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How Much Can You Earn With Permission Research?

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Permission Research Review

Thanks for checking out my review of  the survey platform Permission Research.

There are lots of survey platforms available nowadays, and that makes it difficult to decide which are the best ones to choose.

With this in mind we are going to take an in-depth look at Permission Research to help you decide whether it’s going to be worth your time.

Participating in market research by answering sponsored surveys is one of the easiest ways of making a small extra bit of money online. To earn money through surveys means you are just required to share your opinions on a wide range of topics that might of interest to you.

However, in this era of online fraud and get-rich-quick scams, finding a trustworthy survey panel that pays can be something of a challenge. Thankfully however thousands of genuine survey panels do exist.

Is Permission Research legit? And if so, is it worth your time? Let’s find out.

What Is Permission Research?

As suggested by its name, Permission Research is an online platform that pays you to participate in internet research studies.

The reason for performing these studies is to gather insights about internet behaviours and purchasing activities in an effort to help online businesses make solid decisions based on current and projected consumer trends.

Apparently, Permission Research has over 2 million members to date, and the panel is owned and run by ComScore Inc., which is one of the oldest market research companies in the world

How Do You Join Permission Research?

Permission Research is open to applicants from around the world. However, the process of signing up is quite long, and some may consider it to be intrusive. You must enter all your basic details, including information about every other member of your household.

You are also required to download and install a spyware-like software on your computer to be considered for membership. Failure to do so will disqualify you from joining the panel.

According to Permission Research, the software is designed to collect your personal data as you surf the internet. The company states that the information is collected anonymously, and it will only be used to study your internet behaviours.

Whether you are comfortable with this only you can decide of course, but I don’t like the idea personally.

How do you make money with Permission Research?

You may make money on this platform in three different ways. These include:

1. Permission Research Software

The Permission Research software is a browser add-on that monitors your internet surfing activities.

You must install this add-on on your computer and allow it to run in the background to become eligible for rewards such as monthly sweepstakes and free software.

You do not have to do anything else other than browsing like you normally do.

2. Online Surveys

Besides monitoring your internet surfing activities, Permission Research also administers special surveys occasionally. If you are fortunate you will receive an invite, or the survey will appear as a pop-up screen whenever you are browsing the internet.

However, you must undergo a stringent screening process to qualify for these surveys. Also, you must keep the Permission Research software installed on your computer to increase your eligibility to take surveys.

The surveys offered are comparatively quite long. Based on our own research the shortest survey takes approximately 30 minutes or more.

Rewards for completing a survey successfully ranges from cash to electronic gift cards.

3. Refer-a-friend program

Like most online survey platforms, Permission Research runs a refer-a-friend program that pays you to invite your family and friends to the panel. However, you are not allowed to share the same internet-enabled devices with your referrals.

Additionally, you will only be rewarded with sweepstakes entries rather than cash for every new member who signs up using your invitation link.

How much can I make with Permission Research?

From the look of things, Permission Research has an almost non-existent income potential. Instead of paying you cash for your efforts, you are given sweepstake entries, and Permission Research promises to plant a tree in recognition of your participation!

The availability of surveys unfortunately leaves a lot to be desired, as reportedly you go for several months without receiving a single survey invite. If you are lucky to receive an invite, you have to go through a screening process to qualify for the surveys.

You should not therefore expect any cash rewards from Permission Research.

What Are The Rewards At Permission Research?

Rewards are offered to members who keep the Permission Research software running on their browsers. Reward options include:

  • Trees for knowledge

Permission Research promises to plant a tree through their Trees for Knowledge program in recognition of your participation.

  • Monthly Sweepstakes

Permission Research runs a monthly sweepstake program that rewards a few active members with cash prizes ranging from $100 to $100,000.

Winners are picked randomly through a lucky draw. However, we are yet read testimonials from members who have already won any of the cash prizes.

  • Free software

You may also be rewarded with free software such as screensavers, file protection tools, privacy tools and games just for downloading and installing the Permission Research software.

  • Cash and gift cards

Members may also earn various cash rewards and electronic gift cards for participating in special surveys.

However, these surveys are very rare and only a few people may get invites.

What Are The Pros?

Available worldwide

It is free to join

Eco-friendly platform (Supports the sustenance of the environment)

It offers multiple reward options

Referral program

What Are The Cons?

Ambiguous pay

It lacks transparency

No proof of payment (none that we could find anyway)

• Browser add-on might affect the performance of your computer

Privacy issues

Almost Non-existent income potential

Is Permission Research Worth It?

Permission Research is a legitimate research community. However, this platform offers very few opportunities for making money online. Instead of earning cash rewards, Permission Research promises to plant a tree on your behalf.

Even though saving the planet is of course a very good thing, it isn’t usually the main reason for signing up to a rewards site.

Also, you are required to install a program on your computer to monitor your internet activities. This software is reported to have issues as it tends to affect the performance of the browser and the computer. Some may also have privacy issues having this software installed too.

Putting all these factors into consideration we won’t be recommending Permission Research as a viable online platform for making money.

However, if you want to help save the planet, and don’t have issues with installing the software, then you may think differently.

Star Rating 1.5/5-A Legit Platform But The Income Potential Is Extremely Low, In Fact You May Well Not Earn Any Cash From This Platform. 

1.5 Star Rating

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