How Much Can You Earn With Survey Compare? A Review

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Survey Compare Review

Thanks for dropping by today to read my review of Survey Compare, a survey platform that is available to U.K residents.

In my Review we will be finding out how you get rewarded for taking surveys on this site, how much you can earn, and everything else you need to know before you decide to join.

Some survey sites are way better than others, so let’s get started and find out how Survey Compare matches up to the rest.

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What is Survey Compare?

Survey Compare is a London-based website that connects you with reputable market research panels. In essence, this platform acts as an intermediary between you and survey panels.

Importantly, joining Survey Compare gives you the opportunity to register with multiple market research panels in one go. These include:

• GlobalTestMarket
• Toluna
• Valued Opinions
• Opinion Outpost
• Maximiles
• MySurveys
• GratisPoints

Is Survey Compare a scam?

Survey Compare is definitely not a scam. It is owned by Marketing VF, which is a London based company with a high reputation in the world of marketing research.

Additionally, Survey Compare is free to join. Any survey platform that requires money to join is probably a scam.

Getting Started on Survey Compare

Joining Survey Compare is easy.  Anyone above 14 years can join.

It will take you approximately 60 seconds to sign up on this platform. Just indicate your gender and date of birth on the sign-up page, and you will be on your way to earning rewards.

Since Survey compare is an intermediary company, it does not administer surveys as an independent entity. You have to sign up with some or all the panels available on your dashboard to maximize your earnings.

The final step of registering with Survey Compare involves entering your name, email address, street address, city, county and postal code.

Research panels require your demographics to match you with relevant surveys.

Every survey panel available on Survey Compare will independently send you a confirmation link to your email address, which you have to click to verify your membership.

How does it work?

Once you complete the registration process, expect to receive survey invites from any of the survey panels available on Survey Compare.

You no longer need to login to your Survey Compare account. The research companies you selected during registration will send you invitations directly.

The different panels on this platform have different income opportunities. Additionally, these panels pay differently depending on the type of surveys available.

Some use a point-based system, while others pay cash. Whatever the case, expect to get rewards after successfully completing your surveys.

How many surveys can I complete in a day?

The number of surveys available to you depends on your demographics. Issues such as age and gender play a critical role in determining the number of invites you will get in a day.

Sometimes, companies are in need of constant feedback and this means that the number of surveys available will be higher.

How much can I Earn With Survey Compare?

The rule of the game is simple; the more surveys you take, the more money or points you make.

You can earn as much as you want, as your efforts will determine your success. However, remember that taking surveys will not make you rich. You should not consider it as a full-time job either.

The amount that you earn on this platform, and any other survey site, will only serve as pocket money.

As previously mentioned, rewards vary from survey to survey. Payment per survey ranges from £0.50 to £2.

Some panels use a point-based system, where earnings range from 50 points to 1,000 points per survey. You can then redeem your points for cash or gift cards.

Getting paid on Survey Compare

Each survey panel on Survey Compare has its unique minimum payout. The lowest minimum payout is £5, while the highest minimum payout is £25.

For survey companies that use point-based systems, the minimum payout is 2,000 points. You can cash out at any time, so long as you reach the minimum payout requirement.

Most of these survey companies accept PayPal payments and gift cards from reputable retailers like Tesco.

What You May Like About Survey Compare

• It is a reputable U K – based company
• It is free and easy to join
• Members are able to sign up to numerous survey companies in one go
• Multiple opportunities and rewards from different survey panels
• PayPal payments
• It has an excellent support team

What You May Not Like About Survey Compare

• Restricted membership ( it only allows U K residents )
• Low-income potential
• You have to deal with each panel separately when making transactions

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Some Final Thoughts

Survey Compare is legit but the site is nothing more than an intermediary. This means that every time a new member signs up via their affiliate links, Survey Compare get rewarded for the referrals.

Nevertheless, the fact that you can sign up for multiple survey panels in one go is a convenient aspect of this platform.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review. Let me know in the comments if you have used this survey site and you want to share your experience.

Star Rating 2/5- A legit survey platform for U.K residents. It provides access to a number of sites that offer surveys, so I’d you like to get to all your surveys from one place then this could be the platform for you.

2 Star Rating

If you’ve had enough of earning just a few pounds here and there, and would rather be working on something that could earn you a more substantial online income then you are better suited to our recommended and free to join platform.

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