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How Much Can You Earn With Microworkers? A Review

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How much can you earn with microworkers

Thanks for joining me today for my MicroWorkers review.

This Microworkers review will explain how this versatile platform can help you to earn cash by doing a
wide range of tasks.

If you’re looking for a mobile work from home opportunity, you’ve probably wondered whether this is a legitimate site.

This review will answer that question and investigate how much you are likely to earn as a member of the site. You’ll also learn what users think of this crowdsourcing platform.

Is Microworkers a Legitimate Site?

Yes, Microworkers is a legit. They use an established business model which is similar to that of competitors such as Amazon Mechanical Turk in that they reward workers for doing short tasks.

Quite often a task that a member completes is a part of a bigger job. That large job is subdivided so that many people can work on it simultaneously. This means that a task will be completed more quickly.

Since this is a proven business model, revenue is consistently generated by the site. So, they always have funds available to pay people who spend their time completing these tasks.

There aren’t any complaints about Microworkers not paying their members or delaying payments for much longer than they stated as their range, so these are very strong indicators of a legitimate site.

However, it’s important to note that this platform doesn’t send PayPal payments to you as quickly as many others. So, you’re unlikely to get your payment within a few days after requesting it. In fact, most of the time you’ll have to wait for a few weeks to receive your first PayPal transfer.

Microworkers uses several systems to verify employers and workers. These systems introduce delays into their processes. For example, they mail out a PIN number to your address. This also shows that they are ensuring that they know who they’re doing business with, for IRS transparency.

Your PIN number is sent to you after you’ve made your request for payment. So, you could be on the platform for as long as four months before you receive your first payment.

After you request your payment you’ll get a message in your account saying that your PIN has been sent to you.

You’ll usually receive your PIN within two weeks of getting that message. After that, you’ll have to enter the PIN on your Microworkers account in order to complete the process of requesting your PayPal transfer.

Another indication of legitimacy is that this crowdsourcing platform has been in business for several years.

During this time they have partnered with clients who have a wide range of tasks that need to be done. This means that it’s very likely that you’ll find an activity that interests you.

Microworkers also make sure it’s easy for you to find information on your account.

For example, you can quickly check your balance at any point without needing to contact customer service. This way, you can ensure that you are properly credited for the work that you’ve done.

The platform is robust. So, although many people from around the world access it at the same time, it doesn’t crash or have other technical problems frequently. You can comfortably complete any activity, knowing that you won’t experience frustrating glitches.

Although Microworkers is a legitimate platform, you’ll still need to be careful when you’re using the site. Anyone can become an employer on this platform.

Although employers do need to verify their phone number, every now and then an employer will misuse the platform. So, you should always review jobs carefully before starting them. Always avoid anything that looks suspicious or makes you uncomfortable.

You should not ever need to share any of your personal details with an employer.

How You Can Earn From Microworkers

You can earn on Microworkers by doing a wide range of tasks. Most of these take less than five minutes. However, they don’t all pay the same amount.

You might want to choose something that interests you. For example if you like social media, you could earn by viewing a website.

Microworkers gives a bonus as soon as you sign up. So, you’re encouraged to keep working towards your first payment. This bonus of $1 will be added to your account automatically when you register.

Many of the jobs on this platform are related to data. They involve tasks that are better done by a human than by using artificial intelligence.

You might find that you have to do the same type of task several times. This type of work requires attention to detail.

Some jobs will ask you to complete annotation of images.

In this case, you would draw a rectangular boundary around the image and apply an annotation.

So, you could be asked to categorize data or tag images and all the forms of data. You can also be asked to match data. For example, you could be asked to match reports to sales invoices for a particular company.

The site is also used for sentiment analysis. So you might be asked how you feel about a particular topic. You could be asked for this type of feedback in several ways.

However, one of the most popular methods is by using their evaluation of emotions template. This collects information on the feelings that you have when you see the images of a particular company.

If a company wants to learn more about how consumers respond to a product or packaging, they can do that
by using this platform. In fact, it’s often used to evaluate different types of business content.

So, you might be asked to indicate which version of a site or a particular type of packaging you like. This however is not limited to to visuals. You could for example be asked which version of a meta description you like. This would be used for search engine optimization purposes.
You might even find surveys on this site. So if you enjoy sharing your opinions, this is a place to do it and get paid. Several organizations use this platform for research studies.

When you want to participate in a survey, you won’t find the questionnaire directly on the Microworkers platform. Instead, you’ll click on a link that will take you to the survey which will be hosted on the third party’s site.

Developers also test applications on the site. In this case, you’ll need to use an application for a specific time.

You’ll be asked to give your feedback on the application. When you do this it’s important to take note of the details that you have to observe when you’re doing tasks such as this.

Developers need to get exactly what they ask for to improve their products. If you don’t give the type of feedback that they require, you might be given a lower rating for the task or it might take a long time for your work to be approved so that you can be paid.

Always read the description of the task carefully and make sure you understand what it’s asking before you start the task.

You could also earn by liking or commenting on a YouTube video. Each of these might pay at different rates. None of these tasks requires a great deal of experience. You just need to be familiar with YouTube’s platform and know how to navigate it.

This type of task might also be more relaxing than some of the other activities that you’ll find on this site.

For example, you could also earn by writing a short article. However, that would often require a greater investment of your time. You would also need to have experience to do this type of work.

Some of the time some tasks will be things that you’re familiar with.

However, sometimes you might be asked to complete an activity that’s new to you. As such, you might be hesitant about trying it.

The platform has a helpful feature that makes it easier for you to overcome your hesitation about your ability to complete the task.

