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How Much Can You Earn With RadioEarn? A Review

RadioEarn Review

Thanks for checking out my fully updated review of RadioEarn.

If you like the idea of making money simply by listening to the radio online, then RadioEarn could be a good option for you.

That’s because RadioEarn, as the title suggests, promises to pay you money to listen to the radio online and to write reviews about your experience.

However, how much are they really going to pay you for doing something that is so relaxing and fun?

This is what we will be finding out today in this in-depth review and guide to the site.

Let’s get started however by checking out the legitimacy of the site.

Is RadioEarn Legit?

RadioEarn is definitely legit. The website was founded in 2017 and it’s run by a company called T&B Web UG. This company is based in Germany and its CEO is Julian Theel.

Legitimate sites usually display at least one reliable contact method, and RadioEarn has valid ways of contacting them and these contact details are displayed on their website.

This is one aspect of their operations which shows that RadioEarn is a legitimate way of earning money online.

If you like to listen to music, this is a reliable way to earn a little extra cash. You don’t have to pay a monthly subscription to listen to the radio. It’s completely free.

You can also download the app for free. So, as soon as you’ve created an account, you can start listening and earning. This is a further indication that it’s a legitimate site.

The company is paid for the ads that are played while you’re listening to audio streams. The site generates revenue from the ads that are placed in those audio streams. So, you can expect to see ads with any station that you choose to listen to.

The good thing about RadioEarn is that it has a global reach. You can earn from them in virtually any country. You won’t need sophisticated equipment to earn and your listening time is accurately reflected in your earnings.

RadioEarn states in their terms that they make payments on the 15th of every month and they’ve been doing this.

They usually pay on time although there have been a few complaints from users who have had technical difficulties.

They don’t have significant technical issues on their site that would prevent you from listening. If you have a new HTML5 browser you can easily listen to different stations.

If you use an older system, you can listen via a VLC Media player. So, there aren’t technical issues that prevent you from accessing any feature of the site.

Their customer care is fair. You’ll usually receive replies to any questions that you have. Their website also has answers to many of the questions that members typically need assistance with while using the site for the first time.

Their frequently asked questions could be improved in terms of the number of questions and answers that they have but you can get additional help elsewhere, such as through their Discord server.

Overall, this is a legitimate earning opportunity and you can receive your payments in several ways.

You’re not compelled to listen to the radio at any time, but you can use it as a valid means of earning if you wish to have audio streaming in the background while you perform another task.

How Do You Make Money With RadioEarn

RadioEarn makes it easy to start earning. All you need to do is register for the site by using the form that’s found on the homepage. You’ll need to share your first and last name as well as a valid email address and a password of your choice.

After you’ve registered, you can go directly to your Dashboard and start earning.

RadioEarn  has a few restrictions you need to be aware of. Although teenagers can join, you must be at least 15 years old to register. They don’t request ID when you join but there’s always a chance that you could be asked for your identification when you’re making a withdrawal.

You’re not allowed to use VPNs and in general it’s best to follow that rule and others that you would normally encounter on Get Paid To sites. So, try to avoid things like opening multiple accounts on the site which could lead to problems with your account.

You’ll make money with RadioEarn by listening to streaming audio. From your Dashboard, you can click on Start Earning and then tap Listen Radio to do that. On the Dashboard, you’ll also have the option of getting their API so that you can add it to your website.

You’ll be shown a list of radio stations that are available to you. Sometimes this list is short, so you’ll only see two or three. You can only listen to one radio station at a time. So even if you see two stations, you’ll have to select one.

After that, you’ll click on Start Radio and the station will start streaming. A timer is built into the system and that helps to keep track of the number of minutes of listening that you’ve completed..

All of your earnings are calculated in points. So, you’ll receive points according to the amount of audio that you listen to. So, if you listen to an hour of audio per day, you will receive more points than if you only listen to audio for 15 minutes a day.

You’ll be introduced to new artists through this platform. A fair number of the songs that you hear will be from artists who don’t typically get a lot of airplay on more popular radio stations because they’re young.

So, this platform is designed to help introduce you to upcoming bands. When you pick a particular type of music, the music that’s streamed will be in that genre. However, it will be diverse in terms of the exposure of the bands.

The stations that you can choose from depend on your geographical location. You’ll usually be given information on the areas in which you can access a specific station. For example, you’ll be told if a station is available to listeners in Europe.

Similarly, you’ll be told if the station is restricted to listeners in the United States of America. If a station isn’t available in your area, you won’t be able to play it even if it’s displayed in the list on your Dashboard.

So, if you click on a station and it’s not playing check to ensure that it’s actually available where you live.

From your Dashboard, you’ll also be able to check your earnings for the week. So, you can make sure that your points are being credited to your account.

The point system is used to keep track of how much you’ve earned from day to day. On the 15th of each month, your points will be converted to US dollars. So, you’ll be paid in US dollars even though on a daily basis you’ll see points being added to your account.

