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Thanks for checking out this review of  Remotasks.


This Review will cover all you need to know about this small tasks site to help inform you before you decide whether it is worth signing up to.


This Review will cover what Remotasks is, how you get started, how things work at Remotasks, how much you can earn on the site, and what the pros and cons are likely to be should you decide to sign up.


What Is Remotasks?


As suggested by its name, Remotasks is a micro-job website that promises to pay you money for performing simple tasks online.


Some of the tasks you should expect to do include data entry, audio transcription, moderating content, tagging images, categorization and so many more.


This platform is still relatively new as it was launched recently in 2017. However, it is quickly gaining attention from freelancers considering the fact that it pays better for some tasks than other well-established platforms.


Getting Started At Remotasks


Joining Remotasks is free for all freelancers, and it is open worldwide.


What might be good news for some is that Remotasks does not have stringent membership requirements, you do however require fluency in English.


You can easily sign up using your Facebook ID and start looking for work straight away.


However, you must first go through some form of training that includes several practice tasks and exams.


This allows you to learn new skills that you may need in the future when doing various tasks that are deemed complex such as audio transcription.


You may perform these practice tasks as many times as you want until you become competent.


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How Does Remotasks Work?


Remotasks-How It Works


Remotasks offers different types of tasks.


These tasks are classified into various categories ranging from content moderation to image annotation just as mentioned earlier.


You must pass the exam of a particular category before you can start applying for jobs in that section.


Tasks within the category you are interested in will be unlocked as soon as you complete and pass the exam.


These exams do not take long, but the duration entirely depends on your understanding of the subject.


You are encouraged to take your time, as you are only allowed to take each exam a maximum of three times before you can secure a job.


The most prominent tasks include:


LIDAR/Image annotation


This involves drawing boxes and labeling objects such as pedestrians, bus stops e.t.c. in 3D maps used by selfdriving vehicles


Data collection


This includes searching the internet and collecting information about various topics


Image transcription


Image transcription is the process of transcribing relevant content from the provided image.




Categorisation involves identifying keywords and phrases to describe an image


Audio transcription


Audio transcription is the process of converting voice recordings into a written document


What is important with all these tasks is that you need to maintain a high accuracy score to remain a member of tge platform.


What Is also important to remember is that all tasks have a time limit, which you must also meet if you want to continue working with Remotasks.


If your accuracy is too low, or you take too long to finish most tasks, then Remotasks will have no choice than to ban you permanently.



The Income Potential At Remotasks


The amount of money that you should expect to earn depends on the complexity of the task your doing.


Some tasks such as audio transcription pay an hourly rate ranging from $1 to 2$ per hour.


So, if you were to transcribe a 5-minute audio, you must convert 12 5-minute voice recordings in order to earn the hourly pay.


Based on these rates, you can make between $2 and $10 in a day depending on the availability of jobs.


Getting Paid At Remotasks


Remotasks has a minimum payout threshold of $5, and they pay members weekly on Tuesdays via PayPal. That means of course that you must have a PayPal account in order to receive payments.


Make sure you set up your PayPal address on the Remotasks accounts section to avoid disappointment.


What Is Good About Remotasks?


– Free to join & open worldwide


– Low minimum payout threshold


– An active community that offers help to members


– Plenty of jobs – numerous tutorials and practice tasks


What Isn’t So Good About Remotasks?


– Most jobs are repetitive


– You must maintain a high accuracy level


– You may be banned if your work is repeatedly inaccurate


– Most jobs pay very little


Final Thoughts On Remotasks


Remotasks is a good micro-jobs website with plenty of jobs to offer.


However, you must go through the training and take some exams before you can unlock available tasks.


This is not a bad idea of course but it could mean that it takes a while before you start working on paying tasks.


Also, you must maintain a high accuracy level to remain a member of this platform. This puts a lot of pressure on workers as you will never have a second chance if you get banned.


The pay is also not good for most tasks except for image annotation jobs that are often rare.


Putting all these factors into consideration, we suggest that you join Remotasks as a means of honing your skills, and perhaps to build a small side income.


Star Rating 2.5/5-A Free To Join small tasks platform that has an active community. The jobs however may be a bit too tedious for some, and they are low paid.



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Chris - February 5, 2019

I came across the Remotasks website just the other day and I have been toying with the idea of signing up and working with them ever since – but first I needed to check if they were legit or not! 

I really like the idea of completing these sorts of tasks for money…but I am a little worried about the fact that they can ban you.

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my review of Remotasks. I’m glad you found the review to be informative.
    Remotasks reserves the right to terminate an account if the work you produce is repeatedly inaccurate. It’s important therefore to ensure you stay focused on the tasks you are carrying out.

Jayde Butcher - February 5, 2019

oh this sounds great, I love coming across websites where i can earn an extra bit of income, i work online everyday anyway so another little extra jobs wont hurt. When we get paid through paypal, soemtimes we have to take the code to the bank to redeem the money, is this how this works? Or is it mroe simple? I love learning new tricks so this is right up my street. 

