How Much Can You Earn With OnePoll Surveys? A Review

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OnePoll Surveys Review

Welcome and thanks for joining us for our review of OnePoll.

Today in our review we will be covering all you need to know about the OnePoll platform, including how you sign up, how you can earn rewards, and the likely pros and cons.

It can be difficult deciding which survey site to join as there are so many to choose from.

However, after reading our review you will hopefully be able to make a more informed decision about whether OnePoll is the right one for you…so sit tight and let’s get started….

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About OnePoll

OnePoll is a survey site that is free to join pays you to give your opinion in surveys that are available on the site.

It is a British-based market survey organization which works as a division of South West News Service which is the Britain’s largest independent press agency. It has its offices in Filton, Bristol.

The surveys company was initially created to host PR surveys across the UK. It has expanded beyond the UK and takes membership from around the world.

OnePoll is free to join and doesn’t claim you can make thousands of dollars simply by taking surveys, so this marks it out as being a legitimate survey site.

The reality is that survey sites will only earn you a small side income.

Signing up for surveys with OnePoll

One downside regarding this site is that you will be required to fill several pages of personal information when signing up.

It is a pain having to do this, however it is meant to help them know you better and enable them to give you relevant survey based on your biodata.

An upside however is that you get a £2.50 bonus for signing up.

Unlike many other survey sites, OnePoll will not let you know when there are open survey opportunities on the site.

You have to log in and look if there are surveys present on the site. Upon joining the survey, you will get a list of surveys that you can fill in order to make some money.

Go through the list to see what surveys are available to you. From the list, you can do the first mini survey.

Despite the title “mini survey,” it may take you about 10 minutes to complete any one of them. What is a little disappointing is that the average pay is around 20p


You are most likely going to get a few surveys available when you log in. The average time it takes to complete them is about five to ten minutes. The pay is about 5p to 10p for each survey.

Many of these survey questions are appropriate for everyone. However, you will find very specific ones such as “Answer these questions if you are a man”. “Answer these if you have a child under the age of five.”

Not all the surveys earn you cash. Some surveys give you entry into a draw for Amazon vouchers.

The chances of winning in a draw are obviously very low. These surveys are not really worth your time. Otherwise, most of the questions on the site are easy to answer, and some give you room to give more views of the area you are asked.

Onepoll is available as either an iPhone App at the App Store or android App at GooglePlay, so you can earn whilst you’re in the go.

Rewards At OnePoll

As discussed above, the average payout for most surveys is about 10p which is quite low.

Disappointingly you cannot withdraw your earned cash until it hits £40. Once you hit this amount, the money will be wired into your account using BACs.

For international members, the amount can be sent using PayPal which is a plus.

If you choose questions that do not pay directly but pay through contests; you stand to win between £100 and £1,000.

These winnings are usually paid in the form of Amazon gift cards or cash prizes. These questions are clearly marked as not paying so that you make a choice.

OnePoll Referrals

You can also earn by referring your friends and family to join OnePoll. Here are the earnings that you get from referrals:

• You earn 50p once someone you referred signs up on the site and completes a survey.
• You earn £1 when someone that you referred earns £20
• You earn £2.50 when someone who registered under you earns £40

Unfortunately however, you are limited to 15 referrals. So unless your referrals are active in the site, this isn’t likely to increase your earnings by much.

Once you get paid, it takes 28 days to receive your cash which seems a bit long. If you go for the check option, you are required to give a physical address.

Is OnePoll a good opportunity to make cash?

OnePoll is a legit site for taking surveys. The website gives you the contact information as well as the physical location of the company. However, there are a vast number of complaints from the users.

Very low pay

The pay for taking part in surveys is ridiculously low. The 5p to 20p per survey is going to take ages before you build up anything significant.

Ridiculous conditions

The conditions put by the site makes even harder to get good cash and get your cash on time. First, you cannot withdraw your cash until it reaches £40. Given the payout for each survey, it may take more than a year to reach this amount.

There are complaints that the company stops sending you surveys when you get near the payout amount.

While it cannot be said to be true, this complaint has surfaced on the internet with a lot of members claiming it to be true. In fact, many people leave the site before they reach the threshold due to the length of time it takes to get a reward.

Even in case you actually reach the payout amount, it will take another month to get your cash.

This does not make sense in this day and age. Besides, you can only invite up to ten friends under your name. This caps the amount of money that you can make from the site.

There are also those surveys that reward you with entries to contests. However, just like any other contest, your chances of winning are too low. Therefore, you may be actually giving free opinions when you take these surveys.

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Verdict on OnePoll

OnePoll is a legit site but is far from ideal. The £40 cash out is very high in comparison to other survey sites, and the surveys don’t pay very much.

The many complaints from members about surveys drying up is also difficult to ignore, despite it being impossible to be conclusive about it.

There are also members who say they are very happy with the site and have been paid.

I hope this OnePoll Review has made up your mind as to whether it is worth your time.

Let me know if you have experience with this survey site and would like to share it, it would be great to hear from you.

Star Rating 2/5- A legit survey platform however the complaints are too numerous to ignore.

2 Star Rating

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