How Much Can You Earn With Springboard America?-A Review

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Hey there!…..Thanks for Checking out our review of Springboard America. In our review today we will be finding out, amongst other things, how much you can potentially earn using the Springboard America survey platform.

If you have been checking out various reviews of survey panels, trying to decide which ones are the best, our review will assist you in your search, by helping you make a more informed decision as to whether Springboard America is the right choice for you….so sit tight and let’s get started…..

Introduction to Springboard America

Springboard America is a survey panel that allows you to share your opinions on various topics, brands and products in exchange for cash rewards.

Established in 2009, this platform remains one of the leading market research communities not only in the USA, but also in North America.

Signing up with Springboard America

Springboard America is a free-to-join platform and any American resident aged 14 years or older can participate. However, participants below the age of 14 years have to seek the consent of a parent or guardian before signing up.

Contrary to most survey platforms, signing up with Springboard America is rather a tedious process. You have to read through loads of text and take a profile survey to create an account. The purpose of this comprehensive registration process is to lock out ineligible participants.

How to make money with Springboard America

Taking surveys is the main income stream on this platform. Typically, Springboard America will send you one to four invitations every month to participate in surveys that match your profile.

However, you have to go through a brief screening test before you can qualify for a survey. Furthermore, taking surveys is voluntarily, and you have the freedom to participate in as many surveys as you want.

Once you qualify for a survey, it is imperative that you complete it within the given period. Most tasks take between 10 minutes and 20 minutes, but you may find longer surveys that usually pay more money. You must complete the survey in its entirety to earn your cash rewards.

How much can you earn With Springboard America?

The earning potential of this platform is very low, considering that Springboard America typically sends four survey invitations every month.

With each survey paying between 50 points and 500 points, you should not expect to make more than 2000 points in a single month. On average, most people make between 1000 points and 1200.

Getting Paid

The minimum payout requirement is 5000 points, which is equivalent to $50. You may request for payment through PayPal, bank transfer, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards and VISA prepaid cards.

Nevertheless, payments are rather slow, and may take up to 8 weeks to reach your account. You may also redeem your points for sweepstakes entries for a chance to win $1,000 in the yearly grand draw.

What Are The Pros?

Trustworthy Platform

This platform is operated MARU Group Canada, which is a reputable customer intelligence company that runs various survey panels across North America. This platform has been in existence for close to 10 years with no significant complaints raised by its members.

Registration Bonus

Springboard America is free to join, and all new members are eligible for a registration bonus (sweepstakes entry). Just for joining this platform, you will automatically receive a chance to participate in the $1,000 Grand Prize Draw.

This is an interesting way of rewarding new members. Personally however, given that I don’t consider myself very lucky when it comes to prize draws, I would rather they gave me $5 as a starter as I work toward the rather high minimum payout of $50.

Multiple Payment Options

This platform offers its members multiple ways of receiving payments. You may request for payments via “Paylution” (bank transfer), PayPal, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards and Visa Prepaid cards. You may also redeem your earnings for sweepstake entries.

Monthly Cash Prizes

Springboard America usually hosts monthly draws that award various cash rewards ranging from $50 to $500. However, you must be an active participant by taking at least one survey per month to be eligible for monthly draws.

Multiple Member Opportunities

Springboard America offers you multiple opportunities to make money. You may occasionally receive invitations to participate in online focus groups and discussions, which pay higher rewards. This platform also offers mobile surveys that allow you to participate while on the go using your mobile phone.


Springboard America is very serious when it comes to the privacy of all members. The company states that personal info remains confidential and you can rest assured that it will not fall in the hands of third-party companies.

What Are The Cons?

High Minimum Balance

Springboard America has a very high payout threshold of 5000 points ($50). Considering that this platform only sends out an average of four surveys per month, means that it would take you a long time to meet this requirement.

Restricted Membership

This survey panel does not accept international members. You have to be a US resident to be eligible for surveys. Furthermore, the registration process is rather cumbersome, and it involves taking long profile surveys that apparently seek to lock out ineligible participants.

Prescreening Tests

Members have to go through screening to qualify for various surveys. These prescreening tests are not only time-consuming, but also tedious.

• Delays in Payments

Some members have raised concerns about delays in receiving payments. Although the company promises to award points immediately after the closure of a survey, this appears to be not always the case.

You may have to wait for up to 30 days for your account to be credited. Furthermore, the processing of withdrawal request may take up to 8 weeks, which is rather absurd.

Low-income potential

Springboard America has a very low-income potential. This is because the number of survey invitations in any given month does not exceed four.

To make matters worse, most surveys pay between 50 points and 500 points, and take more than 20 minutes to complete. This means that you cannot complete more than two surveys in an hour.

Poor Customer Support

According to some members, Springboard America offers poor customer support. The support team does not respond to emails promptly, and it may take a while before resolving any payment issues.

Some members have even gone ahead to report this platform to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for their concerns to be resolved!

Earnings Expire

Springboard America has the right to terminate the accounts of inactive members without notice. You must be active by participating in at least one survey in 3 months lest you forfeit all your earnings.

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Some Final Thoughts

Springboard America is a legitimate survey panel. The company offers you a simple route to earn money online, by simply sharing your opinions on various topics.

However, the platform has a high payout threshold and the delays in payments further compound the problem.

Nonetheless, with the MARU group Canada taking over the reins of this platform; better days may lay ahead. If you can spare the time, and you don’t mind the low income potential then you may want to consider Springboard America to build your online income streams.

Thanks for reading this review of Springboard America. Please leave a comment below if you want to add anything, or share any experience you have working with this company.

Star Rating 2.5/5-A Survey Panel That is worth considering, although it does have a few issues that members have raised.


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