How Much Can You Earn With Surveyclub? A Review

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Survey Club Review

Thanks for checking out our review of Surveyclub.

Our review will show you how to make a little extra money online sharing your opinion on the Surveyclub platform.

The platform is categorized as a survey directory, and gives you access to surveys from several organizations, so we will be finding out how much you can acually earn as a member of the site. First however let’s take a look at how things work…

How Surveyclub Works

Surveyclub has been around since 2005. They are a survey aggregator, which means that they gather surveys from several sites.

You save time by using this service, since you don’t have to go to different sites to find surveys. This service is free, and you’ll access survey invitations from all of the sites that they partner with.

All you’ll need to create an account with them is your name and email address.

After you create your account, you’ll need to add information to it about your lifestyle. This profile information is important, and allows companies to find you when they need panelists in your demographic.

Your profile information should be as complete as possible. This will usually help you to qualify for more surveys.

You should try to complete your profile accurately, and not change answers or be inconsistent.

The information that you give this particular platform is shared among a lot of companies. This can create a situation where you receive significant volumes of mail that you really aren’t interested in, and don’t need.

Unfortunately, when you create an account with this site, it’s almost guaranteed that this will happen.

Some panelists choose to create a separate email account for this site. That makes the large volume easier to manage.

You may even get offers for trials that require your credit card information, and you should be very careful with those offers.

Remember that you sign up for trial offers at your own risk. Sometimes panelists lose money when they try out a service, and forget to cancel their subscription. They are then charged for the service.

How much can you Earn with Surveyclub?

The Surveyclub has a good name, and is known for paying its members in a timely manner.

Their surveys won’t make you rich however, since you’ll only earn a few dollars for several of the long surveys. Short surveys on this platform can pay less than $1.

You can get your rewards when the balance in your account reaches the minimum of $10. Payouts can be made to you via Amazon gift cards. This is convenient of course given that you can buy almost anything that you need on Amazon.

Some members however want the flexibility of withdrawing cash. Payments in this form can be made to you via Payoneer.

Feedback from Users Early 2020

The Surveyclub has satisfied users who say that the site pays in a reliable manner. However, most say that they do not earn a lot from this site. Several are concerned about the spam emails that they receive, and say that it can be difficult at times to sort through those.

What Are The Pros?

  • Surveyclub is free to join.
  • Surveys are easy to understand and you can count on being compensated for your time.

What Are The Cons?

  • It can take a long time to get to payout with this platform. You won’t always qualify for surveys, and those that you do qualify for may sometimes be few, and far between.
  • Surveyclub does not have a lot of surveys from companies that pay at the higher end, and you may only earn a few cents for some surveys.
  • This company is partnered with several other companies. That can lead to confusion for some members, who will see emails arriving in their inbox from companies that they have never heard from before. It may make you feel uncomfortable, as you feel like you’re constantly being targeted by companies with offers that you aren’t interested in using.

Some Final Thoughts

It may seem like a place where you can find a lot of survey offers in one place. It can help you to save time in this way.

Unfortunately, you may lose that time in other ways, as you have to spend time screening out offers that will not give you a fair profit.

Star Rating 2/5-An established and legitimate survey platform. The surveys however are from third party sites which means the higher paying surveys could be few and far between. Members report receiving many emails once signed up.

2 Star Rating

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