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How Much Can You Earn With Perception Strategies?- A Review

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Perception Strategies Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Perception Strategies.

My review of Perception Strategies will be of interest to those of you who are looking to earn money as a mystery shopper.

Improving customer care is important to many people, not least to the business owners who want to ensure their products and services are presented or marketed in the best way possible.

In this review I will be finding out if you can play a role in ensuring that happens, whilst of course getting paid.

There are numerous platforms available for mystery shoppers, so after reading our review you will be better informed as to how Perception Strategies matches up.

About Perception Strategies

Perception Strategies is a mystery shopping company, so they provide data to businesses of all sizes that want to learn more about how their products and services are perceived.

Unlike many other companies in this niche, which cover a broad range of industries, Perception Strategies only asks mystery shoppers to visit hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Shoppers are required to be very observant, and must write detailed reports after they visit a business. Excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling will help you to excel in this role.

How Perception Strategies Works

Perception Strategies has been in business for over thirty years. Their longevity seems to be at least partially attributable to good internal customer care. If you want to become a part of their team, then you need to register through their website.

Perception Strategies collects data in two main ways. One method requires you to visit a facility in person and make detailed observations. The other requires you to make phone calls and record the type of responses that you get.

The latter provides you with more flexibility if you cannot spare the time required to drive to a location, or have a disability that limits your movements.

You are not required to complete a specific number of visits or calls, and can select the ones that you wish to do. A week is provided for you to complete and submit each report. Once complete the company pays you by check, and payments are issued at the start of every month.

How Much Can You Earn As A Mystery Shopper With Perception Strategies?

People who work with Perception Strategies are hired as independent contractors, so they have a lot more flexibility than permanent employees.

This has a few drawbacks, because it means the company is not obliged to send tasks regularly. It is also your responsibility to submit tax documents once you earn more than $600 with them, per year.

If you make phone calls to evaluate pricing transparency, how easy it is to set appointments, or other services, you will be paid per assignment. The rate starts at $12 and goes up to $17, so if you made five calls in a week, you would earn $60 or more.

Perception Strategies also asks shoppers to visit clinics in person. The rate starts at $20 per evaluation, and can go up to $50, depending on the complexity of the task. If you did 4 visits in a month, your income would go up by $80 or more.

Beginners are often given a few assignments a week and their performance is evaluated. If they do well, they are usually given additional tasks of greater complexity, so they earn much more. This is a reliable company, and it has been providing services for over thirty years, so you are likely to benefit by giving them a try

What Are The Pros Of Perception Strategies?

  • Mystery shoppers at Perception Strategies are happy with the support that they receive from management.
  • There is good communication at the organization and they can complete their reports at a comfortable pace.
  • You can focus on the healthcare niche. This means that over time, you will develop a considerable amount of expertise regarding the factors that make hospitals and other facilities function most effectively.
  • You don’t have to spend money on petrol, because you have the option of making calls from home. This also allows you to monitor your children, or work even if you have an illness that sometimes limits travel.
  • The company rewards you with money, not gift cards, and they are known for paying consistently. They always pay on time.

What Are The Cons Of Perception Strategies?

  • Perception Strategies is not ideal for people who prefer PayPal, since they pay by check.
  • If you are afraid of germs, the visits may not suit you.

Some Final Thoughts On Perception Strategies

If you have a background in medical care or are training to work in the field, Perception Strategies allows you to observe systems from the client’s perspective, and understand how to improve care.

They offer viable earning opportunities and more flexibility than some other companies. They also have a proven track record of great internal customer care.

Perception Strategies also ensures that mystery shoppers always receive payment, and you can count on getting your money on time.

Have you worked with Perception Strategies? If so and you want to share your experience please leave a comment below.

Star Rating 3.5/5-A good mystery shopping platform for people who are interested in taking on mystery shopping assignments in the medical industry. Payment by check however may be off putting for some.

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Thanks for reading my review today. I hope you gained some valuable insight into how Perception Strategies works and whether it could potentially benefit you.

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