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How Much Can You Earn With RapidWorkers? A Review

Rapidworkers Review

Thanks for joining me today for my RapidWorkers review.

My review will be uncovering whether this crowdsourcing platform is a legitimate website where you can earn money online for carrying out small tasks. I will be finding out what tasks are available to members, and how much you can earn from them.

First however let’s find out a bit more about the Rapidworkers platform.

Introduction To Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers is a micro-tasking community that connects workers with potential employers who require quick services done for them at low costs.

In essence, it is a micro-jobs website that pays its members (workers) to perform various tasks as required by employers.

The main objective of performing these tasks is to help individuals, startup businesses and professionals enhance their online presence for superior low-cost publicity, better rankings and improved profitability.

Signing Up To Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers is an open online platform that accepts job applications from all over the world. The process of creating an account is very easy, as it only requires basic information such as your name, email address and country of residence.

You are also required to verify your email address before you can access available jobs.

Even though signing up is easy, Rapidworkers are very strict when it comes to account creation. Each user is allowed to create a single account per household, failure to which your membership will be revoked without notice.

So How Does RapidWorkers Work?

The platform works in a very simple way. To access available tasks, just click on the “My Account” section, and then select “Available Jobs” menu.

You will see a broad list of jobs from various employers. What is good is that micro jobs do not require extensive professional skills, or much effort to complete.

Some of the most common micro-tasks that you may encounter include:

• Blogging about a product

• Voting for a video on YouTube

• Following an individual on Twitter

• Creating email accounts

• Signing up to gaming sites

• Uploading photos on social media

Each task comes with specific requirements that you must fulfill for your submission to be approved. Also, each job targets workers or a group of workers from specific countries.

Essentially, jobs marked “international” are open to all workers from any location in the world while jobs categorized under a specific country can only be done by workers from that country.

You will also notice that each job has a time limit and a specified payment amount. You may select any available job so long as you qualify for the task and you believe that you can finish it as per requirements.

RapidWorkers Success Rate Monitoring

Rapidworkers are very strict when it comes to appraising workers. Every time you complete a task, the owner of the job (employer) has to review and rate your work as per the specified requirements.

Putting this into consideration, you must maintain a success rate of over 60% in order to avoid a temporary ban from the site. Continuous submission of poor work may result in a total ban, and termination of your account without notice.

Maintaining a high success rate is simple. You just need to adhere to all instructions when performing various tasks. Also, only claim jobs that you strongly believe you are capable of finishing, within the specified time limit.

How Much Can You Earn With RapidWorkers?

Each job pays anywhere from $0.02 to $2 per task, depending on the target country. International jobs have the lowest rates while jobs available in the US, Canada and the UK have the highest pay rates.

Although this amount might seem meager, you can easily accumulate your earnings within a very short time considering the fact that there is no limit to the number of tasks you are allowed to accept in a day.

On average, you shouldn’t expect to earn more than $10 per week, which translates to about $40 per month.


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Cashing Out At Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers pays its members via PayPal only. This means that you must have a verified PayPal account before submitting a withdrawal request. The minimum balance that you can withdraw is $8.

However, you will also be charged 6% of the amount you are withdrawing as processing fee. Additionally, the processing of payments is somehow lengthy, and it might take up to 7 business days for you to receive your earnings.

Rapidworker Reviews From Real Users

At the time of my latest update of this review RapidWorkers has a score of 2.8/5 at TrustPilot. They also have a 2.85/5 on Sitejabber.

I think it’s fair to say that there are some mixed reviews about Rapidworkers. Some are very complimentary and praise Rapidworkers highly, whereas others are very critical.

Some users say their account was closed after they had earned some money. Others say the tasks are very low paid, and others complain about the charges.


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I would love to hear from any readers who may have any experience working with Rapidworkers that they would like to share. If you do please leave a comment in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of Rapidworkers?

Accepts international members Rapidworkers is a free to join platform that accepts international applicants.