Your US Dollars can be used for a PayPal transfer, bank transfer, gift cards or Bitcoin transfer. You’ll need to click on the Points Exchange tab on your Dashboard to get your money.

RadioEarn will not transfer any member’s earnings automatically.

As mentioned earlier in this RadioEarn review, you can also choose to install their API on your website. So, if you have a site, you can earn from your site whenever your users listen to audio.

If you have a site, this is worth considering, since you would significantly increase your earnings when visitors come to the sote right through the day and constantly listen to audio.

You can also earn from your RadioEarn referrals. The referral program pays you 5% of whatever your referrals earn.

So, if someone signs up for the site by using your referral code and they earn $1 per month, you’ll earn 5% of that or $0.05 as your bonus.

How Much Can You Earn With RadioEarn?

RadioEarn pays an average of a point per hour of listening. So, if you’re listening to the radio right throughout the day while you’re working, you would earn at least 12 points per day.

If you only earn 10 points a day, you would take a hundred days to reach the minimum for payment which is a thousand points. So, it could take you roughly 3 months to reach your first pay out.

Your earnings also vary according to where you live. This platform generates revenue through advertising. So wherever you are in the world you’ll hear ads from business people who want to reach listeners in your area.

If you live in an area that’s in demand among advertisers, you’ll earn more points for listening than if you live in an area where there are fewer advertisers.

Your RadioEarn earnings depend on the number of routes that you use for earning. For example, if you only listen to audio in the background directly yourself, your earnings will be more limited because they will be based on how often you listen to the radio.

However, if you expand your earnings by making the audio available on one of your websites or all of the sites that you have, you’ll earn a lot more every day.

RadioEarn Payout

You can request your payment on the 15th of every month. However, you’ll need to have at least a thousand points. When these points are converted to dollars, you will get $3 sent to you as Bitcoin, an Amazon gift card or via a bank transfer.

RadioEarn Reviews

RadioEarn users are glad that they can earn rewards just for listening to the radio. They’re pleased that this is a real opportunity and they actually get cash or gift cards after a time when they listen to the radio.

Most users aren’t really on the platform with the main objective of earning as much cash as they can for their time.

They say that they realize that their earnings on the platform are very low. However, they usually enjoy listening to music and earning cash or gift cards is a bonus for them.

Some users however aren’t happy with the low pay that they receive from the site. They often stop listening after a while because they feel that they can earn more from their time elsewhere.

These users say that it’s not worth listening to a station for 4 months just to receive a little over $3.

Most users receive their earnings from the site. However, a few have had problems. For example, they encounter technical errors when their points are supposed to be converted to dollars.

Those who have complained about this issue say that they haven’t been able to get adequate help from customer service. As such, their earnings are in the system and they’re unable to get them.

Uses don’t like the fact that all stations aren’t available in all regions. Sometimes they might have a station that they would want to listen to but it’s not offered in their area.

Members occasionally have technical problems when they’re selecting stations. For example, they’ll click on a station that they want to listen to and receive an error message which states that they’ve listened to that station before and cannot listen to it again.

However, this type of message can be problematic if they only have one or two stations to choose from.

Users should be able to listen to any station they choose that’s available on their list.

Users like the community aspect of the site. There’s a Discord group where you can communicate with other users or get help from team members on the platform. They also have a WhatsApp group where you can also meet other people from around the world who are using the site.

Members like all of the options that are available for contacting the customer care team when they need assistance. For example, you can submit a support ticket and you’ll usually get a timely reply.

What Are The Pros Of RadioEarn?

  • RadioEarn lets you earn from anywhere in the world. You’ll just need a device that lets you listen to streaming audio.
  • RadioEarn is free. So, if you would like to listen to radio stations for free, you can register for an account and start listening in minutes. Additionally, you won’t need to have a paid account to earn by listening to music on the site.
  • As a member, you’re not limited to just one type of music. They have a wide range of stations. For example, you could choose a station that’s focused on pop music. If you like easy listening, you will be able to find a station that plays music that you’ll enjoy.
  • You can use your desktop computer on your laptop to earn from this platform. You can also use your mobile device to earn while you’re on the go. So, if you jog in the mornings, you could earn by listening to the radio while you’re jogging.
  • Similarly, you could use your mobile phone to play music in the background while you’re doing a number of other activities at home. By using your Wi-Fi to stream music on your mobile device, you can save on the cost of data. You’ll also save on the cost of electricity since your mobile phone uses less energy than your laptop.
  • You won’t even have to listen directly in order to earn. So, if you have a website, you can earn by letting your website visitors listen to audio.
  • They have several methods of payment. You can get gift cards if you choose. You can also get real cash transferred directly to your bank.
  • RadioEarn has a Dashboard that makes it easy for you to stay organized while you’re on the platform. The menu on the left of your Dashboard is very descriptive. So, whether you want to withdraw your earnings or add their API to your website, you can easily click on the right tab without feeling unsure of what to do, even if you just signed up.

What Are The Cons Of RadioEarn?

