How Much Can You Earn With Opini? A Review

Opini Review

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Welcome to our review of Opini. In our review today we will be discovering, amongst other things, how much you are likely to earn as a member of the Opini platform.

We will be finding out if you really can profit from sharing your opinions using this website. You can either sign up via their website, or you can go to their app which can be downloaded from either the App Store for iPhone users, or through Google Play for Android.

How Opini Works

Opini lets you open an account in minutes and there is no charge for doing so. You do not have to pay any monthly fees to participate in the panel. It is open to members from several countries, including the U.S.A., Malaysia, Canada, and Australia.

As with all survey panels, the information you add to your profile is important. It helps to determine which surveys you will be invited to and how much you will earn. You will be asked to indicate the number of surveys that you can do each week.

Once you become a member of Opini, you will be sent surveys in your email. You may also be invited to participate in surveys over the phone at a time that is convenient to you. Focus groups can provide you with extra income when they are available.

How Much Can You Earn With Opini?

You can earn via email surveys, focus groups and phone surveys, all of which pay differently. Each survey varies in length and you are paid more for completing longer surveys or participation in product testing that takes more time.

You are told directly how much you will earn in real cash before you start each survey. There are no points to convert to dollars. Each survey usually pays between $0.25 and $5. Members are paid with real cash, which is sent directly to their PayPal account. You can also ask for a gift card.

A 9 minute survey would pay around $0.48, while completing a 16 to 18 minute survey would add $1.04 to your account. Members may be entered in prize draws which are held every now and then.

The minimum for cashing out depends on the method that you are using. A resident of the United States who wants their earnings via an Amazon gift card, will need a balance of at least $10. They need $12.50 to make a withdrawal by using PayPal. A fee of 2% is applied to PayPal transfers, so you will receive a little less than your earnings.

The maximum number of surveys you can expect to receive per month is seven, so your earnings from that activity can be $15 a month. Focus groups pay more, so if you were invited to one each month you could earn about $37 monthly.

Sometimes you may be unable to complete surveys due to time restrictions on your part. You are never required to complete surveys, and can even do one a month if you wish. Your earnings would still accumulate in your account and you could request a withdrawal whenever you are ready.

What Are The Pros?

  • Opini membership is not just limited to the United States. If you are in  New Zealand, Hong Kong, and several other countries, you can also join.
  • Everyone has several options available for payment. You can even choose gift cards from Steam, Amazon, and leading home and hardware stores. PayPal is offered as an option so you can withdraw your money directly to your bank account from that platform.
  • Some survey sites take a while to send your money, even taking months in some cases. Opini regularly credits the accounts of panelists in just hours after a request is made.
  • This platform has a minimum age requirement of 16 and over, so you can encourage younger members of your community to join.

What Are The Cons?

  • Opini offers lots of rewards, but those sometimes vary according to your country.
  • You have to take a screening test before you start a survey. In some cases, you may not be qualified for the survey.

Some Final Thoughts

Opini is one of the few survey sites that directly states how much you can earn before you even register for an account. They have several options for the studies that you are asked to participate in, and you can do many of them via the app or through a link in your email.

The platform can also be used in either iOS or Android, and you can participate in several countries, including Asia.

Opini has a good reputation for paying its members. Once you request a payment, your cash is sent to you.

Have you used Opini? What was your experience? If you want to share what you thought about this survey platform please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3/5- A good survey platform that has an app for both iPhone and android users. It also has several payout options. 

3 Star Rating

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