Anyone can register and work on the site without any restriction.

Simple sign up process

The procedure for registering is very easy as it only requires your name and email address

Plenty of jobs

This platform has plenty of jobs at any given time.

Also, there is no limit to the number of jobs you can take at a particular time.

Pays through PayPal Rapidworkers pays via PayPal only.

This is not only convenient, but also a fast way of settling payments.

It has a low payout threshold

The minimum cashout limit is only $8. You can easily accumulate this amount in a short period of time.

What Are The Cons Of Rapidworkers?

Tasks are geographically based Jobs are based on your geographical location

You can only work on international tasks or those that target your country.

Low pay rate

The pay rate is very low, as it does not surpass more than $2 per task

Processing of payments takes a long time

The processing of payments might take up to 7 days, which is very long.

Also, you have to pay a processing fee of 6% of your withdrawal amount

You must maintain a high success rate

Workers must maintain a rating of over 60% to avoid a temporary ban.

This is a very high demand, considering the fact that some employers may rate your work unfairly.


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Some Final Thoughts-Can You Make Money With Rapidworkers?

Rapidworkers offers a quick way of earning money. You do not require any particular skills to become a worker on this platform.

Most of the available tasks, e.g. commenting on pages or liking posts are actually what you normally do when browsing the internet or interacting with your friends on social media. Although the pay is low, you can accumulate your earnings if you commit more of your time.

The only problem is that most tasks are handed out according to your geographical location, and this might have a bearing on your income potential. Apart from that, joining Rapidworkers is a way of earning a small income stream online.

Star Rating 2/5-A Legitimate Online Earning Platform, But Very Low Paid And With Geographical Restrictions

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Thanks for reading my review of Rapidworkers. I hope you found it interesting and gave you an insight into what you will be getting if you sign up to the site.

I have written hundreds of similar reviews and articles about making money online here on my website You will find all my latest posts HERE

23 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With RapidWorkers? A Review”

    1. Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for reading my Rapidworkers review.
      The Rapidworkers website is optimised for mobiles, so yes you could do the tasks on your phone, however you will get a better experience by using your computer.

  1. Hey guys, stop working for chicken feed. The money you’ll earn (if they allow you to) won’t even be enough to pay for your Internet service.

    Set up your own online business. Start a website and share your expertise. Only people who don’t have the confidence in their abilities work for such sites.

    What are you good at? What can you teach? Start a blog and share your knowledge. Even if it’s about WordPress or Google Drive.

    What expertise are you proud of?

    What do you often buy and use to the point you can advise others on what to buy? Talk about that and promote affiliate products.

    Through running a website, you’ll be building a digital asset for your future.

    Of course, the going will be slow at the beginning. But it’s an investment and it will pay off in the future.

    Believe in yourself and keep going.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for sharing your opinion about making money online. I agree that a website is a great way to create an online presence and build a business around something you love. With consistent hard work you can generate a consistent and sustainable income.

  2. Let me get this clear. Rapid Workers is on of the most unprofessional site in the world. There customers support are so rude and unprofessional. The payment in the website are very low. For instance, you are paid $0.12 for like, comment & subscribe in microworker. For the same job you are paid just $0.03 in Rapid workers. What I’m trying to say is, you are just wasting your time working in Rapid workers.
    My account was blocked for some unknown reason and I contacted the customer support. I could not take the reply which I have copy/past below.
    “Hello, We have banned you for doing USA jobs, I guess you did not read FAQ/TERMS and the red message at register page, we don’t need you on our site!”

    1. Hi Traci,
      I’m sorry to hear about your bad experience with RapidWorkers, but nonetheless thanks for sharing it with our readers.
      Have RapidWorkers not given a reason as to why your account was banned? The message to you is strongly worded, so you would think that they would at least give you some reason for the ban.

