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How Much Can You Earn With The AttaPoll App? A Review

AttaPoll App Review

Thanks for checking out my  AttaPoll App review.

In this review you will discover if the app actually paid me after I participated in taking surveys via the platform.

I will also attempt to give you an estimate of how much you are likely to earn taking surveys regularly at AttaPoll.

First however let’s get started by finding out more about The AttaPoll App

How The AttaPoll App Works

The AttaPoll App is available for free and can be downloaded either from The AttaPoll website, at Google Play or The App Store.

Once you’ve done that you’ll be able to take the next step towards earning real cash rewards via your mobile device.

Members can earn from any country that’s accepted by the app. Although they’re not in every single nation, they do have a fairly wide reach and they need respondents in a number of areas.

There are decent reward options available for each country, although these differ slightly according to the region that you’re in. All the surveys on this app can be done on your smartphone.

Users don’t report any kind of technical challenges while they’re using the app. You should therefore have a smooth experience and you’ll be credited for your work once it’s been approved by the company that requested feedback.

You’ll be able to click on survey invitations fairly regularly and give your responses. This app is actually known for offering frequent opportunities to complete surveys.

The surveys are on different topics. However, most of them are from organizations or businesses that interface directly with consumers.

Some of these provide services to the public, while others design and package products that are used by consumers.

For example, you might be asked to give your feedback on different features of a particular type of automobile. Your responses to each survey will be kept confidential.

The information that you provide is used to improve products so that they better serve the needs of consumers.

You’ll receive information that will help you to decide whether a survey is a good match for you. For example, each survey has a star rating beside it. The higher the number of stars, is the more likely you are to complete the survey.

Checking my dashboard I have the following surveys available;

Surveys On The AttaPoll App

My surveys on The AttaPoll App

As you can see, the dashboard tells me how long the survey will take, how much it pays, and gives a star rating based on how likely I am to qualify for that particular survey.

I noticed that when I started a survey and I didn’t qualify I still got rewarded 1p for my efforts. Not much I know but the screening questions only lasted seconds rather than being long and drawn out.

On some survey sites you can spend up to 20 mins answering questions before getting screened out and earning nothing in return.

How To Get More Surveys On AttaPoll

AttaPoll allows you to set the amount of surveys you get from them.

To control the frequency of the survey simply click on the Settings tab at the bottom of your Home Screen.

In Settings you will find ‘Surveys Frequency’. As you can see from the screenshot below you can choose as little as 1 to 2 per week or as many as possible, depending on your preference.

How To Get More Surveys On AttaPoll

How Much You Can Earn With The AttaPoll App?

Most people who use the AttaPoll App find that there are always plenty of surveys available. This was my experience too.

Given surveys are available most of the time, I found  you could quite easily earn say $1 in 10-15 mins. You may however have to leave the app for a while to allow the app to re-refresh the survey opportunities.

Each survey also has a star rating. More stars means there is more chance you will qualify for the survey. I found it more time productive by focusing on the surveys that have at least 3 stars.

The surveys aren’t all of the same length. You’ll always be told how long a survey is likely to take. This will help you to decide whether you want to attempt it or not.

Pay doesn’t only vary according to the length of a survey. You’ll be paid more if you’re in a very specific demographic. So, it’s important to fill out as much of your profile as you can, as soon as you can.

That helps you to get matched to companies who are looking for respondents with your specific type of profile and are willing to pay more for your feedback.

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AttaPoll App Payment Proof

It didn’t take long for me to reach pay out. This is because the minimum pay out is low, and because there was never any shortage of surveys to attempt.

Also impressive was the fact that the payment reached my PayPal account very quickly.

AttaPoll App-Payment Proof

Referring Friends To The AttaPoll App

You can also earn on the AttaPoll App by referring friends. That is, if you share a link with people you know on social media or elsewhere and they install the app through that link, you’ll get a bonus.

The bonus will be paid for each person you refer.

Bonus’s may differ depending upon which Country you are from. I’m from the U.K and The AttaPoll App rewards me in the following way for referring others.

Referring others To The AttaPoll App

AttaPoll rewards for U.K members referring others

Sometimes a person who you refer may forget to install the app through your link. In that case, you can still receive credit for introducing the app to them. They’ll need to navigate to the Settings section of the app.

They can enter your referral code there, so you can receive your bonus. They’ll need to do that within 7 days of becoming a panelist.

The bonus that you’re paid may depend on a number of factors. For example, if you refer people from a particular country, you’ll earn more than someone who refers members from another country.

