How Much Can You Earn With Surveyeah? A Review

Surveyeah review

Thanks for checking out my Surveyeah review

In my review I will be finding out everything you need to know about the Surveyeah platform to help you decide if it’s worth trying out for yourself.

As suggested by the title, Surveyeah is a survey platform. Companies find it easier to use online surveys to gather feedback, since they can specify the kind of data they need based on geographical location and other demographics.

Survey sites provide a platform for these companies to gather marketing insights about their products and services from real people.

But how much can you potentially earn with Surveyeah, and what are The Pros and Cons of Using The Site? This is what you will be discovering in my Surveyeah review today. First however let’s find out more about Surveyeah.

Introduction to Surveyeah

Surveyeah is a Milan-based market research company that offers you a chance to become a paid online panelist.

The company administers online surveys to its members for the purposes of gathering meaningful insights about current market trends. Your feedback plays an important role in determining future products. In return, you will receive various rewards for your time and effort.

Signing up with Surveyeah

Surveyeah is available in over 53 countries worldwide and anyone above the age of 15 years can become a panelist on this platform.

Signing up is free, and it only needs your email address, gender and year of birth. After joining the panel you will be required to complete your profile to increase your chances of receiving survey invitations.

Surveyeah says it cares about your privacy, and that will never share any of your personal data with third parties.

To ensure maximum transparency and uphold your privacy, you will receive all payments and vouchers digitally via your email address.

How does Surveyeah work?

Surveyeah How Does It Work?

Once you update your profile data, Surveyeah will start sending you surveys that match your profile. You are required to complete these surveys by answering simple questions about various products and services.

Your answers must be well-thought out, as Surveyeah uses a quality assurance system to ensure that all questionnaires are filled out accurately, and all answers are consistent. You must complete a survey in its entirety for you to earn your rewards in full.

Each survey takes between 5 and 20 minutes, with some surveys taking as long as 1 hour.

Earnings per survey depend on the nature and duration of the survey. On average, you should expect to earn between €0.50 and €2.00 per survey. Occasionally, you may receive surveys that pay as high as €4.

How much can I earn with Surveyeah?

The amount of money that you can earn with Surveyeah depends on the number of surveys that you can complete at any given period. In essence, the more surveys you take, the higher your earnings.

Some members however have raised concerns about the survey frequency on Surveyeah. The number of surveys available on this platform, is very low, and it does not exceed four surveys per month.

This being the case then the fact that each survey pays between €0.50 and €2, the average amount that you can earn in any given month is €8.

Getting Paid with Surveyeah

Rewards on Surveyeah include PayPal cash, eBooks and Amazon gift cards.

You can make a withdrawal request as soon as you meet the minimum payout requirement. Payout requirements vary depending on the type of reward.

Minimum cash out for PayPal cash and downloadable eBooks is 10 Euros, while that for Amazon gift cards is 20 Euros.

You may also opt to display your generous side by donating your rewards to charity.

Surveyeah Reviews From Real Users

At the time of my latest update of this review  Surveyeah has a score of 2.8/5 from 14 reviews at SurveyPolice. It also has a score of 2.4/5 from 23 reviews at TrustPilot.

There are members that have left very positive reviews of Surveyeah stating that the pay is fair and customer service is good.

Like all survey sites however there are complaints regarding delays in payment, and lack of surveys.

What Are The Pros Of Surveyeah?

• A legitimate website
• Multiple payment options
• Accepts international members
• Tailor-made surveys for teens available
• Low minimum payout requirement for PayPal payments (10 Euros)
• Excellent customer service

What Are The Cons Of Surveyeah?

• Payment delays (It can take over 30 days to receive your rewards)
• low-income potential
• Referral program does not offer incentives
• Some surveys are intrusive, as they require sensitive personal details, e.g., annual income and electronic items in your house
• Amazon gift cards require a high minimum account balance of 20 Euros

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Some Final Thoughts About Surveyeah

Surveyeah is without a doubt a legit income opportunity. But the earning potential is very limited.

Taking surveys can provide a small income, especially if you manage to get survey assignments on a regular basis. The best way to do that is to sign up to a number of survey sites to ensure you have surveys available when you want them.

Unfortunately, the number of survey opportunities available on this platform could be very low, especially if your demographic isn’t a good fit.

So if you want to ensure a steady stream of surveys then that may not happen if you are a member of just this one survey site. You may need to consider joining other survey sites alongside this one to ensure a ready supply of surveys.

Thanks for reading my Surveyeah Review, I hope it helped you to get a better idea of what this platform can offer you.

Have you used this site? Let me know in the comments below any experience of the site that you may have, and you want to share.

Star Rating 2/5- This is a legitimate platform where you can earn small amounts by taking surveys, the cash out is reasonably low, and you can be paid by cash too. Unfortunately there will not be many surveys that are made available to you.

2 Star Rating

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