How Much Can You Earn With PodCoin?

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PodCoin Review

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PodCoin is a platform that offers you the opportunity to earn a passive income, and our PodCoin Review will show you how to maximize this passive income stream.

PodCoin is ideal for people who enjoy listening to podcasts, because if you do then just carry on because you can earn extra cash by doing what you love.

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Enjoy your Regular Podcasts

The PodCoin app offers almost every podcast in existence, so you don’t have to make any changes to your listening schedule. You can enjoy all the shows that you like. The only difference is that now you can get paid for doing it. Plus, you get paid for referring other people.

Earn Cash Passively

The magic of PodCoin is in its ability to help you earn cash while you drink coffee, do housework or cook. You can listen to podcasts on any theme that you enjoy, such as health, fitness or music, and it works passively in the background, adding rewards without you having to lift a finger.

How Much Can You Earn With PodCoin?

PodCoin pays you one PodCoin for every 10 minutes that you spend listening (600 PodCoins being equivilant to approx $1 ) The PodCoins that you earn passively can be redeemed for real cash that you can use for any purpose.

To help you build your PodCoins the platform uses a Streak system to reward listeners. By listening to podcasts for three consecutive days, you will be on a three-day streak, and earn two PodCoins every 10 minutes. That means your earnings double simply by making sure you tune in for three days.

PodCoin also has a bonus system, which applies to regular listening and the streak. Bonus podcasts are placed in a separate category and you can choose listening material from this section every day. During regular listening, you can get a bonus of 1.5 PodCoins per 10 minute slot. While on a streak, you can gain 2.5 PodCoins for 10 minutes of bonus airtime.

If you listen to 6 hours of regular podcasts, you would get 36 PodCoins. If you mixed regular and bonus podcasts, you could earn 48 or more in just 6 hours. On a streak, you would get over a hundred PodCoins in just 6 hours, if you included several bonus podcasts. You would reach the minimum (1200 PodCoins) for withdrawal in just 12 days.

PodCoins are issued as gift cards. These take three days to process. The minimum withdrawal of 1200 PodCoins would give you a $2 Amazon gift card, PayPal cash, or a useful donation to your favorite charity.

What Are The Pros?

  • PodCoin has a podcast search feature and directories, which make it easy to find your favorite podcasts or listen to new ones.
  • You will be paid for every podcast you listen to, so you can listen to several hours of the same podcast or switch from one to another that interests you.
  • PodCoin makes it easy to earn in other ways. They have a referral program, so you can get even more points by sharing this useful app with friends and family. You will be rewarded with 150 PodCoins per referral.
  • There is a 6 hour limit to the number of shows you can listen to, so if you like to listen to podcasts throughout the day, your PodCoins will quickly add up. If you only listen to one podcast per week, your points will still add up and be ready for whenever you want to cash out.
  • Many people want to give, and support those who are hungry, in need of shelter, or are facing medical expenses. PodCoin makes it easy to do just that. You can earn cash every month that you can use to support a cause that you believe in.

What Are The Cons?

  • Many people may occasionally listen to a podcast more than once, to fully understand the ideas discussed in it. PodCoin will not reward you twice for the same show.
  • The platform will only provide a small income.

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Some Final Thoughts

PodCoin is a fun way to earn a little extra cash while staying informed and educated by listening to podcasts. The platform is easy to use and you have several options for redeeming your points.

You can get cash for bills without a hassle, shop on Amazon, or use your PodCoins to make the world a better place.

Have you tried PodCoin? If so let us know in the comments what you thought.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A platform that offers you the opportunity to earn a passive income by doing something you would probably be doing anyway. The points only add up slowly however, unless you spend a lot of time watching podcasts.

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