  3. Rapidworkers is not a bad sidehustle but it has some disadvantages as seen from this post. 

    The only payment method they offer is PayPal which means if your country is not supported, you’ll find it difficult to receive payments. Also, it is difficult to make consistent money with Rapidworkers, an ideal sidehustle should be able to grow into consistent profits with time and probably turn into a full time income.

    Nice reading through.

    1. Hi there,
      I agree, the best hustles are the ones that offer the most potential to grow into something really worth while. We believe Wealthy Affiliate offers this, which is why we recommend to anyone that is serious about making money online to sign up. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Hi there. Thanks for sharing this information about Rapidworkers. This looks like a legitimate opportunity to make money just like some other micro tasking platform I have read about and even use before. It’s not a really bad idea to get started but the question is, is it worth the time and energy? The earnings are too small.

    1. Hi there,
      There’s no getting away from the fact that this platform is a low earning opportunity. It really is a matter of personal preference as to how you wish to make money online. We however believe there are better ways, such as using the training available Wealthy Affiliate to start your own online business.

  5. Small site tasks are very difficult to work with. Imagine if you need to work for hours and earn a couple of dollars per week is not what you aim for, right? 

    With all the limitations, low earning potential and pretty high amount of work involved I can imagine such sites are fine for people that have a lot of time, low earnings needs, a lot of patience and are not motivated to go for more than that.

    Also, by forcing one to have a high rating for not to be baned, it seems to me as forcing someone to do something, what should not be the scope of online work and doing business. Although it is business online related to hard work, most people decide to work online because of their flexible working schedules. 

    However, the market is huge so anyone has their choice!

    Thanks for sharing this info!

    1. Hi Igor,
      You’re right it is everyone’s choice, and RapidWorkers may suit some more than others. Working with RapidWorkers may be a good way to introduce yourself to the world of making money online, but over time some will feel the need to aim higher. Thanks for your comment.

  6. I am from South Africa and I know before I even look at this site that there won’t be many jobs available for me in this location. 

    Although I must admit, rather than doing random jobs for low pay, I would far rather spend that time building up my own online business which will in turn pay me for years to come. 

    1. Hi Michel,
      Yes you’re right, there probably won’t be as many opportunities available to you as there would to say residents of U.S or Canada.
      I do agree that your time is better spent building an online business, especially if you want to do better than earn a few dollars here and there.

  7. Thanks for a great post, this came at a perfect time as I was just having a conversation with a friend about RapidWorkers. It actually did come across sounding like a bit of a scam but after reading your review I’d agree that it does seem to be legitimate, however if you could make any kind of income from it that’s worthwhile it seems highly doubtful. I will take a quick look at it for my friend but since we are both located in Canada I don’t think it’s going to be able to do anything really worthwhile from an income point of view.  Seems like it’s better suited for other countries. Thanks again really appreciate this thorough review.

    1. Hi Judy,
      Yes the RapidWorkers platform is legit as it has been around for a number of years, which is usually an indicator of legitimacy. If you live in Canada your earnings are likely to be higher than they would be in most other countries, although nonetheless the pay is very low. Thanks for your comment.

  8. I got on  the platform  through a friend and ever since I got on it I have never reckrded6 any losses even the signing  up was very fast and simple so is the payout also very fast and reliable well so far I get the work been given onto me well done i have a great reviews  and my account its still intact and on a good form it’s a life saving platform you would to be on thanks for the post 

  9. Thank you for boiling things down to what people really want to know — how much can a person really earn with RapidWorkers? I’ve seen a few sites like this one and the concept is interesting in that we all have a few spare moments here and there. This seems like a pretty low weekly payout though. Thanks for sharing details of this and another more stable method for making money online!

    1. Hi Aly,
      The amount you can earn depends on certain factors such as your geographical location (U.S, U.K, Canada etc.) earnings are likely to be higher as there are more tasks available. Regardless, all the tasks are low paid ranging from a few cents to a few dollars depending upon the complexity and time the task will take. You definitely can’t rely on this or any other similar micro tasking site to provide a good and consistent income that pays the bills.

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