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How Much Can You Earn With Playtestcloud?

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Playtestcloud Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Playtestcloud.

Playtestcloud is an online platform designed to pay its members to test games during prototyping which makes it a bit different from sites that pay you just to play games.

If you enjoy giving feedback on mobile games my article today will explain how you can do that. I will also be finding out how much you could potentially earn.

I will also be uncovering what real users of the site are saying about it, and weighing up the pros and cons to help you come to a more informed decision about whether you should join.

First however let’s get started by finding out how things work.

How Does Playtestcloud Work?

Playtestcloud helps developers to test their new mobile games at several stages. They aim to build the best usability testing tools for game studios and mainly accept gamers from the top gaming markets, such as the USA and UK.

Whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer, you can potentially earn money on the platform.

If you decide to join Playtestcloud will install software on your device that helps you to record your screen, touch and voice. This software does not access other information on your phone, so your privacy is protected. The data collected is used to help studios improve their games.

The process of providing feedback on the features of a game is known as playtesting, and you can earn on the platform by helping with that process. For example, you could be asked to give feedback on a mobile game during a soft launch.

You can become a tester on Playtestcloud for free and they accept testers from several countries, including the USA, UK, Canada and Germany.

The first stage of the process involves determining your eligibility. This is done by using information that you provide during registration, such as the number of mobile games that you play each week.

Make sure you tell them about all the games you play, since this information will help you qualify for more invitations for testing. While experience with mobile games is preferred, your PC and console gaming background is also considered.

You will need to speak English during the test. If you’re using an Android phone, it must be version 5 or a later model. If you use an iOS device, it must be 12 or higher. Once you meet the sites criteria for eligibility, you’ll be asked to do an assessment.

You’ll need to pass a qualification test, which shows you how to assess a new game. You won’t be paid for doing this test. If you don’t pass on the first try, you’ll have another opportunity to take the test. When you pass, you can start to do paid tests and earn real cash. The qualification test will help them to gauge your ability to give feedback on the type of games that you’ll be playing.

Even if you’re a casual gamer, you should be able to provide useful opinions on the aspects of each game that you prefer or would adjust, and the reasons why you think that way about the game.

Ensure that you talk through each step of what you’re doing in a clear voice and follow the guidelines for the playtest.
The qualification test is not as long as the real test. It’s only five minutes of feedback that you’re required to give.

Make sure that you talk about the aspects of the game that you like honestly, since they’re interested in improving usability. They have a YouTube video which gives you more information on what to expect in the test and how to do well even on your first try.

If you don’t pass the test, you’ll be told specifically, what you can do to improve. Once you feel ready, you can try the test again. You won’t be penalized for failing the first time and you can do it as many times as you need to, to qualify. You’ll never be charged a test fee.

Several aspects of each test are recorded, so that the studio can understand how a real player will approach the game. You’ll be required to talk out loud during the test. Everything on your game screen will also be recorded.

Measures are taken to protect your privacy during the test. For example, your camera will not be recorded. You will not be sharing visual information about yourself.

This site does not pay you in game merchandise or gift cards. You’ll earn money that can be used for whatever you like.

Is PlayTestCloud Legit?

Everything I have read and researched about PlayTestCloud has convinced me that it is a legitimate platform. Users confirm having received rewards for their efforts using the site.

However, just because it is legit it doesn’t necessarily mean it will suit your needs. Let’s find out more about how you earn your rewards

How Do You Earn Money at Playtestcloud?

You earn money from Playtestcloud by doing playtests. You’ll be paid for every playtest that you complete, except the qualification test. Invitations will be sent to the email address that you gave during registration.

All playtests are not the same and you’ll receive information about each at the beginning, in your email. Your email will also contain a link to download the game. After testing, the app can be removed from your device.

The payment for each test varies according to their length, with the shortest being around 15 minutes and the longest tests being 30 minutes each.

You’ll get a few playtest invitations each month. After responding to that invitation, you’ll have a chance to be randomly nominated to test a game. You’re likely to be accepted to one test every other week.

Each tester has to be invited to do a playtest, so it’s important to do your best to give accurate feedback on each one.

You should also ensure that you upload your recordings within a reasonable time. You’ll also have to do a survey after each test and submit that, in order to get paid.

You can earn bonuses for each test. If you talk for a specific percentage of time during each recording, you’ll receive a bonus. You’ll also get a bonus if you finish the playtest within a specific time.

How Much Can You Earn With Playtestcloud?

Ultimately the amount you will be able to earn at Playtestcloud is determined by the amount of invitations you get.

Whilst you can create an account if you live in a country that doesn’t have a huge gaming market, you’re unlikely to get invitations. You’re more likely to earn better if you live in Canada, the UK or the US. However, it’s still good to open an account because they will tell you when tests become available.

As stated above the length of tests vary, however on average you will be paid around $9-$10 for each test. As also mentioned, you can also earn extra bonus’s on each test.

So provided you live in a country that does get frequent invitations, and you do the tests as required, you could potentially earn an extra $20-$30 a month from this platform.

How You Can Redeem Your Playtestcloud Rewards?

Playtesters receive their cash via PayPal. Payments are processed three times a week, so you’ll usually automatically get your payment a few days after a test is completed and submitted..

Playtestcloud Reviews

Users of the Playtestcloud platform report positive feedback about the site, with a number of them saying they have been testing with the site for a number of years. Some members report having received their rewards quickly and with no problems.

Some members report not having been paid after completing a test. They say Playtestcloud platform informed them that they did not carry out the test properly (for example not talking throughout the test) however the members felt aggrieved as they felt that they had complied.

Other complaints were about a lack of tests.

I would love to hear from any of my readers that have tried the Playtestcloud platform and would like to share their experience. If you do then please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Playtescloud?

  • Free to join platform
  • Offers a fun way to earn a bit extra
  • Payments via PayPal
  • Positive feedback from users

What Are The Cons Of Playtestcloud?

  • This opportunity will not suit everyone
  • Less opportunities (or none at all) if you are outside U.S, Canada or U.K
  • You need to pass an unpaid test to become a tester

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Is Playtestcloud Worth It?

Playtestcloud is a legitimate platform, and members report a positive experience and confirm they have received their rewards.

For those reasons I think this platform is worth a try, especially if you are into gaming. If you love to game then you will find this a fun way to earn extra cash.

If you live outside of the countries that have most of the tests available however, then you may find the platform not really worth your time as tests may be few and far between. The only way to know if any tests are available to you is to join up and wait to see.

Star Rating-3/5-Playtestcloud is a platform designed for those who love gaming and want to earn a little extra from their passion. Payments are made via PayPal too.

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Thanks for checking out my review of PlayTestCloud. I hope you found the review informative and will help you make a better decision as to whether it is worth checking out for yourself.

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