In addition, your referrals must be in the same country as you for you to earn the best rates. If they’re in a different nation, you may receive a reduced rate or you might not get a bonus.

Your bonus will always be calculated as a percentage of your referrals earnings. However, all of your referral’s sources of earnings will not be considered.

For example, if a referral has referrals of their own, you won’t be paid a bonus based on that.

If one of your referrals gets another type of bonus, you won’t be paid a bonus based on their bonus.

Your bonus will only be calculated using each person’s points from completed surveys.

How To Cash Out From The AttaPoll App

When you’re ready to cash out from the AttaPoll App you can choose from several options.

If you like cash, you can transfer your earnings to your Paypal account. However, different payment alternatives are available around the world.

When you’re ready to cash out, click to view your Balance. The minimum threshold for each country is different. So, you need to ensure that you have the minimum for your location before you can request the payment option that’s available to you.

Many people like to support their favorite charity with their efforts and you can do that as well. You can also collect your rewards in the form of a gift card.  Alternatives from Amazon and several popular retailers are available.

My cash out dashboard here in the U.K shows the following.

Cashing Out With The AttaPoll App

U.K Options for cashing out

With the gift card option I can cash out with as little as £2.50. PayPal is £3.00, Revolut is £2.50 and if I want to donate to charity I can do so when I have £2.50.

Based in the low cash out sums available, if I engage with the app regularly and participate in surveys when they are available it would not be unrealistic for me to cash out several times each month.

AttaPoll Reviews

The AttaPoll App has received over 91, 000 reviews from panelists on Google Play and its average rating is 4.2. Panelists are satisfied with the speed of payment on this app. They also like the payment options.

Some panelists say that they would recommend the app to friends because the surveys are interesting and they are sure that they’ll get their payments. They also like the speed of PayPal transfers.

Many have received several payments from the app. They keep trying surveys, although sometimes they’re screened out.

However, users say that they’re less likely to waste time before they’re screened out on this app.

That’s because more time is taken to check each person’s profile before sending them survey invitations.

Questions that would normally screen you out, such as those related to your demographic, are placed at the start of the survey. Panelists appreciate that, since they don’t need to wait long to find out if they’re qualified.

Have you tried The AttaPoll App? If so and you want to share your experience please let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

What Are The Pros Of The AttaPoll App?

  • The developers of this platform have put in features which help users to get answers to their questions with ease. For example, they have a built-in customer service feature which can be accessed in the Settings. You can track the progress of all of your queries in My Open Cases.
  • The AttaPoll App focuses more on short polls and quick surveys than longer surveys. This makes it easy for you to earn even if you only have a few minutes of free time. It’s also less likely that you’ll get bored with the questions because quick polls are a lot more fun for some panelists.
  • With the AttaPoll App, you can complete surveys online right from your phone. So, you don’t need to travel to another location to earn. The AttaPoll App can be installed on your tablet. Also, this app isn’t limited to Android users. If you own an Apple mobile device, you can download the app in the Apple Store.
  • It pays you in real cash for your efforts. The minimum threshold for payment is very low, so you don’t have to wait long to get your earnings.
  • A secure method is used to transfer your payments to you. As long as you have a PayPal account, you can get your rewards via this method and use your earnings to pay bills or shop online. Other payment methods are also provided.

What Are The Cons Of The AttaPoll App?

  • The AttaPoll App won’t provide you with a steady source of income. Although you’ll be getting survey invitations fairly regularly, there’s no guarantee that you will qualify for every one of those surveys.
  • You’ll only be paid if you’re in the target demographic and are able to complete a survey.
  • Payment options differ by country. So, you may not always have the rewards options that you want. Although the threshold is generally low, at around $2, some countries have slightly higher minimums than others, such as $5.

Some Final Thoughts On The AttaPoll App

In this AttaPoll App review you saw how I managed to get rewarded by AttaPoll quickly by completing surveys. Other users are also reporting that they have earned real cash online by sharing their feedback. You can also do the same via your mobile device.

Most surveys can be completed in less than 20 minutes and your cash will be sent to you quickly via PayPal.

Low cash out sums are available, so if you are in need of some quick cash then this app could provide that. A small amount of cash is also offered if you don’t qualify for a survey.

I must admit I do like this app. You won’t earn a lot, but it is reliable. If you are building a portfolio of small income sources then AttaPoll is a good one to include.

Based on my experience of using the app, and from the feedback given by other users I would recommend giving this app a try.

Star Rating 3/5-Legit survey app available to both Android and iOS users.

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  1. I find it a good app. I am using it since a month and could earn around 50 Euros. You can directly get your money with PayPal.
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