They show you how many other workers have been able to complete that type of job successfully. This information is given as a proportion. So you’ll know your probability of successfully completing the task.

How Much Can You Earn With Microworkers?

Microworkers pays based on the type of task that you select. So, your earning potential depends on both the time that you have available and the type of task that you prefer to do.

For example, liking a video will usually pay less than testing an application.

Microworkers members have a higher earning potential than members of many other sites. The rate of payment for each task on this site is much higher than the rate that you’ll find on many other similar sites.

This means that by working on Microworkers instead of on one of their competitors, you’ll maximize your time. Even if you only have 10 minutes to spare you could easily make a dollar in that time.

Social media tasks are short and sometimes pay fairly well for the amount of time that you put in. For example, if you watch a YouTube video and favorite it, you could earn $0.30 or more. So, if you watched  five videos in a day, you would earn $1.50 just from doing that.

If you wrote a short article on this site, you would earn between $1 and $2. Similarly if you did a survey, you would earn up to $2.

Unfortunately, you want find a lot of social media tasks on the site at any time of day, every day. This platform only has a few hundred jobs posted each day. This is far less than their main competitor. So, the number of tasks available to you is relatively low.

Based on our research the average member would probably take about a month to earn $10 on this site.

Microworkers Reviews

Overall, Microworkers members are pleased with the flexibility of the site. They like the variety of options
for international workers for doing tasks on the site.

They like the payment methods that are available on this side and the cash with which they are paid.

Many also like the rate of payments on this platform when compared to other similar platforms. However, users don’t like the limited work opportunities on the site. They say that sometimes it’s hard to find enough
jobs to do when they have free time.

Members use this site as a side gig, but some complain that they can’t be assured that work will be available when they want it.

Nonetheless, members like doing work in their spare time.

They like being able to choose when they want to work and how long they work for. If they only have five minutes to spare, they can usually find a short task that they can complete in that time.

If they have a few more minutes they can also do a selection of activities from different categories within that time, even if they’re residents of countries where Spanish or other languages are the main language.

People who speak other languages find the site useful. They can do tasks that ask them to check if a translation is correct or incorrect.

They don’t have to do the translation themselves and this saves time. However, if a translation is incorrect they can easily write the revised version in the template provided. They find it easy to use templates such as these on the platform.

Have you tried Microworkers and want to share your experience? I’m looking for members with recent experience of the site, so please leave a comment in the comments section below and let us know what you thought about Microworkers.

What Are The Pros Of Microworkers?

  • Microworkers makes it easy for you to earn. As soon as you join the site you’ll get a free bonus. You won’t
    have to remember to request this welcome bonus since it’s added to your account as long as you’re a new
  • Microworkers pays you in cash for the tasks that you complete. Additionally, they pay via PayPal. This
    makes it easy for you to receive your payments in many different countries.
  • Microworkers pays a lot better than many of its competitors. In some cases, you can earn at least 20 times
    what you’ll be paid for a task on another site.
  • This platform is very flexible in terms of the type of task that you can pick. You’re never required to do a
    specific number of tasks in any particular category. If you decide to complete 20 of the same type of task
    you will be able to earn. However, if you get bored easily, you can freely switch to a different category of
  • This is an international work from home opportunity. It’s not just limited to people who are in the United
    States or Canada. Additionally, this is a remote working opportunity. So, you can do it from home or while
    you’re taking a break from other scheduled activities.
  • It’s easy to access the platform on your mobile device, so you can earn on the go. Your earnings for each
    task are added to your account automatically, so there’s no need to submit an advice at the end of each

What Are The Cons Of Microworkers?

  • You’ll need a PayPal account to receive your payment on this site. They don’t do direct transfers into your
    bank account.
  • If you’ve been looking for ways to earn cash online, you’re probably interested in having quick access to lots of jobs at any time. Unfortunately this is one area in which Microworkers could improve. At any time, there
    may only be hundreds of jobs available and lots of other crowd workers who want to complete those jobs.
  • This platform is used by companies that require a human being . That’s because it will be difficult for a
    machine to do some of these tasks.  That can mean that sometimes the tasks will be stressful for a person.
    For example, you might be asked to transcribe an unreadable postcard. That can be a little difficult.
  • Each employer (requester) will have to verify the task before you’ll be paid for it. This isn’t a problem if the
    requester is someone who verifies tasks fairly quickly. However some can take several days and this
    introduces delays into the process.
  • The minimum threshold for payments on this site could be better. Many of the tasks on this platform pay less than $0.50. So, in order to reach the minimum threshold of $10 you will have to do quite a few tasks.
    In addition to that, it can take a long time to reach the minimum threshold because a lot of work isn’t always available on the site. So, even with the help that you get from the bonus, getting paid could take a while.


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Some Final Thoughts On Microworkers

If you’ve been thinking of joining Microworkers, then legit opportunities like this one can be worth your time. You could be asked to do simple but fun tasks such as visiting and rating a landing page or watching a YouTube video.

You could also be asked to test an app and provide feedback or tag an image descriptively to help increase its search engine ranking. You’re always free to choose the type of task that you would like to do.

They pay their team members on time and tasks are relatively easy to complete. You can join without having a lot of experience with working online.

You’ll receive a bonus for joining and your minimum for pay out is fairly low. They pay via PayPal so you can either shop with your earnings or use your cash to pay a small bill.

Star Rating 3/5-Microworkers is a legit site that pays its members. The Income potential however is  low, although it can be increased by ensuring you perform the tasks accurately and efficiently.  Lack of opportunities however could be a problem.

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