  • Sometimes RadioEarn listeners won’t have a lot of stations to choose from. However, no matter which stations are available, you’ll still be able to earn from the site.
  • The earnings rate on this site is low. On average, you’ll earn about a point per hour. You’ll need a thousand points to reach pay out. So, you need to listen for a thousand hours to get your money. As you can see, it will take a long time for you to get to your first payment and all of the payments after that, especially if you’re relying solely on your own listening time.
  • Additionally, after you request your payment, the site explicitly says that it could take 35 business days to receive your money.
  • Although this platform is available worldwide, earnings vary according to your location. So if you live in an area that lots of advertisers want to target, you’ll usually earn more than if you live in a remote area.
  • Unfortunately, RadioEarn doesn’t pay quickly via PayPal. You can receive your cash via PayPal. However, they use a NET30 system. So, you’ll have to wait at least a month before you can receive your PayPal transfer.

Some Final Thoughts On RadioEarn

In this RadioEarn review, you learned that this is a legitimate site that really pays you for listening to the radio. You will receive your money after participating in the program.

You won’t earn a lot from this platform so it won’t replace a profitable side gig. However, if you already enjoy listening to the radio and you wish to put their API on some of your sites to boost your income, you can enjoy spending gift cards or cash earnings from this site every now and then.

Star Rating 2/5- RadioEarn is a legit platform to earn a little extra in a fun way. The income however is very low.

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  1. Hi there! My traveller friend got 143,50 Pts. And radioearn has converted to 0,45 $. What that means? Site says 1,000Pts is $3. And he has tried to payout but site says, “ You don’t have enough cash. Your balance is 0,45 USD. It still missing 4,55 USD than you can request a payment “ . Is that others said about “ fun “ website? Look “comma “! That is everywhere in money transaction area. Waiting for your clarification @Admin . Well, this admin is belongs to radioearn website? And why I can not see my user’s comment in here ?

  2. this is really awesome and i am glad that i got to read this article of yours. this is actually the first time that i am coming across radio earn and i love it. even if the payout is small, the fact that they are legit makes it better. i will like t share this article with some of my friends

    1. Hi Smoochi,

      Yes you won’t earn very much unless you manage to refer many new members, but it is a fun way nonetheless. Thanks for your comment and the share.

  3. I am a lover of music and i gladly pay to listen to music. just imaging that reverse is the case for the financial aspect makes me so happy. with radioearn, i can now do what i enjoy and then get paid for it. there is nothing that can get better than that. thank you very much.

  4. Hello there,and thank you for your deep insight to Radio Earn and how you can get paid to listen to music. You know just when you think that you have seen it all , never be surprised to see yet additional perhaps never seen content in relation to your general interests. 

    I appears that radio earn has minimum potential to earn an income. Perhaps as you stated,  RadioEarn does offer a fun and exciting way of earning a bit of extra money on the side. 

    Thanks for the review! 

    1. Hi Paul,

      Yes RadioEarn does offer a small side income simply for listening to music, although don’t expect to get rich any day soon. Thanks for your comment.

  5. We come across a lot of opportunities like this… Earn for playing games, earn money for watching videos, earn money for surfing the internet, etc. Unfortunately, many of those sites are scams.

    I am happy to see that RadioEarn is not a scam. No payment threshold is great news. And as you mentioned, although there a few genuine sites like this but the income potential is very low with them. That’s my big concern and instead of wasting our time with these sites, we can build our online business.

    Your top recommendation is the training platform that changed my life and helped me to become a full-time blogger working from home.

    1. Hi Paul,

      You’re right, although this is a fun way to earn a bit extra, the earning potential is extremely limited, unless you are able to refer hundreds of other people. Affiliate marketing is definitely a better option if you are serious about making money online, Thanks for your comment.

  6. Hello Wealth Inflator, 

    Reading your post was a mixture of emotions, the first was “this is amazing who even knew such a thing existed”, then i thought, I can do this, actually,  I want to do this, was quite excited, then I read on and realised, as you rightly said, low earning potential. so was a bit Yay, then boo. 

    However I then went on to read further and can see the possible potential, it is also a very likeable concept, I appreciated how were honest about earning potential and said “what we liked and Radio Earn” followed by What we didnt. 

    I can see this may have quite a potential especially for those who have a large following or subscriber list. 

    If you refer someone to Radio Earn and they too refer someone else do you receive any benefit from the 2nd and subsequent in line? 

    How much time do you think you would need to devote to this venture to become a good affiliate income stream? 

    In any event, I liked the concept and I enjoyed the post, this is definitely worth sending to my friends who currently have a great deal of time on their hands. 

    Thank you 🙂  

    1. Hi Cordelia,

      Thanks for your great comment. The earning potential of this platform is enhanced by its referral program. If you want to build a more substantial income the challenge is to not only get referrals but to get referrals that actively engage with the site. To do that you need many referrals, and that means either an engaged social media following or other means of attracting an audience such as with affiliate marketing. Thanks again for your comment.

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