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How Much Can You Earn With Rev.Com? A Review

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Thanks for checking out my review. is an online platform that provides transcription work to freelance transcribers.

In my review today I will be discovering what opportunities this transcription platform may be able to offer its members, and how much they are likely to earn.

Working as an online transcriptionist can be a rewarding and flexible way to earn an income whilst you’re balancing a busy family life.

Due to the massively increased demand for accurately transcribed video and audio in recent years, there are now plenty of opportunities for those wishing to pursue a new career as a freelance transcriber.

As a result of this increased demand, there are now numerous online platforms that act as a middleman between client and transcriber. Deciding which is the best platform to use however, especially if you are a beginner, can be a tricky decision.

Some platforms comfortably cater to both new and experienced transcribers. Others however have limited opportunities for those with little to no experience, and the pay can vary quite a bit too.

Before we look at the income potential of this site let’s start by finding out a bit more about

What Is is an online platform that contracts freelancers to provide transcription, captioning and translation services. Unlike other platforms that only employ experienced transcribers, is open to everyone, including those who are just starting out.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a retired driver or a student, you can earn money working part-time with

How Do You Get Started With

If transcription or captioning is a task that might interest you, then you may want to consider joining as a freelancer. The company accepts applications from all over the world with plenty of jobs available at any given time.

All you have to do is to complete the short sign up process to start working….However, is very strict in terms of quality. For this reason, you have to undertake a brief quiz to assess your language and grammar skills before you can start claiming jobs.

You also have to submit a transcription or caption sample to determine the quality of your work. The company will assess your submissions and respond within 48 hours. If approved, you may start work right away.

Transcription does demand a high level of accuracy, and a good understanding of punctuation, however the good news is that has plenty of style guides, video tutorials, and manuals that you may use to understand what expect from their transcription and captioning freelancers.

You may use these guides to fine-tune your skills before submitting your application.

System Requirements To work with

You need only three items

– A computer with stable internet connectivity

– A good pair of headsets

– A foot pedal for transcription will provide all the other programs you need for transcription and captioning. However, you have to download and install the software in your computer so make sure you have enough space available.

How Does Work? offers three types of jobs. These include


Transcription is the process of converting audio files into text format. You just need to listen to audio or video files and type what you hear as precisely as possible.


Captioning is similar to transcription. However, in this case, you have to watch a video and accurately type what is being said by the characters in the video.

The essence of creating captions and subtitles is to clarify what a speaker is saying. It also helps people with hearing impairment understand the content of the video easily.


Translation jobs involve converting content from one language to another. For instance, may request you to convert video content from French to English subtitles or vice versa if you applied for translation jobs. This helps non-native speakers understand what a speaker is saying.

Whether you prefer transcribing audio files or captioning videos, making money with enables you to make money with either.

The company allows you to create a work schedule that suits your lifestyle. Essentially, you may work as much or as little as you want without anyone bugging you with calls or messages.

How much can you earn with has one of the best pay rates in the industry. Transcriptionists earn between $0.36 and $0.65 per audio/video minute while a captioner earns $0.45 to $0.75 per audio/video minute.

Translators earn the highest considering the work involved in writing subtitles accurately in different languages. The pay for translators ranges from $1.50 to $3.00 per audio/video minute

If you are just starting out, you should expect to earn around $156 per month for the first few weeks. This rate takes into account that beginners normally transcribe an average of 15 video or audio files per month. Seasoned transcriptionists and captioners may take home up to $1500 per month.


How Do You Cash Out With Rev.Com? does not have a minimum pay out threshold. Instead, the company pays its workers weekly via PayPal for all the work done.

What Are The Pros?

– Open worldwide

– Accepts beginners

– Free training tutorials

– Plenty of jobs – Attractive pay rates

– No minimum payout threshold

– Weekly payments via PayPal

What Are The Cons?

– Requires fast typing skills

– Getting hired can be a big challenge

Some Final Thoughts On

If you are looking for legitimate transcription or captioning jobs that you can do from home, then you may want to consider joining

This platform offers plenty of opportunities for freelancers to make money online. The company accepts applicants from all over the world, meaning that you can apply regardless of your location.

You can also apply if you are just starting out as the company accepts beginners. The best part is that the pay rate is good and you can work as much or as little as you want without any restrictions.

Star Rating 3.5/5- A good platform for transcribers. Beginners may struggle however to achieve the high standard required to pass the test. If you are good enough however there are plenty of opportunities here to create a good income with flexible work.

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Thanks for checking out my review of I hope you found the article helpful and you gained some valuable insight into what you can expect should you decide to join The platform.

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