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How Much Can You Earn With LootUp? A Review

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HowMuch Can You Earn With LootUp?

LootUp is a GPT (Get Paid To) website that is designed to pay its members for carrying out various small tasks.

In my review today I will be finding out what the earning potential of the platform really is.

I will also be uncovering what other users are saying about it, and weighing up the likely pros and cons to help you decide if this GPT site could be worth it for you.

First however let’s get started by looking at how LootUp works.

How LootUp Works

LootUp is available via a free to sign up website and Android App that pays you for completing simple tasks.

All of the activities on the platform can be done from your mobile phone. For example, you could be asked to test a new game and you will be rewarded for the time that you spend playing that game.

The app is available to Android users, but an iOS version is not currently offered.

As long as you’re 18 or older, you can earn on this platform. It’s offered worldwide and you’ll get paid in cash.

To sign up, you’ll need to enter your email address and password. You can also use your Google or Facebook account credentials to save time while registering.

How You Can Earn from LootUp

You can earn from LootUp in a variety of ways. In fact, the array of earning options is one of the factors that attract users to the site.

For example, you can get points by completing surveys, doing offers, watching
videos, and inviting friends who want to earn online to join the site.

Watching Videos

HideoutTV is a source of many of the videos that you watch on LootUp.

Earn Rewards Watching Videos On LootUp

Videos At LootUp

Advertisements are displayed during these videos and that’s why you’re rewarded for watching the videos.

Your earnings from watching TV aren’t particularly high but it’s a quick way to pass the time and get rewards.

The videos cover different topics such as pets, music, and more.


Surveys are a popular earning option on LootUp. These vary in length and involve answering questions about a particular topic.

Surveys At LootUp

Surveys At LootUp

Many surveys are provided by market research teams that require feedback from
consumers on a particular product or service.

Earnings from surveys will be automatically added to your account after you complete the survey. To get as many survey invitations as possible, you should complete your profile.

Your profile will ask for information about your interests and even your income. Your profile will help to match you to surveys when these become available. In addition, you’ll receive 50 points for completing the questions.

Paid Offers

LootUp provides paid offers, which are some simple tasks that you can do to earn points, such as doing quizzes and trying out new apps.

You won’t find as many offers as on some Get Paid To (GPT) sites but there are still enough to add some variety to the tasks that are available. Offers pay between 70 and 1000 points.


While you earn points from completing offers, that’s not the only reason why you should try to do as many as you can.

LootUp has a leaderboard which displays the number of points that members have earned from doing offers.

Every week they give a bonus to the member who has earned the most points from doing these offers. In this contest, the winner gets 100,000 points per week.

LootUp also has a contest every month. This runs from the first of the month to the last day and the winner is the member who has earned the most points from offers during that time. The prize is a million points.

Spin The Wheel

Members who like games of chance such as spin the wheel can get a spin daily on this app. You’ll be able to do so once every 24 hours.

Spin The Wheel At LootUp

Spin The Wheel At LootUp

Your prize is calculated as a percentage of the points that you’ve earned over the
last 24 hours. For example, if you spin the wheel and you get a 50% bonus on 200 points, your prize would be 100 points.

Referral Program

LootUp has a referral program which gives you a bonus that’s based on the earnings of the people who you refer to the site.

So, if you invite someone to join the site and they do so through your link, you will get a bonus if they become active on the site.

You won’t get an upfront bonus just for signing someone up. Your referral bonus is 10% of each referral’s earnings if you have less than 500 referrals. So, for example, if all of your referrals earn 3,000 points in a day, you would get a bonus of 300 points for that day.

If your number of referrals increases to 500, your percentage bonus will also increase. Members with 500 or more referrals earn 15% of what their referrals earn.

How Much Can You Earn At LootUp?

Your earnings from LootUp will depend on your demographic. That is, you may be able to do certain surveys because of where you live, the type of work that you do or your age.

For example, you’ll receive between 1,000 and 2,000 points per survey. The payment per survey varies according to several factors but length is often an important consideration.

For example, a survey that takes around 10 minutes will pay 1,400 points on average.

Surveys are the best paying option on the platform but you’ll often get screened out. So, it’s a good idea to do as many of the other types of tasks as you can.

On average, you could expect to earn about a thousand points a week on the app. This will be equivalent to $1.

Always maximize bonus opportunities that are offered on the app. These include those mentioned earlier in this LootUp review, such as the bonus for completing your profile.

You should also try to reach the new-member target of 10,000 points within 29 days after you sign up. If you do that, you will get a bonus of 5,000 points so you’ll be able to earn $15 within your first 30 days on the app.


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How to Cash Out At LootUp

To collect your rewards, click the Redeem button located at the top of your screen. You can cash out on LootUp by using PayPal, Bitcoin, or gift cards.

If you’re cashing out via Bitcoin, the minimum payment threshold is $5 or 5,000 points.

If you cash out your Bitcoin to BitPay, you’ll be charged a fee of 1%.

If you would like a PayPal transfer or to receive your earnings in the form of a gift card, the minimum for payout is just $1 or 1,000 points. You won’t be charged a fee for these transfers.

Although it is an international site, payment options differ slightly from one region to the other. For example, the gift cards that are available in one country may not be available in another because the respective stores might not do business there.

What Real Users are Saying About LootUp

Real users say LootUp is a good place to earn extra income. They enjoy the surveys. Most haven’t had any problems with redeeming their rewards and they like the low minimum threshold for payment.

Members say that they receive their payments very quickly. If they have any queries, they usually receive excellent customer support.

Users like the variety of options that they have available for earning. For example, some like to watch TV, while others will spend a few minutes playing games and earn from that.

Some members complain about technical issues with the app, and others say their account has been suspended despite the member saying they haven’t done anything wrong.  It’s impossible to say who is right or wrong in individual cases,  but remember to check the terms and conditions of the app before proceeding to use it.

Have you tried LootUp? If so and you want to share your experience, please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of LootUp?

  • LootUp is an international site, so you can earn money online whether you’re in the United Kingdom, Ghana, or the United States.
  • You can participate in the activities whenever you have free time and you aren’t compelled to do a certain number of activities each month.
  • LootUp pays in cash. You’ll also be able to receive your payment quickly because you’ll get it via PayPal.
  • There are also other payment options for people who don’t have a PayPal account or don’t wish to receive their awards as cash. For example, you can choose gift cards.

What Are The Cons Of LootUp?

  • LootUp does not have an IOS app.
  • You’ll sometimes spend time on screening questions for surveys and find that you don’t qualify.
  • Since LootUp is a survey site, you’ll be asked a few personal questions. For example, you’ll be asked whether you’re married or single. This information helps them to match you to surveys but some prospective members might be uncomfortable with that. You’re required to read and consent to the privacy policy as a condition of registration.
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Some Final Thoughts On LootUp

In this LootUp review you’ve learned that you can earn extra cash on the site by watching TV, sharing your opinions, participating in offers, and referring others to the platform.

They also have a good referral program, and if you know lots of people who would like to earn extra online, you could use this as a passive source of income.

Remember to check the terms and conditions however to avoid disappointment.

Star Rating 2.5/5-Not a bad GPT site, and is available worldwide. Cash out is low too so you can get to your cash quickly.

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Thanks for checking out my review today, I hope you found it informative and gave you some insight into how LootUp works, and if it could benefit you.

I have reviewed hundreds of similar platforms and written many other articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE


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