How Much Can You Earn With PointClub?

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PointClub Review

Thanks for joining us today for our review of PointClub. We will be finding out in our review if this is a legitimate survey site, and if it is one worth your consideration.

We will be looking into how the site works, how much you are likely to earn, what the rewards are, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to join….Let’s get started

What Is PointClub? is a website where you make money by completing surveys. It is free to join and is a legit rewards site.

The company is based in California and operated by Innovate Market Research. PointClub has gained popularity in the recent past as many people look for ways to earn online.

You can access its website by mobile phone or through your desktop. The survey company is also featured in Better Business Bureau. It is accredited and has a score of an A on BBB. This adds a point to its claims of legitimacy.

Signing up at PointClub

You must be at least 18 years old to join the survey panel. You will be given a bonus of $5 for joining and validating your contact details.

You will also be given a questionnaire from which to give your personal information. The questionnaire is meant to help them understand you to match you with the available opportunities.

The site also has a short tutorial which shows you the way around the site. It is good to watch it so you can navigate your way around the site properly.

The opportunity is free to join for everyone around the world. Qualification to take part in surveys depends on your location and your personal information that you gave on signing up.

You are rewarded for logging in on consecutive days and taking part in the surveys. Each day that you log in, the daily Streak goes up.

Bonuses are hinged on the level of streaks gained on the site. The Level one allows you to have 10 percent of all the points that you earn from taking surveys.

You must be consistent in visiting the site to increase your bonus points which will lead to bonuses after some time.

How Much Can You Earn With PointClub?

You are awarded points when you complete a survey, or earn a bonus. Different surveys come with different point values. Your earnings can be anywhere between 1000 points to about 5000 points. Each point is equal to USD 0.001. Therefore 1000 points are equal to $1.00. On average, a conventional survey will take 5 minutes and earn you around $1.

PointClub is pretty good at being accurate about the length of time they promise that a given survey will take. Therefore, you will hardly take longer to complete a survey than indicated at the start of the survey.

The surveys for which you are qualified are shown in the form of bubbles on the site. Each of the bubbles shows the number of points that you will from taking part in individual surveys.

The bubbles also show the estimated amount of time that you need to complete a given survey. This helps save time as you can cut straight through to the surveys that you feel are the best for you.

Like any other survey companies, you may be disqualified from taking part in certain surveys if they find that you are not the best fit. There is a 12-point compensation for the first five surveys that you are disqualified each day.

There are times you may come across special surveys. These surveys pay more than the average surveys. Give the special surveys the priority as they get picked up so fast by other members and may reach the required number very fast.

Rewards at PointClub

The rewards in point form can be converted to gift cards or kept in the form of cash. Each of these two will be sent to you within 72 hours from the time of cashing out.

Most of the people go for cash which is paid by PayPal. The gift cards available are in a variety of options that you can choose.

These choices include Movie vouchers, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Target gift cards, VISA prepaid gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Tango gift cards and retail e-vouchers among other rewards.

You may also donate your earnings to charity. You may take a $25 gift card after accumulating 25,000 points in the account. You can also receive $50 when you accumulate 50,000 points.

Making The Most Of Your PointClub Membership

Be consistent when answering questions. Consistency gives more chance to earn more from the site.

It also offers a chance to increase your Streak points and earn more bonuses from the site. Keep logging in to get more opportunities too.

Try to also very honest when answering questions. This provides credibility to the survey and helps meet the goals of their clients.

PointClub is good at scanning the answers given to determine if you are honest with your answers. If they find that you are not, you get disqualified from the survey.

Complaints from users of the service

Despite all the good things about the site, there are few complaints.

• Very hard to qualify- ( a common complaint about surveys on any site).

If you fail to meet the demographic bar set by the site, you are likely not to get any surveys.

• There are chances of being kicked in the middle of the survey……Members complain that sometimes they find themselves disqualified when they are almost done. They may have failed in some sneaky question; they may have reached the required quota before you were done, or realized you do not fit the demographics in the middle of the survey. (Unfortunately this is a fact of life with most Survey Sites).

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Final Thoughts is a legit survey site. There is a steady flow of surveys notwithstanding the complaints, and the rewards are delivered right on time.

PointClub is worth considering if you are wanting to try some survey sites to see which ones work best for you. I recommend joining more than one site to maximise your side income from taking surveys.

Thanks for reading. Drop a comment below if you have been or are currently a member of this site and let us know what you thought.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A Legit Site For Earning rewards for taking online surveys. Don’t forget however that this is a very low earning opportunity and your earning potential will be affected by your demographic.

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