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How Much Can You Earn With Qkids?

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Qkids Review

Thanks for checking out my review of Qkids.

My review will cover all the essentials as we uncover all the things you are going to need to know before deciding if this is a good platform for you to use.

Qkids is a website for those who want to teach English and earn money for it.

This platform connects Chinese kids aged 4-12 who want to learn English with English tutors from the United States and Canada. So if you want to give this a go you can apply to become a tutor on Qkids and teach remotely.

If your passion is teaching or you are looking for additional income, Qkids might be a great opportunity for you! Let’s find out more.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Teach With Qkids?

To become a teacher, you have to meet several requirements.

Those are:

• Can legally work in Canada or the United States

• Hold a Bachelor’s degree

• Preferable to have one of the English teaching certificate (TEFL, CELTA, ESL, TESOL)

• Teaching experience

• Computer literate

• Good internet connection (minimum upload speed: 2Mbps, minimum download speed: 4Mbps)

• A headset with a microphone and a webcam

• To work at least 6 hours/week

These requirements might seem steep to most, but if you are already working in education, you should be able to meet them.

The most problematic requirement might be living in the U.S or Canada, Qkids is only open to those who live in North America.

How Do You Get Hired With Qkids?

If you meet those requirements, you can try to apply for a job at Qkids.

The hiring process consists of four parts, which are an application with all necessary materials, initial screening, Demo interview 1, Demo interview 2, and finally trial classes and a background check.

After you apply with necessary materials, it will take up to 3 business days to get contacted by Qkids with instructions for further application steps.

Necessary Materials to Apply

In order to apply, you need to submit your CV, a screenshot of your computer specifications, and a short (12 minutes) video where you introduce yourself, presenting where you are from, your background in education and teaching experience.

Demo Interviews

During Demo Interview 1, you will be asked to show your technical proficiency on Qkids website. You will be asked to navigate the teaching platform and use all tools, buttons, and settings on the website.

After that, you will be asked a few questions regarding teaching and interactions with students.

During Demo Interview 2, a 25 minute Q&A session will take place, after which you will have to show your teaching skills.

Trial Classes

If you pass the interviews, for the final step of the hiring process you will have to teach real lessons with Chinese students.

You will be asked to teach 2-5 classes, from which you will receive feedback and it will determine whether you are hired or not.

You will get paid for these trial classes, and here we go to the most important question of this review…

How Much Can You Earn With Qkids?

Base pay is $8 for full lessons, which take 30 minutes of your time. Standby lessons which take approximately 10 minutes pay $4, without any teaching required from you.

These are pretty great rates for an easy and remote job. Qkids can easily become your side income,

You Can also earn bonus’s on the platform top. The first bonus is $1 per lesson if you receive great feedback from your lessons. Then there is an attendance bonus, from which you can get $1 for every lesson after the 15 lessons you have taught that week.

As a result of all these bonuses, Qkids is a good opportunity to earn decent money online.

Let’s say you work for one hour every day and get a bonus from feedbacks every other lesson you have taught. It means you can earn $448 (base pay) +$28 (feedback bonus)= $476 per month while working a total of 30 hours!

If you decide to work two hours every day, you can earn $896 (base pay) + $56 (feedback bonus) + $13 (attendance bonus) = $965 while working a total of 60 hours per month.

That being said, let’s briefly review Qkids by noting the pros and cons of this platform.

What Are The Pros?

+ Good Pay

+ Remote

+ Easy Work

+ Engaging Lessons

+ Intuitive Platform

What Are The Cons?

– Requires Background in Education or Teaching

– Limited Work Time Slots

– Can Only Work From The U.S or Canada

Is Qkids Worth It?

Qkids is great if you already meet the requirements to be accepted. It pays great and the work is rather basic and easy, yet engaging to the teacher himself.

On the other hand, because of the available work time slots, you might only be able to teach lessons before your work early in the morning, which might become hard to handle.

Star Rating 3/5-A good teaching platform for those that meet the requirements. The pay is good but work is only available to residents of North America.

3 Star Rating

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