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How Much Can You Earn With Scribie? A Review

Scribie Review

Thanks for joining me for my Scribie review.

In my review today I will be uncovering all the important things you need to know about the Scribie platform to help you make a more informed decision whether to sign up.

If you can type fast and accurately, and also have good listening skills, Scribie could be a good platform for you as you can use those abilities to earn extra cash online.

However, my Scribie review will be investigating how much you can realistically earn as a member of this site. First however, let’s take a look at how things work.

What Is Scribie?

Scribie is an option for people who can type really quickly and accurately. If you want to improve your earnings on this site, invest in yourself by doing a typing course that improves your speed.

How Scribie Works

Scribie is a transcription service. Put simply, you earn on this platform by typing what you hear. A wide range of audio on different topics may be available to you, so you usually won’t be listening to the same type of content repeatedly.

Every applicant has to do a test to demonstrate that they can reproduce what they hear. If you are accepted, you will be paid for the test.

All payments are sent through PayPal, so if you want to apply, ensure that you have a verified account before you do the test.

You will have your account credited as soon as your transcription is reviewed and accepted. This usually happens quickly but in some cases it can take three days or more. Once your balance gets to $30, you can withdraw your earnings.

How Much Can You Earn With Scribie?

Beginners on this platform can earn between $0.50 and $1 when they transcribe a clip that is 6 minutes long.

An average typist might take 30 minutes to type that clip, so their earnings per hour may only be $2.

Proofreaders on this platform earn more than transcribers. If you work accurately, you can usually get promoted to proofreading and get better rewards for your work. You must be good with punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

Proofreaders can earn twice as much as transcribers, so you can get $2 for a 6-minute clip.

Many people read faster than they type, and that also affects the rate at which they earn cash. A proofreader may check three 6-minute clips in an hour, so their rate would be $6 per hour.

Scribie lets you withdraw money from your account once you reach $30.

Scribie Reviews From Real Users

At the time of writing Scribie has a score of 2.1/5 at Glassdoor.

Although some reviewers appreciate the flexibility of the work, a number of others complain that the rate of pay is very poor, and the customer service team are not very responsive.

There are Facebook reviews with a score of 2.4/5. Some reviews are happy with their experience although there are complaints about the poor quality of files and the poor pay.

There are also reviews at Indeed and the score given is 2.8/5. The same themes arise here too. The flexibility is appreciated but the reviewers complain about the low pay, and some saying they find the work very tedious.

What Are The Pros Of Scribie?

  • Scribie pays quickly, and you can get your money after the completion of each clip, once you reach the minimum. The only delays that may arise occur when someone takes a little while to check your work.
  • Payments are made directly to your PayPal account.

What Are The Cons Of Scribie?

  • Scribie pays you per file that you transcribe. If you are not extremely fast, you will not earn as much on this site.
  • Occasionally, a transcription you’ve completed may be cancelled because the audio quality is poor. This might happen when the person who is checking your work cannot clearly hear some of the audio. To prevent this, you may want to let Scribie know immediately if the audio is unclear, and request another clip.
  • To earn a reasonable amount as a transcriber you need to provide a high standard of work quickly.
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Some Final Thoughts On Scribie

Scribie offers the opportunity for men and women to earn money part time by listening carefully and accurately typing what they hear. You can work from home and can complete as many files as you wish.

Scribie makes it possible to increase the amount you earn by being upgraded from a transcriber to a proofreader. If you display accuracy, this usually happens quickly, so your earnings will go up.

You are never assigned audio to complete. You get to choose exactly what you will work on, and are fee to select the files that are clear.

Since time is a critical factor on this site, it pays to define what you are looking for and stick to that when you are choosing files. Work to improve your typing efficiency and you can make money on this platform.

Star Rating 2.5/5-Scribie is a platform for individuals wanting to earn money online in a flexible way. Speed and accuracy however will no doubt determine the level of income you can achieve with this site.

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14 thoughts on “How Much Can You Earn With Scribie? A Review”

  1. Hey Loretta,
    It’s great to get your opinion on this type of work.
    Accents I know can be really difficult, it’s something you may not consider before you undertake this kind of work, and then you realise how much time it can take.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment, it really is appreciated.

