How Much Can You Earn With Opinion City?- A Review

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Opinion City Review

Thanks for checking out my Opinion City Review.

Opinion City is an online platform designed to reward its members for sharing their opinion.

Sharing your opinions with market research companies can be rewarding, and our Opinion City Review will show you how to maximize your earnings with this platform.

The Opinion City Platform is a survey aggregator, meaning that they show a collection of survey options that you can use to earn cash. The main benefit of this platform is that it helps you to save time.

How Opinion City Works

Opinion City is a survey aggregator, so they are not affiliated with just one market research company. They give you access to surveys from several sites, so they operate in a similar way to an insurance broker or a travel aggregator.

You sign up with your email and answer basic questions, and then you are taken to another section where you are shown a lot of survey sites. They may also display a counter that describes how many places remain on popular survey sites.

That is a bit misleading since the sites they show don’t have a limit on spots, and are always accepting new members who fit their target demographic.

How Much Can You Earn With Opinion City?

Opinion City provides links to several survey panels and you can sign up for the ones that offer legitimate cash rewards. The amount that each one pays for completing surveys varies, but on average, you can expect to get $5 for a survey that takes 20 minutes.

If you sign up for 20 good panels that regularly send out surveys that you are qualified for, you could expect to complete one per week from each. Your total weekly earnings would be about $100. To do that however would take a lot of commitment and time.

Since the payment methods differ, you could expect to get your cash daily in some cases, while in other cases you could get paid weekly, or when you reach the minimum.

Most sites pay by PayPal. Since this survey aggregator makes it easy to find sites that meet specific requirements, you could only sign up for the ones that use your preferred method of payment.

It may be tempting to sign up for all the sites you see, but not all of them are worth your time. Some platforms will be thorough, and only send opportunities that match your profile. Look for those, and try to answer surveys regularly from them. Also look for the ones that have a history of paying regularly.

What Are The Pros?

  • This platform makes it easy to find survey sites that suit your requirements. You can stay in one place and find sites that pay weekly, or by a specific date. If you are looking for sites that accept Canadians, or pay via
    gift cards, you can select those from the list.
  • Opinion City has a section for rebate sites. If you are interested in getting cash back on your purchases, they make it easy to find a lot of options. You can sign up for the rebate sites from there.
  • People who want to make money from surveys are often interested in international platforms. This portal has several sites in its collection that accept participants from outside the United States, so you can find a few that provide extra income.

What Are The Cons?

  • Opinion City has a mix of survey sites, and while some are legitimate, others have had problems with missed payments. Some of the sites ask for your credit card information or request payment before they give information on surveys. Legitimate survey sites do not usually ask for payment.
  • The site lists several work from home opportunities. Most of these require an investment of your money and you are not guaranteed any type of return in terms of valuable information or earning opportunities. Approach this section of the site with extreme caution.

Some Final Thoughts

Opinion City is an option for people who prefer to save time by using a survey aggregator. They list several of the popular survey sites and you can quickly decide which ones seem interesting to you.

The site is also helpful for consumers who want to earn money on their purchases. You can save time with their collection of rebate sites. Their sites that give you cash from your purchases are legitimate.

While this site can help you to save time, you should use caution when signing up for the sites. Some have a bad track record when it comes to payment, and a few may even ask you to pay them for information.

Many legitimate survey opportunities are out there that provide great opportunities without requesting your credit card information.

Star Rating 2/5-You can get links to lots of survey sites via this platform however we don’t recommend it unless you be very cautious about which survey platforms you sign up to. You shouldn’t pay to sign up to any survey platform.

2 Star Rating

My Number 1 Recommended Platform

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