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How Much Can You Earn With Nicequest?-A Review

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Newsquest app review

If you like the idea of getting free gifts by spending a few minutes of your time
giving your opinion, then The Nicequest App could be one to consider.

However, I will be finding out what the earning potential of this platform is to help you decide.

In my review today I will be signing up and taking an inside look, weighing up the pros and cons,  and you’ll be learning about the experiences that panelists have had when they’ve shared their opinions.

First however let’s get started by finding out more about Nicequest.

Is Nicequest Legit?

Yes, Nicequest is legit. It is owned by market research company Netquest.

Nicequest was founded in 2005 and holds claim to nearly 2 million members spread across five continents.

However, just because a survey site is legit, it doesn’t mean it is the best choice for you. Let’s take a closer look at the platfor

How the NiceQuest App Works

The NiceQuest App is a platform that lets people earn by completing surveys.

You can join from several regions including the United States and the United Kingdom. Older teenagers are also allowed to earn on this app.

You can install the app on either your Android or iOS device and the download is free.

Once you’ve verified your account via your email account you will be rewarded 5 Korus which is the App’s currency. (I will explain later how many Korus you will need to claim various rewards).

After you register you will be invited to complete an ‘about me’ survey to let the app know more about you so they can provide you with suitable surveys.

About me survey invitation Nicequest

My ‘about me’ survey invitation.

This initial survey is very brief and helps the app determine your demographic. Once completed I was awarded with 10 Korus.

Survey Reward NiceQuest

My Survey Reward

You’ll automatically earn points whenever you participate in an activity or survey and you’ll see these reflected in your balance as soon as you finish a task.

As stated, these points are called Korus. Your Korus will be stored in your account until you reach the minimum threshold required a reward that you choose.

When you reach that minimum you can click the Redeem tab in order to get the rewards that you prefer. (More about the cash out sum later in the review).

You can select from a number of options such as Gift Cards or other physical gifts. However, the type of reward that’s available to you will depend on your country of residence.

How You Can Earn from the NiceQuest App

You can earn from the NiceQuest app by doing surveys

There may be additional earning opportunities available apart from surveys in the region you live. Here in The U.K I can only see surveys on my dashboard. Some members from other regions report additional opportunities such as sweepstake entries and small tasks.

A major plus of doing surveys on this app is that even if you’re disqualified or screened out, you’ll still get a few points as compensation for the time that you spent answering the screening questions.

How Much You Can Earn from the NiceQuest App?

You should be able to earn about five points every 15 minutes on this app. That means for an hour of work, you would earn 20 points or 20 Korus.

However, that does assume you always have a ready supply of surveys, and you qualify for the majority of the surveys you take. After 3 days of being a member of Newsquest I am yet to get my first survey after completing my initial ‘About me’ survey.

Also, surveys (As reported by some members) can sometimes take longer than estimated. So, if you’re to earn five Korus for a 15 minutes survey and that takes you 45 minutes, you would still only earn five Korus for the time that you’ve spent.

Your earnings will vary depending on the type of task that you’re doing and the type of survey that you’re doing. If you’re a panelist who only does surveys and you do three per month it could take you around 6 months to earn £8.

All of the earnings quoted in this review apply to various surveys that members have had available to them. So, you could just as easily be paid 60 Korus for 15 minutes or 15 Korus for a task that takes the same amount of time.

You’ll always be told what your potential earnings are before you start a task so you can decide whether it’s worth your time.

If you’re doing a survey that’s one hour long, you could receive around 250 Korus.

Most members who have been on the app for years say that the number of surveys that they receive fluctuates. However, at times when the app is busy they can receive between 10 and 15 surveys per week.

How Can You Redeem Your Korus For Rewards?

You can redeem your Korus for gift cards in the Store, or for printables. (or at least that is what is available to me here in the U.K)

Gift cards on The NiceQuest App

Gift card rewards on my dashboard


The gift cards come in various denominations, and the amount of Korus you have will buy you cards of varying values depending on the gift card you choose.You can also give your Korus to charity by clicking on the Donations section of the app.

The gift cards come in various denominations, and the amount of Korus you have is worth either slightly more or less depending on the gift card you choose. Approximately 500 Korus gets you about £25 worth of gift card.

I can also use my Korus to buy a printable. These all appear to be priced at 10 Korus on my dashboard.

Printable at NiceQuest

Printable Gifts

The gifts available to you will also vary depending on where you are from. It’s my understanding that I can’t get any physical products shipped to me due to Brexit restrictions.

What Real NiceQuest Users Think

Some NiceQuest users don’t like using the app because they aren’t earning enough from the surveys.

Unlike other survey apps, where they may go a few minutes over the time estimated for a survey, they find that it sometimes takes three times the estimated time to finish a survey on this app. For example, a survey that should take eight minutes may take 45 minutes instead.

In the past, members have sometimes had issues when they try to request a withdrawal by clicking the Redeem button. When they do that, very may get an error message saying that they’re not connected to the internet although they are. In this case they’ve had to contact customer service in order to have the problem addressed so that they could receive their rewards.

Members sometimes have problems communicating with the customer support team about various problems that they have. It may take repeated requests for them to receive an answer from the team.

NiceQuest members don’t always like the gift selections that are provided. Many prefer gift cards, but gift cards are provided only in some countries but not others. Members in the United States often seem to experience a shortage.

Members report that they have gifts for adults and children. For example, adults can select cosmetics or electronic devices. If you are working towards a gift for your child however, you could select a Lego set, roller skates or even a bicycle.

It usually takes between 15 and 40 days for your physical gifts to be shipped to the address that you provided on your account.

What Are The Pros Of The NiceQuest App?

  • This is an international work from home opportunity. It also has surveys available to members who speak languages other than English. Support is also available in languages such as Spanish.
  • You can receive payment for your work in the form of gift cards or merchandise. The gift cards are from popular retailers like Amazon. You can select gift cards in several denominations and currencies.
  • If you aren’t really interested in gifts and merchandise, the app also makes it possible for you to donate to your favorite charity. All the options for donation are registered charities such as UNICEF.

What Are The Cons Of The NiceQuest App?

  • This app has a lower rating than others in its category. A number of users have experienced problems while completing surveys. These are different from the common issues on survey sites like being screened before you can finish a survey.
  • The NiceQuest app offers gift cards and merchandise as rewards. However, some members aren’t able to receive the gift cards that they would like because those are out of stock. The app doesn’t always have a good selection of merchandise.
  • Whilst testing this app I found that I had no surveys to complete immediately, or within a few days after joining. Other members report a lack of surveys as a problem too.

Some Final Thoughts On The NiceQuest App

In this NiceQuest App review you’ve learned that you can earn from the app by doing surveys and other tasks.

You’ve also learned that tasks on this app are available in both English and Spanish. Your experience on this app will vary according to where you live, since some members receive more surveys and a broader range of activities than others. This helps them to earn more points weekly and reach
pay more quickly.

The type of prizes that you can select will also vary according to your location and after spending your time on activities you might find that you can’t get gift cards that were advertised.

If you would like a chance to win prizes and sweepstakes, collect physical gifts such as bicycles for your children or collect gift cards for yourself, you could give this app a try to see if those options are available to you.

However, keep in mind that sometimes it may take several attempts before you can request your transfer and you might require the assistance of their customer service team to do so.

Star Rating 2/5-My experience of using this app wasn’t good as I had no surveys to do. However my demographic may not be what the apps clients are looking for. You may have better luck.

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Thanks for checking out my review of the Newsquest app. I hope you found it helpful and gave you some insight into what you may expect should you decide to join.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

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