform automatically tracks the number of LifeCoins you earn

– The app keeps you focused on fitness, which is important to your health and well-being

– The app has a feature that allows you to track your referrals’ movement, and you can keep each other motivated by encouraging one another

– The app allows the transfer of coins to and from other users if you wish to make a quick prize redemption.

What are the Cons of the LifeCoin App?

-You can’t earn from indoor steps or movement on exercise equipment such as treadmills.

-The continued use of GPS while the app runs significantly reduces your phone’s battery life. Therefore, it is prudent to ensure your gadget is well charged before you start your walking or running.

-Limited redemption options (no PayPal option for instance) with some prizes being out of stock. Or in my experience all of the prizes out of stock.


Check Out How Much You Can Earn



Final Thoughts On The LifeCoin App

By using Apps like LifeCoin your daily runs or walks into a money-making session, by simply signing up on this platform.

Not only that, the site will motivate you into achieving your health goals, by increasing your level of fitness. The more movement you’ll make, the more you’ll earn in credits, and the fitter you’ll get.

Star Rating 2/5- The primary purpose of this app is to motivate you towards fitness. As with all similar Apps to LifeCoin however, the rewards are low. Addtionally, members (including my experience and some of my readers-see below) report not being able to redeem their points due to prizes being out of stock.You can earn more however by joining the premium membership and referring people. 

21 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With LifeCoin? A Review”

  1. Want to know the following please: Is there a minimum payout amount, Can I download the app from Google play, Is there not a option where you can payout in cash, Can I use paypal as a payment option, When I walk with my phone do I have always be connected to the internet ( it can use a lot of data), Is there no bonus amount that someone get when he/she joined. Is this platform worldwide, I am from South Africa. I wait for your reply. Thanks. Gerrie.

    1. Hi Gerrie,
      Thanks for reading my LifeCoin review.
      From here in The U.K you can redeem your LifeCoins when you have 2500 LifeCoins. This appears to be the lowest cash out.I can no longer see it on Google Play unfortunately. I could not see a PayPal option, only gift cards and physical products. You will need to have your GPS on to ensure you get rewarded for all your steps. This will of course drain your battery quicker so you need to ensure your phone is fully charged before walking. You can get 5 LifeCoins for referring friends to the app. I believe that the app is available globally, however like me you may not be able to get physical rewards.

      1. Forget all the pros in your review. The only pro is that it helps motivate you to accumulate steps each day. Azumo Lifecoin advertise the giftcard rewards but haven’t had ANY available in years. YES YEARS!

        1. Hi Jeff,
          I found the same in that there were no rewards available to me last time I checked. Where are you based? As I stated in my review the rewards only appeared to be available in the U.S. I have listed the pros based on the majority of reviews given by users. Based on my own experience I agree with you that it provides some motivation towards fitness, and little else. Thanks for sharing your experience.

          1. I have been a member since 2019 and have yet to even earn enough for rewards. Also I have never seen a reward available. They have been out of stock for at least 4 years.

    1. Hi Kemi,
      Please excuse my maths if this isn’t correct, but I think you would need to take about 5 million steps to earn $100, based on the exchange rate for the gift cards. Thanks for reading my review.

    1. Hi Peter,
      Sorry to hear about your problems with The LifeCoin App. I would contact the App directly about this if you haven’t done so already. You can contact them HERE
      Please let us know if you got a satisfactory response to your query. It’s always good to know if the apps are responsive to their member’s concerns.

  2. Hi Ray-Admin,
    I am very much interested to do a blog but don’t have ideas and am not at all tech-savvy….also not a very good communicator. will you please guide me for the same…

    Derek Murphy

  3. The premium app says that with it you can earn more LifeCoins for other healthy habits. So what does that mean? Can you earn more than 10 coins a day? Do you the other you can download also offer coins? Also it says “transfer”on the app. What does that mean? Can you transfer points to other people?

    1. Hi Alison,
      My understanding is that with Premium membership you cannot earn more than 10 coins per day as this is the cap that has been set.
      The transfer may refer to exchanging your coins for the available gifts (cash rewards are not available). Thanks for your interest in my review.

    1. Hi Barin,

      The Lifecoin App doesn’t pay cash to your PayPal account. Instead it offers gift cards and other prizes. I understand that you could redeem for a PayPal gift card if you wish. Thanks for reading our review.

      1. well, gift cards are always “out of stock”. I’ve had this application for almost two years and have never been able to purchase any of the “available” gift cards.

        1. Hi there,
          I’m not sure what is happening with this app. There are complaints from other users about rewards being out of stock, and them not being refreshed. Due to these complaint I have lowered the score I’ve given for the app. Thanks for sharing your experience and I’m sorry to hear about the problems you have encountered with The LifeCoin App.

  4. Excellent information on your blog, thank you for taking the time to share with us. Amazing insight you have on this, it’s nice to find a website that details so much information about different artists.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for reading our website, I’m pleased to hear that you find it informative. Check back when you can because we update regularly.

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