  2. Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for dropping by. I agree, I have done quite a lot of this kind of work, and I am happier working on my website.
    It is of course each to their own and some people like this kind of work and flexibility. I appreciate the share and your comments….thank you

  3. I tried my hand at transcribing. Not with Scribie thou. I never heard of it until now. I thought that because I am native English speaking American and I took up shorthand and typing when I was younger, I would be able to transcribe with no problem. Boy was I wrong. With all the accents out there it was hard for me to understand what people were saying. I had to replay it over and over again and sometimes still got it wrong.

  4. Thank you for this information. I had never heard of this program before. I don’t think it’s for me, as it seems to be a lot of work for not so much reward..but I do know a few people who would be interested in this and I’m going to point them in your direction to read this.

  5. Hi Dennis,
    Yes the work offered at Scribie isn’t going to suit everyone however if you have the skills and aptitude as well then you will obviously do better.
    I can only guess at what the average earnings of the members are, I think it is most likely to be not very much. There are probably exceptions, and they are likely to be those that have gotten good at it because they’ve practiced it and developed their skills.
    It is of course each to their own, but I wouldn’t want to do this kind of work for small pay.
    I appreciate your comment Dennis, thanks for dropping by.

  6. Hi Daybe,
    Yes Scribie is useful for earning some extra cash to pay bills or to save toward something.
    I wouldn’t rely on this income however either, and I wouldn’t give up your job so you can try it.
    It does however offer flexible working from the comfort of your own home.
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting I do appreciate it.

  7. I liked your review as it was unbiased. I am happy to see that there are Legit opportunities out there. This does seem to be a bit specialized but for a good listener and great typist it would be a great second income. I do wonder what people are actually making with this? It seems as though having the opportunity to take the required test 10 times would give you an impression as whether or not you could make it.

  8. This is something insightful for people who are having a hard time in the job market, students, or those who are at home all the time and want to earn some spending money. But it doesn’t seem like something you want to earn a living on.

    Thank you for the info! Definitely something I would like to keep in mind.

  9. Hi Heather,
    I’m glad you found this review of value to you. If you enjoy this kind of work then why not give it a go, it doesn’t of course suit everybody though.
    The pay won’t be good although there are a few that earn quite well but I think they must be quite exceptional at it. It’s like everything you have to put time and practice in if you want to do well.
    Best wishes to you, I hope Scribie works well for you. Thanks for dropping by on my site to comment, I really appreciate it.

  10. WOW! I was just wondering if a site like this existed because I had a Crowdflower survey that required me to listen to audio clips and transcribe them. I love doing stuff like this! I used to work for an insurance agency and would call customers and customer service for agents and take notes and relay messages within the office ontop of a few other things as well. So I think I will be applying to this tomorrow! Thank you so much for the information!

    -Heather M.

  11. Hi Liz,
    Yes it really is down to your circumstances at the time. You can earn a side income from legit companies like Scribie, which will help to pay some bills.
    However, like you say, you can earn a passive income from the Internet as long as you invest your time building a business.
    I wish you well with your online ventures, and I appreciate you coming here to comment on my review of Scribie.

  12. Great review. I always enjoy learning about legit opportunities online. Sometimes I am tempted to take some work like this online, but then I remember what my long term goal is and that is to be earning passive income online, so I think you are right in that there are other options out there that will give you more opportunity into the future. Thanks for the info, and will bookmark your site in case friends want to check out scribie.

  13. Hi Reyhana,
    Thank you for sharing your experience of working with Scribie.
    Yes I guess there can be difficulties understanding what is being said, not because of poor quality but because people don’t always speak clearly, or there are background noises. And yes like you say it could take a while to master the skills sufficiently in order to begin earning more.
    I’m glad you found Wealthy Affiliate and you feel the same as me about it being the best way to make money online. I think it’s a great investment of your time because the rewards really can be outstanding.
    Thanks again for your comment, I really appreciate it. My best wishes to you toward your online success.

  14. When I was looking for a way to make money online a few months ago, I found scribie and since I thought myself to be good at English, I decided to sign up.

    The audio themselves were not very bad. I was able to choose an audio script for the application test. From my experience, I want to tell everyone out there not to think that it is easy as just listening to a never ending speech. Most of the time, there are multiple people, talking over each other so you cannot understand what they are saying. Some laugh while talking, so those can be hard to understand too.

    I have not had a hard time with quality though. And like you mentioned in your post, it can be while before you master it if you’re a beginner so it’s not a fast way to make decent money. I also stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and by far, it’s the best way to make money online, over a long period of time. You can sleep and the money will still roll in!

    I highly recommend that everyone try Wealthy Affiliate!

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