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How Much Can You Earn With Opinion OutPost?

How much can you earn with Opinion outpost

Thanks for checking out my review of Opinion Outpost.

In my review today I will be finding out what opportunities are offered on the Opinion Outpost platform to help you decide if it’s worth trying out for yourself.

With so many sites claiming to offer internet users money-making opportunities, it can be challenging to differentiate legit websites from scams. Be that as it may, it is still possible to find great platforms through which you can make a reasonable income online.

What Is Opinion Outpost, and how does it Work?

Opinion Outpost is an American-based paid survey site which offers its users the opportunity to earn cash rewards by participating in surveys.

Every time you complete a survey on the platform you earn a certain number of reward points which can then be redeemed for cash, gift cards, and other rewards.

Opinion Outpost essentially connects companies with their customers by allowing brands to find out the opinions of their customers.

Users are, in turn, compensated through reward points for their valuable opinions. Typically, users are notified via email whenever a new survey is uploaded.

How do you get started on Opinion Outpost?

In order to begin completing surveys and earning cash rewards on Opinion Outpost, you will need to register on the website.

Fortunately, the process of signing up is very simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

You will be required to fill an online sign-up form by providing personal details, including your name, email address, and password. Alternatively, you can sign into the site using your social media accounts such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Next, you will proceed to complete a questionnaire. This is essential as it helps to determine the demographic in which you fall under. Make sure you provide accurate information since the data will be used to allocate surveys which you are most suited for.

Once you complete this step, a welcome survey will be provided for you to fill out. You will receive 5 points (the equivalent of $0.50) once you complete this beginners survey.

After completing the sign-up process you can begin filling full-length surveys on the site.

You don’t need to be logged in every time in order to find surveys to complete since the website notifies you through email whenever a survey you qualify for is uploaded.

Apart from completing surveys for companies, Opinion Outpost allows you to earn extra cash whenever you refer a friend. For every referral that joins the platform using your link, you will be awarded a bonus of 5 points.

This can go a long way in boosting your earnings on the site. You should therefore take advantage of this feature and share your referral link on your social media pages.

How much can You Earn on Opinion Outpost?

Your earnings on Opinion Outpost entirely depend on how dedicated you are and the number of surveys you complete. A typical 5-minute survey usually pays about 5 Opinion Points.

The exchange rate for reward points on the site is 10 cents for every point. This means that if you fill out surveys for one hour on the site, you can earn up to 60 points or the equivalent of $6. For higher paying surveys, you can make up to $12 per hour.

Once your account attains 30 points ($3), you are allowed to request a payout. You can redeem your Opinion Points for various rewards, including PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, and direct bank deposit. It usually takes less than 72 hours for your payout request to be processed.

What Are The Pros?

– Sign up process is simple and free

– You earn money by completing interesting and fun surveys

– You get a bonus for signing up

– Allows you to earn redeemable points for every successful referral

– Minimum cashout amount is low

What Are The Cons?

– Surveys are not always available

– The site is only available for users in the United States

Final Verdict – Is Opinion Outpost worth Your Time?

Opinion Outpost is undoubtedly one of the most legit paid survey sites available today. Although it may not have plenty of income opportunities compared to other similar sites, the platform is still very reliable when it comes to paying its users. Plus the cashout amount is very low so you can literally earn cash and withdraw every single day.

Star Rating 3.5/5- An established survey site for U.S residents. A low payout and reasonable referral program make this one of the more popular choices for survey takers.

3.5 Star RatingMy Top Recommendation

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8 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With Opinion OutPost?”

  1. This is a new online survey platform that my friends told me about, so I decided to do a little research to see how much you can earn using Opinion Outpost. It seems like it is a very legitimate platform and I like that the payout minimums are small. This means you will not have a lot of money tied up that may disappear or be taken (I have seen this).

    Are there enough surveys to earn the $12 an hour that you mention? This is one gripe I have with similar platforms is that the time to get surveys to fill out means your actual payments will be less. That is still not a showstopper, and I do like the $3 payout threshold.

    I do this kind of activity when I can fit them in, as I do like to be earning online as much as possible. Of course, long-term this is not going to allow you to quit a day job or pay all your monthly bills. For that to happen with earning money online, I agree with your suggestion to use affiliate marketing. Over time, you will be earning money while you sleep!

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for your valuable comments. The trouble with high paying surveys is that they are few and far between. Obviously if you had a survey that paid $12 you would make that within an hour, however you aren’t likely to see those often.

  2. I had an encounter with the online surveys word some year back when I was trying, a little too wanderingly perhaps, to earn a living online. I have to say that what you write in the review is somewhat my experience. Can you earn something filling up surveys? Yes. Can you get a decent living? absolutely not. Let’s do some math together with some personal experience. the .50 cents for the 5 minutes are obviously random because some surveys I took were way longer, secondly even if you wish to waste yourself replying to those question for an hour, not always the surveys are available. So forget to “wish” for the 6 dollar per hours multiplied 8 hours a day (which is still only the half of the legally allowed in many countries). last but not least the not so hidden purpose of these sites is to build a gigantic database of your personal data to sell for a profit to other companies. This may still be allowed in USA, but it’s illegal in Europe under the GDPR which as it seems will be soon applied to USA too. So I don’t know for how long this will be a “sustainable” business. Bottom line, your recommendation of affiliate marketing instead is spot on.

    1. Hi Kent,
      I agree there are better ways to earn money online than filling out surveys. They take a lot of your time yet the pay is very low. Some people don’t mind that as they get to earn money from the comfort of home. Survey sites tell us they collect data anonymously, whether you believe them is of course is a matter for each of us to decide. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of sharing data despite assurances given. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Hi,

    I found your review to be well written and informative with all the pertinent points necessary to make a decision about Opinion Outpost.

    I have in the past looked at various survey sites, I gave up as they didn’t seem reliable, neither did they pay out very much. You needed to do an awful lot of surveys to make any money. Which of course takes up considerable time.

    Opinion Outpost looks a bit better than most in that they pay out quickly on small amounts. It seems to be well worth taking a further look at them. Thank you for the information.

    1. Hi Louise,
      Like you I gave up on survey sites, but I agree some are better than others and Opinion Outpost is definitely one of the better ones. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hello

    Interesting. Unfortunately, I’m not from the US. Fortunately, WA has no territorial limits, so I’m focusing on online marketing and WA training. I also try to use all the opportunities offered by the WA platform and the wonderful community. Thanks for the post, because I like to be an informed person, has broadened my horizons


    1. Hi Carmen,
      Yes it’s a pity Opinion Outpost isn’t available outside of the U.S, as it is a good survey site. I agree however that Wealthy Affiliate is a better option for those seeking longer term goals for making money online. Thanks for your comment.

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