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Jayde,
    I’m glad you found my review of Remotasks informative.
    The site will pay you via your PayPal account so you need to ensure you have an account. When you reach the payout threshold the money can be automatically transferred into your account. Thanks for your comment.

Louis - February 9, 2019

From experience, you can not earn enough from working small task online to pay your bills. Remotask isn’t any different from most of the already existing micro task sites. I won’t waste a minute on such site because the pay is too small compared to the amount of time you invest.

Warm regards

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Louis,
    Yes sites like Remotasks are only designed to provide you with a side income. It is important to keep that in mind, and not fix too high an expectation on what you can earn to avoid disappointment.

Ciara - February 9, 2019

I instantly got so excited because this is something I would be interested in. However, after seeing the amount of money you usually get paid- it was less appealing. I am still going to look into it because every dollar counts.

Are there ways to make more than just the $1-2/hr? 

Thank you for writing this article, much appreciated!


    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Ciara,
    Yes the income potential is quite low as it is with sites similar to this one that you can find online.
    There are some higher paying jobs however the higher the pay the more complex the job is likely to be. You can do better on sites like Remotasks by working both quickly and accurately so you need to ensure you are confident with the task you have chosen.

Nathaniel - February 9, 2019

Thanks for this bro. Am going to go check this Remotasks out immediately. I don’t mind earning little cash for little work, am already in one that’s very similar. like Remotasks it also involves transcription work. I will compare both and see which one will be more beneficial to me

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Nathaniel,
    Thanks for checking out my review of Remotasks. I’m glad you found the article informative and good luck with your online earning.

Huy - February 9, 2019

I have looked over a few reviews and they all say something similar when it comes to the accuracy and banning. How accurate do you hVe to be exactly to avoid being banned? It would just seem like a horrible thing to be working and working and all of a sudden one day just get banned. 

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Huy,
    The terms and conditions at Remotasks state that if your work is repeatedly inaccurate they reserve the right to terminate your account. It is therefore important to make sure you concentrate on the job in hand if you want to keep your account.

Kinggold19 - February 9, 2019

Good information on this article. It is good to make income in a legit way and that’s what Remotasks is all about. Add I like the fact that you will go through training before working for them and that you can earn as much as the work available. Right away am going to check them out. Thank you for this helpful information. Good job. 

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Kinggold,
    I’m glad you found my review of Remotasks to be informative, thanks for your comment and good luck with your endeavours.

Kehinde Segun - February 9, 2019

Thank you for this amazing review. Honestly, I like the concept of remotasks because I have seen it somewhere before reading the review here because I have been wondering if they are legit or just toying with people. truly what makes me scared about them is simple the banning on member. That is so so bad because  I might have worked so hard to keep some money their, then they just ban me for what? So i can’t sign up for that. THANK YOU for the info

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Kehinde,
    The site deserves the right to close your account if your work is repeatedly inaccurate so it is important to ensure you are confident doing the task in hand. The site provides you with tests to see how good you are at various tasks, and you need to pass these before you carry out the tasks for real.
    If you do pass the test you also have to ensure you maintain your accuracy, which can be difficult for some as the tasks can be repetitive. Thanks for your comment.

Gracen - February 9, 2019

Hello Ray! Thanks for your review on Remotasks. It is a great platform to work on, however some of their jobs is quite challenging especially LIDAR/Image annotation. Another thing is that they don’t just give people data entry work to do, during your test before they will recruit you, you must pass all the test/practice including the annotation. Except  the image annotation that is challenging, other micro tasks on their platform are great. One can really make a nice income. One thing I love most is the low minimum payout threshold.

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Gracen,
    It’s good to hear from a user of this platform and I appreciate you sharing your experience.
    It sounds like you have had a positive experience with Remotasks. I agree that having a low payout threshold is a big plus for any side income site like this one. Thanks for your comment.

Zara - February 9, 2019

Hey Ray, 

Remotask sounds like good way to make extra income on the side. However it’s seems likes it might take you a while to make substantial money from the tasks as the pay is kind of low. It can also be a bit of stress constantly thinking of them banning you if you don’t maintain high accuracy. 

I like the fact that it’s open to all because similar sites don’t cater to certain countries so this is plus for Remotasks. I personally don’t think I will be checking it out anymore because the work sounds boring and repetitive. Thank you for the review, it was very informative. 

    Ray-Admin - February 10, 2019

    Hi Zara,
    That is the downside to sites like Remotasks in that the pay is low and the work can be boring. It does however serve as a small income stream for those who have the time to invest and those that want to secure a small online income.
    You must however do the tasks correctly and do so consistently if you want to maintain your income with the site. Thanks for the comment, I’m glad you found the review informative.

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